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Ten Signs That Can Help You Identify A Negropean.

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( Last weekend, negropeans once again showed their true colors when many of them went to the movies to support negative stereotypes over empowerment. That shows how mentally messed up many of them are in America

Intro: Here are ten signs that can help you identify a negropean.

1. Supporting Ignorance Over Intelligence – When they are presented with information that would empower and uplift them, many of them shun it. But when negative stereotypical shows like “Empire” & “Love & Hip-Hop” are on cable, they’ll watch that in a minute.

2. Supporting Toxic Liberal Ideas Than Your Own Community’s – For example, feminism is a part of the liberal agenda, so some black women who are just bitter latch on to these toxic feministic ideas that are very harmful and counterproductive to The Black Family Structure when they say “all black men ain’t shit” without realizing when they say they hate black men, they hate their father. 2016negropeans

3. Supporting Businesses Of Other People Who Disrespect You – It makes no sense for many of them to spend their money with people that psychologically hate them, but they’re also not ones to actually spend money with people who do support them so that the dollar can continuously circulate in our community.

4. Bashes Black Women & “Praises” Becky – Some of these negropean guys that openly hate black women have the mental illness of self-hate that causes them to not even respecting or valuing the lives of black women, but they’ll gladly “praise” Becky in a minute over a black woman and it personally sickens me because they’re brainwashed into believing this myth of “whiteness is better”.

5. Bashes Black Men, But “Praises” The Massa – Some of these negropean women who generalize all black men based on a few negative experiences will deliberately bash them, but will go out of their way by saying stuff like how The Massa “treats her better” than Rashad.

6. Seeing Yourself Only Playing A Sport And Nothing Else – An actual example of this is when a young brother said several months ago when he told a reporter “I Was Born To Play Football At The University Of Alabama“. At that moment, I felt very sorry for him because his statement is an example of the brainwashing that a lot of our young men fall victim to at a very early age.

7. Supporting Countries Like UK and France With A Long History Of Violence & Slavery Against Us – With the false flags happening on 9/11, Paris, London, negropeans will actually pray for those countries and support them, but when it comes to natural disasters that recently happened in Haiti, Jamaica, and the other Carribean countries, they ain’t gonna pray for those countries.

8. Believing The Only Way To Get Ahead Is To “Get Out Of The Hood” – Many of them believe the only way to get ahead in life is to “get out of the hood” and move to the suburbs and this mentality is very negative and counterproductive because it makes many of them become entirely disconnected from the experiences the rest of us go through on a daily basis.

9. Supporting Religions With A Violent, Racist History – It’s no secret that we are the most religious people in the country, but most religious people don’t even take the time to read the whole religious books of The Bible and Quran because they are too mentally emasculated to discover the ugly truths about religion: It is a form of mental slavery today that stifles true progression and advancement (Ex: turn the other cheek when they kill or incarcerate our loved ones) And it was used as a weapon that enslaved, lynched, and killed many of our anestors during slavery in America and Africa.

10. Believing That “Success” Is To Assimilate Yourself In Mainstream America – Many of them were told at a young age to go to college and “get a good job“, well that’s not true “success” because that’s basically allowing yourself to be assimilated into the mainstream and this is also very counterproductive to our advancement.

The Conclusion – It’s crucial that we teach our kids about their true history and ancestry so that they won’t become another brainwashed negropean.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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2 Responses to “Ten Signs That Can Help You Identify A Negropean.”
  1. Craig BJ says:

    I know of few people who can be labeled this. Rather Assimilate, and aren’t willing to put in the work. White this and that comes out their mouth. They can do no wrong in their eyes.

  2. Art says:

    Great Article! I think that most black people fall into the category of Negropean and don’t even realize it. I talk about this all the time on, my website. These people need serious mental help.

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