How To Make Sure Your Content’s Actually Getting Seen.

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( When starting a business, it’s important to get your marketing off to a strong start. A lot of places will advise that content marketing is one of the best ways to create means to continually bringing attention to your start-up. That’s true. But what if you launch your content only to find that no-one’s reading it? In this article, we’re going to look at how you ensure that your hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

Determine whether or not it’s share worthy

First thing’s first. You need to look at the content you’re producing and think about what value it actually has. A lot of businesses and blogs make the mistake of producing content that’s only relevant t00-2016-BlackBusinessessMANo them. Ask who is going to want to read your content and why. If they find value in it, they’re going to find it share-worthy. Content needs to be driven by the reader, not the writer, and it needs to be engaging above all else.

Figure out your voice

One important aspect of content writing that a lot of people forget is the importance of the personality behind the writing. Or rather, the voice that comes out through the writing. Being ‘tone-deaf’ in your writing means that your content isn’t going to hit people the way you want it to. The most important part of identifying the voice of your content is by better identifying and understanding your audience. Think about the average person you want reading your content. What are they going to want and how is the best way to communicate it to them?

Know where to share it

The audience are also an important factor in the next point. That is, knowing where you actually need to share your content. But another factor that goes into it is the actual kind of content you’re producing. Is it the kind of informative piece that advice blogs would publish? Is it the kind of specialist knowledge that could use a push from influencers in the industry? Is it an event or announcement that would better serve you if you distribute a press release? Targeting where you release your content is as important as the content itself.

Live and learn

The most important part of content creation is that you learn from it. The points above will help you but it’s not a specific science. Instead, it’s supposed to help you adjust your plans to better results each time. Doing that means paying close attention to the data behind the content. Find out how many people are reading it and where they’re coming from. Data doesn’t lie, so make sure the data-driven approach is key to the changes you make on your next content delivery. Otherwise you’re shooting blindly each time.

Quality and delivery. These are the two most important factors in making sure that your content is seen by others. If it’s failing, take a closer look at what you’re putting out there and which part of the equation is failing you.

Staff Writer; Terry Hall