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Obama; Let The President Do His Job.

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( I am neither democrat nor republican. I vote for the most qualified person with the best plan and strategy to carry it out, regardless of what party he or she belongs to. I voted for President Obama both times but not just because of color. I am balanced, fair, informed and respectful in my critical analysis of our President’s performance, but many of you are not. Just as when Bush was President, I can tell you the good President Obama has done, the bad and the ugly. I watch our President’s executive orders and I knew his voting record in congress before he became President of the United States.

But I find too many people on one side or the other. This is not a black or white issue, it’s shades of grey (and I don’t mean the perverted movie that was just released). Everybody who is “black” seems to want and expect the president to support everything “black” people want. But that is an immature and uninformed way of thinking that shows so many people do not understand the office of President of the United States.

When it comes to the comments and attitudes of Caucasian people towards the President Obama, I must say I have never seen such blatant ignorance and disrespect. Let’s just be honest, alot of Caucasian people just hate that Obama is president and it’s a color issue. But guess what, too bad. He is THE PRESIDENT, not a king, not a savior, not a god, not a perfect man. The majority of voters in this country chose Obama not once but twice so some people should have the maturity to deal with that, but many appear not to. I say this to people of every race, gender and ethnicity, if you block the President, you block a huge part of the success of this country. You really should not “cut your nose off to spite your face“. Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and FOX News should wake up and learn this lesson. To Sarah Palin, John dumped his handicapped wife McCain and Mitt Romney, you lost so stop being a “hater” and accept your loss gracefully. To Herman Cain and Jesse Lee Peterson, your next Christmas gift should be an “Uncle Tom Sambo” t-shirt.

Legitimate critiques of the President’s performance are necessary. Critiques such as some of the the ones by Dick Gregory, Maxine Waters and Tavis Smiley should take place because the President U.S. President Barack Obama listens at a meeting with India's PM Narendra Modi at the White House in Washingtonworks for his constituents, ALL of his constituents guys – not just the “black” ones. Some people blame President Obama if it snows, if it stops or if it rains. He is not the solution to all of your problems – YOU ARE! He cannot wave a magic wand and presto, everything is fixed. It does not work like that.

Recently I read an article that accused President Obama of being hostile to HBCUs. You guys need to quit. Our people are saying President Obama is hostile towards HBCUs, but the fact is that critical analysis that needs to be said is not hostility. Placing something under a microscope that needs to be examined, dissected and evaluated is not hostility. I think many people are expecting the President to be all gung ho about whatever supports “blacks“. But his job requires that he represent ALL people, not just us. And yes I am an African-American man critical of President Obama but fair in my assessment.

Idiot washed up, two minute spotlight, republican presidential candidate has-beens like Giuliani are slamming the President for not starting wars, bullying other countries and using discretion instead of offending entire religions. But Rudy you lost and being a President is not the same as being a Mayor. And if Obama were not president, I wonder if Hannity or Limbaugh, the human noise makers, would have anything to cry about. Then here come our people critical of the President when he does not ignore everybody else and push the African-American agenda.

All of you need to grow up and LET THAT MAN DO HIS JOB. The office of the President is an institution bigger than any one man. President Obama has done things both good and bad and if you guys wanted a savior, you should have gone to church, not to the polls. But a savior is not just to save YOU and support YOUR causes. That’s not the way it works with a savior and certainly not the way it works with a President. As a writer and professional public speaker, I am always having to remind African-Americans and Caucasian people of just that.

I think many of you are never satisfied and you expect things of the President that a President cannot do, cannot say or cannot promote. Interesting fact for the HBCU Obama critics: Morris Brown was the only 1 of the 4 HBCUs started by us for us in the Atlanta University Center and OUR PEOPLE RAN IT INTO THE GROUND. OUR PEOPLE did that. Maybe Morris Brown should have been more under the microscope. We need to be harder on our own, like it or not. The President is not an African-American genie, a black Santa Claus or a magical, mystical Warlock. PRESIDENT OBAMA DOES NOT JUST WORK FOR YOU SO GROW UP GUYS.

I could run down a list of President Obama’s failures and successes right now, but that is not the point of this article. When we disrespect others, it shows people something about us. This country cannot afford to fail and for those who block the President, any President – you are contributing to that very failure. I hope somebody sends this message to Herman Cain, Limbaugh, congress, Giuliani, Palin, Romney, Hannity and everyone else who needs to grow up and LET THAT MAN DO HIS JOB. None of the people I just named have ever been President of the United States and neither have you nor I. People I said this regarding Bush and I say it again regarding Obama. Be careful that you critique fairly and justly, especially when you have not walked a mile in President Obama’s shoes.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

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