Edward Waters College Professor and Student Attends WordPress Conference.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) HBCU students are learning that the content they create is valuable in the career direction they are taking. Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms can be used to enhance Brands beyond being a student, it can enhance visibility as an innovator, smart creative, developing leader in the ever changing tech industry and a potential rising star in intellectual exchanges and collaboration. HBCU students can now become entrepreneurs while still in school if they have the vision and determination.

Joshua Rodriquez a student majoring in Biology and a new user of #WordPress has learned as a first time participant at #WordCamp, the importance of writing and blogging. Josh, a junior attending Edward Waters College has aspirations of medical school and blogging about his  experiences and journey.

Pro. Jackson a veteran of WordPress attending WordCamp each year; I learn something that I can apply personally and professionally as a teacher, blogger and business owner, my students
need this exposure to build their skills. On the teaching side it is required that students taking Educational Technology and Social Media course blog each week about what is passionate
and interesting to them.

Allowing students to develop WordPress sites encourages students to read, build comprehension skills and share on a digital and literary platform their growing knowledge and understanding how to apply technology intellectually towards their career interests. They learn that literacy is just not reading and comprehension there are other dynamics as written by Rusul Alrubai? @RusulAlrubai https://rusulalrubail.com/2016/11/22/literacy-beyond-reading-writing/

She gives a very good explanation of literacy and its dynamic use not just for academics, but other areas of learning. Building future technology professionals HBCU studentsneed to be able to write, share content and information on a professional level that is required in many careers. Just as important is the ability to comprehend what is read, able to apply what is read to achieve the goals and
missions of their careers. Many businesses claim that students from many institutions are not competent writers and even lack comprehension skills. These skills can be gained and strengthened from reading.

Being an educator on the elementary and higher education level I see the importance of students, especially students of color strengthening their abilities in reading and comprehension.
HBCU students even after graduating need to continue to read and engage in diverse literary genres, join book clubs and participate in reading events at their local libraries.

Mr. Rodriguez and Prof. Jackson had the opportunity to help elementary students at the conference to develop a web presence, sharing knowledge and skills with these growing writers.
More HBCU students should attend conferences like WordCamp, BarCamp, EdCamp, and EdCampNABSE. HBCU students are the growing leadership that is needed to assist African Americans to increase the 2% that own technology companies.

In order for HBCU students to expand beyond traditional career roles and enter into entrepreneurship roles, management roles, and business startups they must be involved in leadership roles. To be engaged in video blogging, podcasting, microblogging and
creation of Apps and involved in the area of virtual reality.

“I would like HBCU students to understand they are the authors of their story, they are authentic, they are unique and they are eternal in the stories they provide.” William Jackson


William Jackson – My Quest To Teach

Educational Technology and Social Media at Edward Waters College

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson 

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