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Jesus: A Man of Miracles.

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( From His miraculous birth until after His resurrection, we constantly see God’s power revealed though Jesus Christ. John admitted in his biography of the Lord that Jesus provided far more God revealing signs than are written in his or the other gospels. After much studying, we are to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the way to eternal life! We too have lived miraculous lives as we have always been surrounded by the power of God.

The miraculous virgin beginning without the normal reproductive cycle of man is the way God entered into humanity as the Son, the Messiah. As a miracle, He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, but of the lineage of David (Luke 2:4 NKJV). Jesus was different in His powers from other people, in His ministry and the greatest miracle – His own resurrection from the grave which was not just another span of life, but a life where death has no power. Jesus is a in-jesus-name-2015remarkable Being exercising unlimited powers. His miraculous powers in the past continue presently.

Only the sinless Son of Mary has ever offered proof that the Lord has saved us from our sins. He did it on the cross. He is Master, Savior and Eternal King. Anyone who rejects Christ’s deity denies Him absolutely, even if he pretends otherwise. Through Christ, God is heard and seen. Jesus’ everlasting relevance is based on His proven ability to speak healing and empower human conditions. He promises wholeness in our lives, shares our weaknesses and gives us strength daily.

How do we respond to God’s love through His Son? We must look at the babe in the manger as God’s image who made eternal life possible. Our relationship with Jesus needs to be personal. He loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves. He entered our world with human flesh and paid the penalty for our sins. Through Jesus we expect and hope to enter into God’s presence!

We honor His known and unknown powers over nature, death, evil spirits, healing and to teach us as we lean on this invisible strength. He is the power of God. Even greater than the miracles sought by us will be the miracles we become by seeking and experiencing His matchless love!

Written by Gladys R. McElmore

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