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Campaign Distraction.

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( No one can deny the Presidential Campaign has turned into one big circus, and there is nothing positive about it. We have two candidates that no majority of America truly favors. This has become choosing the greater of two evils. However, the campaign has greatly exposed how much we don’t understand the way our government functions. Many have laid issues at the feet of the President that belong as the feet of Congress. We listen to candidates tell us what they want to accomplish in their First 100 days, and it’s just that…a want if Congress is not willing to cooperate. There are those within our community that are so disgusted with the Presidential campaign that they are considering not heading to the polls to vote.

This is very problematic because if you choose to stay home you are not casting a vote for your local, state and congressional officials. This is the distraction the Presidential Campaign can cause. The President of the Unites States is an important office. However, the President DOES NOT MAKE LAWS. The President can send 2016-the-campaign-2016budgets and such to the congressional floor but your House Representatives, and Senators will decide if those proposals will pass. Even if the President vetoes a bill…Congress can override the veto. You may be saying I know this already, but if you understood it voting would not be an option. Your local government makes decision that affect your life directly their decisions cannot be blamed on the President. We can’t hold officials accountable if they don’t believe we will vote them out of office. Black people, many of us are organizing, and honestly we are mad as hell about the state of our communities.

However, we have laid quite a bit at the feet of President Obama without holding our congressional and local leaders fully accountable. November 8, 2016 we will have President Hillary Clinton or President Donald Trump, but who will be representing you in Congress? Have we come together and organized to know what our agenda is…what do we need from our officials?

This is more than saying stop systematic racism, stop the police brutality or we need better school. Do we have any idea as to want we need, and any ideas on implementation. Are we ready to be a regular face at city hall, or a regular email to our congressional representative? Do we understand who lobbyists are, and what they do? Making change is more than marching in the streets, and we definitely can’t stay at home.

The emails of Hillary Clinton, the commentary of Donald Trump, and even the concern of hearing Russia’s name too much in this election campaign has distracted us from congress. This fiasco is enough to anger any American, but it must anger us to productive action verse making us shutdown. Regardless of how we feel about our treatment in the country America is our home. Our ancestors paid a gruesome price in the building of this country, and we must hold it accountable to the fact that we are indeed citizens that deserve to be treated as such. Don’t let this campaigns foolishness distract you from being heard come November 8, 2016.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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