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False Flags Busted: Fake and Scripted Terrorist Attacks.

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( From Sandy Hook to Columbine, Ferguson to the Boston Bombing, San Bernardino to 911, are these incidents happening as they have been reported? Or are they at least partially “FALSE FLAGS”? Are parts of these tragedies scripted, contrived and strategically implemented by the powers that be in order to practice martial law, enact martial law, scare the public, take the weapons, pass new laws and restrict our freedoms? Before you say “this is just conspiracy theory”, you need to know that term was created in the 1960s by American intelligence agencies to counteract and nullify any opinion that disagreed with the stories that put out.

According to Wikipedia, “The contemporary term False flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.”

Today the term “conspiracy theory” is used to make people ignore the truth and laugh at those who share it. But after reading this article and seeing the evidence for yourself, you will not find anything funny. Instead you will find that this article is based on facts, evidence that you can examine and verify with your own eyes.

17 False Flags: WATCH THIS VIDEO                                                                     

What about the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina? Something is not what it seems. Cops put guns away while approaching suspected killer Dylan Roof? Are you kidding me?   Was the church shooting in South Carolina a false flag or part of one? Why were there yet again active shooter drills planned just before this incident? Was there an official crime scene? Where is the forensic photography? Why no hazmat teams to clean up blood? No forensic evidence via autopsy? How did Dylan Roof have such a high and accurate kill rate? Was he a trained assassin, not simply a young kid?

People known as “Crisis Actors” are being used over and over again in staged incidents in order to control information and program the public’s perceptions. The same crisis actor was interviewed in Fake-2015several separate, unrelated incidents: Boston Marathon Bombing, Watertown hunt down of Boston bombers, a train derailment and Sandy Hook Shooting (2012).

Then there are the fake and bad actors who seem as if they memorized their lines. Notice in the video their use of language and just how well they seem to be doing – unbelievably well. The bad acting and memorized lines are obvious. False flags all day long. Click the link to see for yourself, but please ignore some of the narration. I didn’t do it.

The news you are listening to and believing in is often scripted. Click the links and see for yourself.

If you are automatically believing what the media is telling you, then you are allowing yourself to be deceived just as the Germans were deceived by Hitler’s propaganda. If you want proof and more explanation, click this link.     Ferguson was full of manufactured events, tests in police use of martial law and crisis actors. CNN was caught with its pants down when a broadcast was faked using a supposed Deputy. See for yourself as he exposes the manufactured plan. You can see other errors or deliberate misinformation campaigns by clicking the link I am about to give you.

Research shows NBC, CBS and CNN to be 55% or less in accuracy of the information presented. I am not saying everything in this country is a lie. But I am saying that the masses are being deceived. Is it any wonder that the CDC released a “Zombie Control Plan” less than 5 years ago? The public is seen by the powers that be as a pack of zombies that can easily be controlled by the information we are given. Information shapes perception and perception shapes what we accept as reality. That “reality” shapes how we act and react, what we accept and what we reject.

If you don’t believe mind control is a fact, I suggest you look up MK-Ultra or go to and do a search on patented mind control devices. Maybe you will want to look up “Manchurian Candidate” or research Agenda 21, Eugenics, the King Alfred Plan and REX 84.

Now that your eyes are open, your age of innocence based on ignorance has come to an end. I do not want to destroy your world view, I want to open your eyes to the truth. Right about now you are either nodding your head, speechless or your mind is shocked and thus rejecting what you have just read. The alarm clock has just gone off so wake up, verify, ask questions! Can you handle the truth?

I could tell you more, show you more and prove even more. But I need to stop here because I do not want to disappear. Is it that serious? Yes, it is. Good luck.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

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