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Real Talk Relationships – “What’s In Your Bowl”.

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(ThyBlackMan.com)  It’s been a minute since I have shared with you all and this piece is a little different but im a knock the rust off with this one. I’m sure it’s someone who may need some motivation so hopefully I am right on time.

You learn more about yourself when you accept and understand the truth about yourself. It’s called “Stand in your Truth” Alot of you standing in what you trying to convince yourself your truth is and hoping others will believe it.

We are in a state where Social Media is subliminally convincing folks to compare their lives versus what they see from their piers on social media. We look at the highlights (only) of most people lives or the “Surface” and ignore or unaware of the 300+ layers that the surface covers that Social Media doesn’t show. We people watch and that allows us to not keep OUR eyes on what’s going in OUR BOWL. It allows us to devalue or take our blessings for granted. We focus so much on someone else’s  blessings that we don’t appreciate our own and in some cases don’t even see our own because of us wanting what we see.

First off lemme say many are claiming good fortune as blessings. Just because you are fortunate and can live a certain way or lifestyle does NOT equal God is being good to you. Please know the Devil will “Fascinate” you before he “Assasinates” You. He will come to you in many form just God will. I always say, “The Devil ain’t gonna come to you LOOKIN like the Devil

Stop worrying about others and what they have and start worrying about what’s in YOUR BOWL. Things taken for granted usually GET TAKEN!  Know that what God has for YOU… IS FOR YOU!

I am a direct reflection of everything I have ever been through. See Floyd Montague and Joe Turner were my Grandfathers… Thats my DNA, my make-up. But my experiences good and bad, my friendships, my relationships, the storms I have marched through are the ingredients in MY BOWL.  What you put in your bowl allows for your blessings.. I always contend I am in no way shape or form a preacher but I’m bout to preach to you a little bit.

WE worry so much about people talking about us, their “opinions” they have of us, we get so concerned with “Haters” we block our own blessings trying to live up to “Surface” that others present. Know that EVERYTHING is working together for your good. Lemme help you, God shows us in order for him to bless you your Middle aged businessman thinkinghaters have to be present. You have to be battle (faith) tested.. you have to be uncomfortable.. you have to be lied too.. done wrong by people. The Bible says: Thou preparest a table before me IN FRONT OF MY ENEMIES! *Translation* In order for me to eat my enemies have to be PRESENT. Not only is HE gonna bless me but HE is gonna let them watch, so get out of your own way and let HIM work. Put it in your Bowl!

Remember all things are working together for your good so if you unhappy with your job.. PUT THAT IN YOUR BOWL! You can’t pay your mortgage.. PUT THAT IN YOUR BOWL! Them haters talking bout you.. PUT THAT IN YOUR BOWL!  You having a ruff few days.. put that with the rest of the ruff days you had IN THAT BOWL!  Those things all are working together for YOUR good! I heard Kirk Franklin say once, if I gave you a stick of butter and asked you to eat it..

IT WOULD BE NASTY. If I gave you two raw eggs and asked you to eat it.. IT WOULD BE NASTY. If I gave you a handful of flour and sugar and told you to eat it would you? NO, IT WOULD BE NASTY!  But all those things working TOGETHER are the ingredients for CAKE!!!  So once again I ask.. What ingredients are in your Bowl?

Staff Writer; Jamal Montague


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  1. JSkip725 says:

    This was powerful J. I hope those who need these words will find the message. Great ending! Keep up the great work!

  2. ChocolateGirl says:

    Great article Jamal!! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. Kelly W says:

    Excellent Article!

  4. Dcarter910 says:

    Excellent article!Thoughtful and insightful.

  5. hoodgirl says:

    Great job…………