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The Surprising Link Between Your Money And Your Health.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThere are two goals in life that seem to run concurrently for most people. Most people want to have money. Most people want to be healthy. These aren’t two goals that are unlinked, either. In ways that are both real and totally societal, they have a lot of influence on one another. By knowing these influences, we can help to achieve a better balance in what we want from life.

The inability to work

When we think of serious health concerns, there is one that ranks particularly high on the list. We are all worried about being unable to work. Especially if we run our own business or are self-employed. Worker’s compensation can help if you have a job and disability provisions can sometimes be good assistance. But it can be a good idea to take it into your own hands while you’re able to. For example, a lot of people these days are protecting their ability to make money. One way is by putting some cash towards income protection insurance.

The cost of accidentsblackmanandglands2016

There are also times when it’s not an underlying health concern, but an accident or injury that takes you out of work. They can also cost you a lot of money. Damage can be done to belongings and do emotional damage at the same time. It’s easy to see why someone’s confidence can be rocked by a moment of serious danger. That’s why it’s important to get these costs mitigated by the people responsible. If you’re in an accident that’s not your fault, you should consider advice from groups like Nationwide Injury Lawyers. Otherwise, the costs will be entirely on you.

Habits cost more than health

If you wanted any clearer indication of how bad an influence your habits can be, tally up their costs. Smoking and alcohol abuse don’t just affect your health. They cost you money. Alcohol use is one of the most expensive habits over time. Instead of spending money in bars, other hobbies can cost a lot less. Even going to the gym, for example. For habits like smoking, the treatment can often be a lot cheaper than the habit. Vaping is considered one of the most effective forms of quitting. Habitual cigarette smoking often costs between six-to-twelve times as much as e-cigarettes.

Money and dieting

One of the most common misconceptions around health and money is dieting. Particularly, there’s an idea that dieting, as part of a healthy lifestyle, costs a lot more than eating unhealthily. Yet consider the amount of time that the average person spends going out to eat at an unhealthy restaurant or fast food chain. Then consider how easy it is to schedule your meals and use the same ingredients throughout different meals. With the right planning, using whole-foods can actually be a lot cheaper than cooking processed meals every night. You can calculate your diet costs yourself and compare it to your usual food shopping trips.

The cost to your career

Then there’s the unfortunate effect that your health can have on your work prospects. Discrimination is illegal, but it is sadly alive in the world. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to obesity alongside a lot of other health issues. These health issues carry with them a stigma that can affect even those unconscious to their bias. Similarly, the number of days someone needs to take sick will have a big impact on how their career goes as well. It pays to be healthy and it is, unfortunately, a cost to be unlucky with your health.

Insurance costs

Health insurance is a big part of how we look after ourselves. Even if we live somewhere with national healthcare, people like to make sure they have a higher standard of treatment. Pre-existing health conditions can be ruled out by insurance providers if they don’t make the costs skyrocket. Even casual indicators of health such as weight can have an effect. Certain kinds of insurance can even be affected by the biological sex of the customer. So if you want health insurance, it’s a good idea to get an overview of what physical attributes might play a role in the cost.

Money stress is very real and very dangerous

Mental health and money also have some particularly strong links. Stress is a sometimes unavoidable consequence of life. But the worse and more persistent your stressors are, the more chance it has of becoming chronic stress. Money is easily one of the most persistent stressors. Particularly if debt is involved. It can even have a worse effect on your judgement and how you deal with money. If you’re suffering from money stress, it can a wise decision for your health and finances to seek help.

Losing sleep

Another serious aspect of money stress is how it affects your sleep. Poor sleep negatively influences every part of your life. It can most definitely cost you your job, particularly if your occupation requires strong focus. But stress is one of the main mental causes of insomnia. Whilst you’re taking steps to take care of your stress, you should be challenging your insomnia. There are a few tips that many sufferers have taken to beat it. For instance, getting up at the same time every day, even if you don’t sleep. This establishes a body clock that can eventually make you forcibly go to sleep around the same times.

Motivation and energy

When you’re talking about making money, how much motivation and energy you have matters. You need to have a certain drive to perform well and to aim to excel. It’s often the path to making more money. Inactivity and exercise have the opposite effects on your motivation and energy levels. Exercise makes you more motivated and can help focus you on goals. Inactivity can not only negatively affect your energy levels. It can also lead to serious conditions like depression or anxiety.

Money impacts health and health impacts money. Understanding this can help you achieve better results in both of them. Just remember that health comes first, always. Don’t get your priorities too skewed.

Staff Writer; DeMarcus Reed

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