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New Hope For Former Rwandan Refugees Living In Zambia.

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( I would love to inform Former Rwandan Refugees living in Zambia that there is still hope my dear brothers and sisters.

The UPND (Opposition) put up very strong arguments before the Zambian Parliament to shoot down the Bills but finally the vote decided the way forward.

BILL no. 16 passed with 106 Yes, 35 No, 4 abstentions.

A. BILL No. 16 passed with 106 votes, 36 yes and 4 abstentions.

B. BILL no. 17 passed with 109 votes, 35 No, and 2 absentention.zambia-rwanda-2015

It is now going to the Committee Stage,then the Third Reading where it ought to be adopted.

We must pray that the DUAL CITIZENSHIP clause be adopted-This way we can acquire Rwandan Passports with a guarantee that if Kigali decides to revoke their passports,we will still have another way-“apply for Zambian Citizenship.”

Let us endeavour to live in Zambia legally for they are higher chances that the people with Registered Businesses which pay TAX and those in possession of valid immigration permits will be easily locally integrated.

Registering a business is a simple process.

It only takes three days.

All you need is to register your Business Name under PACCRA as it is prescribed under CAP 425 of the Laws of Zambia.

You can remit NIL when paying TAX to ZRA.

Let us desist from believing in “myths“-to qualify for any immigration permit,one must simply be a Law-Abiding Citizen.

It is not rocket-science

Staff Writer; Lionel Nishimwe

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