How Does Black Failure Really Say About The Black Community.

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( Blacks in America have faced a lot of challenges in society, but the media has portrayed the black community in disproportionate levels. We don’t deny that much of the inner-cities around the country has become overrun with crime, drugs, and a skyrocketing murder rate commited by nearly by blacks and seen especially in high-crime cities such as Chicago and Detroit. The problem has gotten out of control that you find black leaders wanting to throw up their hands and admit their communities are dysfunctional. This in turn says that blacks are the main perpetrators and victims of crime in such high numbers and none of which involve whites or racially-motivated prejudice.

Government assistance or “public-aid” as it’s known to most blacks has contributed to the failure of the black community. The reason for that is it encourages dependency and long-term reliance on what was designed as temporary. Fast forward to 2016 the dependency BlackCommunity-2016on public assistance has grown twice the number in the last 20 years. You’re seeing a lot of young black women relying heavily on food stamps and section 8. The problem is that many of them have gotten accustomed and comfortable collecting free money that’s funded by tax payers.

The media does not always tell the truth about who really gets public assistance. The ethnic group that’s using public assistance the most are white. Now what does ring true for blacks is that they are getting comfortable with applying for and staying on public aid. Looking back to the early years of public aid use is that many who used food stamps and other programs did not stay on it for no more than 3-5 years. Now you have people who have been on public assistance for more than 10 years and some who have no intentions of getting off public aid.

The way some folks think why should they get off the system when they’re getting free money for housing and food, but don’t want to work towards means of doing better. You hear folks say “we got to do better”, but obviously it’s not coming together and only further pushes the dysfunctional and uncivilized behavior among blacks. People say it’s this or that, but what happened to wanting to get an education and establish yourself in a stable career? The fact that blacks have squandered opportunities presented to them has also cost them other opportunities for education and financial growth. Yet we’re OK with taking care of family members who are able-bodied and have chosen not to want to work or to do something that improves their lives and instead are comfortable living on government money.

Only when someone speaks out about this they get pommeled with nasty, obscenity laced comments about how they’re hating and how they’re jealous that they can pay little to no rent and get X number of dollars a month for food stamps. What sane minded person is going to be jealous of hood trash living on public aid? The uncomfortable truth is that blacks are seen as lazy and unmotivated and many who are like this would just rather remain on welfare than to work towards securing a stable job.

You hear blacks talk about how Mexicans and Asians are doing good is because they’re the ones taking the jobs that blacks do not want and seeing what they’re doing as a stepping stone to better things. It’s only black people who don’t see it that way, but we don’t have a problem with living off others. Those with stable jobs and their stuff together are the ones who are forced to financially support unmotivated and lazy family members because they’re guilt tripped because they don’t want that family member to suffer.

That’s another issue is the guilt-tripping that blacks do to each other when they want to control someone or want something done. It’s sad when you see it being done to continue feeding into the enabling of others. The hard and serious note on that is blacks do not want to hear or face the truth of how their behavior plays a role in the failure of the black community. Few even realize how much money has been invested on helping blacks to get ahead and how it has not really paid off. Few blacks mostly males attend college much less graduate with undergrad and graduate degrees. You see more females in college and coming out with undergrad and graduate degrees at a higher rate, but that does not explain why the educated blacks who move into careers are seen as sell-outs because they chose to work towards bettering their lives.

This is among the many truths about blacks that many don’t want to admit to and that’s being impulsive and explains why there’s countless children born out of wedlock in record numbers in the black community. STDs and HIV rates are extremely high in the black community due to the lack of understanding consequences. Personal accountability is not something that is taken seriously in the black community and clearly by how out of wedlock births and frequent incarceration in the penal system.

It does not seem to have an effect for why the prison system is overcrowded and continues to increase with inmates new to the system or those who are frequent flyers of the penal system. We also place more value in someone getting into the entertainment and sports industry, but going to school is not even given a second thought. If the past generation saw how blacks were behaving today they would be appalled because of how so many fought and died for blacks to advance in the world socially and many feel that blacks have only themselves to blame for their failures.

Staff Writer; Nafeesah Abdullah