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Silly women+sperm donors=mo’ problems.

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( There are a few things that have proven to be more singularly destructive to the black community than the lethal combination of unqualified sperm and a foolish vagina.

Look at it another way. You’re the pilot of an airplane and all of the passengers have boarded without going through a security check-point. For giggles, once the plane starts to accelerate for take-off you remind everyone aboard that you never finished pilot’s school and aren’t entirely clear on how to fly this or any plane.

It’s safe to say that no one will be having a good day.

The foundation of any community is its youth. Mental health experts unanimously agree that the most effective way to raise a child is in a two-parent loving home. It is in the home that values are taught, rules are established and routines are enforced.Young woman straddling man on bed

Unfortunately this scenario has been under the unrelenting attack of popular culture. Popular culture tells both young men and young women that they don’t truly need each other except for a few short moments of sexual pleasure. The logical conclusion of this union often results in a pregnancy that is neither planned nor wanted. We know this because, according to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2010, which was the last year the statistics were made available, 138,539 black babies were aborted.

Yes, let that sink in. Just 5 short years ago out of every 1,000 live births of black children, 483 were aborted. This gruesome and horrific reality begs the question; who is the real killer in the black community? Is it the bad cops? Is it the crooked politician? Is it the gangbanger? The answer, sadly, is the silly black woman AND the useless sperm donor who gets her pregnant.

The problem with this argument is that it very often turned into a philosophical debate on what has been so aptly named reproductive rights. This stylized nomenclature takes the attention from the brutal reality that undercuts any positive reform. Lastly no one wants to shine a light on this divisive political hot potato for fear of being called insensitive or non-compassionate. In short, calling it what it is would be political suicide.

Meanwhile the cycle continues. The pervasive message of “sex without consequences” has completely replaced the message of restraint and self-control. The results have been genocidal. Single parent households in the black community are the norm whereas they were once the exception. Mental illnesses, namely depression and autism, are on the rise yet summarily dismissed by large portions of our communities as being “white folk’s diseases.” Treatment for these diseases, for the most part, is non-existent, and when it is it is sub-par.

No matter how much a single parent tries they will never be able to offer that child what a two-parent loving home could do. The result is often catastrophic. As the children from these unions begin to age they start to exhibit anti-social, disruptive behavior. Many of our black boys, in school, get shuttled to special education classes as a result of being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or hyper attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Both of these behavioral patterns are a manifestation of how a child deals with depression.

The end result of this cycle is the annihilation of an entire people. It can all be stopped by promoting a different message, from a young age, of self-control. Again, nothing can stop the onslaught of these types of emotions. A man knows the difference between creating a legacy versus sleeping with a silly woman who doesn’t know her own virtue. Likewise a woman knows the difference between raising a nation versus providing society with a bunch of problems by sleeping with a sex-starved boy. It’s time that we start to take make the right decision while we still have a chance.

Staff Writer; Steven Robinson

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3 Responses to “Silly women+sperm donors=mo’ problems.”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    For years and years, a large % of blacks have had a “do what I wanna do” attitude. The older generation still have that same attitude, so it should not be a surprise that black females and males are imitating the exact same actions. Especially when it involves sex. Damn shame how “taking it slow,” and “getting to know one another” aren’t even taken into consideration or thought of as being corny.

    Nowadays, there are couples who live together and married who can’t stand each other. And will stab one another in the back. They only know how to be together by what they witnessed growing up. Whether it was in their household and/or the many other black households. It’s all they know and they choose not to know or learn any better.

  2. Realman2 says:

    As long as the black community continues to ignore this cancer it will spread. Its pretty much a fact now that black culture is whore culture.

  3. Tish Kay says:

    Very insightful, but as long as the objectification of women prevails and boys chase girls based on the shape and size of their backsides/whether they can sit a cup on their -ss and not what’s operating int heir minds and girls think its appealing and satisfying to make babies with fine guys with “swag” then sadly this problem will persist.

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