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Sage Steele Step Forward…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) After reading and rereading Sage Steele’s Facebook post, it’s clear that the only person who struggles with diversity is her.

In a meandering and often confusing message, she accused black people of rejecting diverse viewpoints. It’s an odd accusation, given that we really don’t know what her views are beyond the national anthem, which is why we’re discussing her in the first place.

Sage Steele received harsh pushback for challenging Tampa Buccaneers wideout Mike Evans on Twitter for protesting the national anthem last week. Her tweet included a photo of a man paying his respects at a tombstone in Arlington National Cemetery, a clear indication that she read Evan’s protest as an insult to those sage-steele-coon2016who serve in America’s Armed Forces.

Sage Steele asked him to “look up the definition of the word democracy,” and implored him to think of the photo when he decides to kneel.

(Evans eventually caved and says he will not protest again. I doubt that he thought it through in the first place, but that is a different story)

The reactions to her tweet were most unkind, as Steele’s detractors have called her a “sellout,” “coon,” and other words unsuitable for print. Some even suggest that her conservative views were to be expected because of her marriage to a white man.

Those personal attacks were wrong and unnecessary, but so was her follow up response on Facebook. Instead of expounding on her disagreement with Evans’ protest and opening up a dialogue that respected his agency and those who refuse to stand during the national anthem, she wrote a perplexing note lamenting black people’s close-mindedness on the subject of racial inclusion—particularly, interracial relationships.

Instead of shaming her for marrying a white man, we should be “praising that ‘white boy’ from Indiana who followed his color-blind heart,” she argues. And she makes a point of uplifting her white mother for the grief she experienced after marrying her black father, “fresh off of the tumultuous civil rights era.”

That, Sage Steele argues, is a “perfect example” of “our wonderful diversity.” It’s as if she feels her mother’s marriage was an act akin to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus, or someone who sacrificed their body on Bloody Sunday.

It’s clear she wants cool points for centering whiteness and is puzzled over why someone isn’t enthusiastic about America as she is. More insulting, Sage Steele wants us to celebrate her white mother who is more privileged than most of the black Americans she is criticizing.

After all, the racist attacks that have taken place after Donald Trump’s victory last week have been directed at people of color, not folks who look like the “white boy” from Indiana she married.

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One Response to “Sage Steele Step Forward…”
  1. Unfortunately,or should i say Sadly,Ms Steele is confused& conflicted,like many of the “BLACK” partners in interacial,Marriages or relationships.And when you couple it with the fact,she is the “OFFSPRING” of a interacial relationship,herself then her views are no surprise.She is a victim herself of,the very thing she calls black folks out for.Only it”s really white “RACISM” and not lack of “DIVERSITY,by black people,which she really is complaining about.It”s just she dosen”t recognize what the real truth is.It”s not blacks who made the “1 DROP RULE”.It”s not blacks who made laws,that made “RACE MIXING” a crime,and something that whites would kill,a black man for.Or they would “DISOWN” someone like Ms Steele”s,Mother for crossing that line.So you best believe she has been “IMPACTED”,like so many others who have dared,to do what she&her mother both did.It”s really a shame that folks,have to experience the ridicule,and the resentment because of a choice,which is everyone”s right.But because of a “RACIST SOCIETY” people,have to suffer and pay a price,for breaching this taboo.But in my opinion the “BLACK” people,like Ms Steele,suffer the most because many times,they are “OSTRACIZED” by both the white&black community.But the worst thing to me,is when the “BLACKS” Who have a white partner,turn their back on their blackness.This is what occurs in most instances.The Whites for the most part,always retain their “WHITENESS”.So it is indeed a “TRAVESTY” when,a black person forgets from whence they came,and converts to a “WHITE BAG” because they are with a white partner.When you do that you are a “SELLOUT& TRAITOR” because all the oppression,bigotry,unfairness,Lynchings,etc that blacks had to suffer,still continue in 2016! so any Black person who turns his or her back,on this ugly legacy&truth,about history regardless of the reason,or circumstances i feel sorry for them.And that”s how i feel towards Ms Steele.I hope she will wake up one day,before time passes her by…………..