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Yes, Democrats Defy Logic.

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( The closer Election Day gets, the more confused I am by the behavior of Democrats. For the past several years, there has been this false obsession with the importance of the Hispanic vote. All you hear in the media and from the political pundits is “the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic vote.”

Democrats have been throwing amnesty at illegals, giving away Supreme Court seats to Hispanics (Sotomayor), and making it easy for illegals to take American jobs.

It’s almost as though the Black vote doesn’t exist and doesn’t matter.  It seems as though Democrats are saying why pay attention or pander to Blacks; they know Blacks will always give them their vote and not expect or demand anything in return.

The Hispanic vote is only influential in a few states:  California, New Mexico, or Nevada to name a few. They tend to congregate in large numbers in a small number of states.The Black vote is wide and deep, especially in the South and Northeast.

Hispanics are approximately 16 percent of the nation’s population, but only 10 percent of eligible voters. Even worse, only 7 percent vote.The Hispanic population of eligible voter is smaller than any other group (voting age population or VAP). The VAP for Whites is more than 77 percent, for Blacks 67 percent, and for Asians 52 percent.

As they do every two years, the Democrats have their biennial epiphany about the Black vote because they need Blacks to save them at the ballot box come next week.BlackVoters-2014-OK

Before I get into the Democrat’s latest epiphany and what it looks like; let me remind you of what Obama said about Black people in 2012 during an interview with Black Enterprise (BE) magazine.  They asked him about the criticism he had received about ignoring Blacks and Black businesses.  His response was, “I’m not the president of black America. I’m the president of the United States of America.”  In other words, he will not engage in targeted solutions to problems that are unique to the Black community like the double digit unemployment rate (11.6 percent).  He continued by saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Hmm, interesting.

So Obama is saying what’s good for America is good for Blacks and vice versa.

If this is the case, then can someone explain to me why Obama and the Democrats, fearing defeat in the Senate, are suddenly are spending $ 1 million dollars “specifically” targeting Blacks on radio and newspapers?  Why are they not taking the same advertisements they are running in White media and use the same for Black radio and newspapers?

In other words, Democrats will “target” Blacks for purposes of an election; but won’t do the same thing in the area of legislation and public policy. If Obama is “president of all of America,” why is he “targeting” Blacks regarding the upcoming elections?  Won’t people “think” he is Black?  Won’t people “think” he is being partial to Black media?  Of course he is and it’s the smart thing to do.  So, if Obama and Democrats can “target” Blacks for political ads, for political purposes; could they not also “target” Blacks with specific legislation and executive orders to deal with the double digit unemployment rate?  The answer is a resounding yes.  But Obama and Democrats don’t value the Black vote; they only “use” the Black vote.

But yet, this is the same president and party that refuse specific actions for Blacks, while showering homosexuals and illegals with every political favor under the sun; and they are now targeting Black radio and newspapers in the last 30 days of the election because they are desperate.

According to the nonpartisan research group, Center for Responsive Politics, Democrats are expected to spend upwards of $ 1.76 billion for this year’s elections; yet they only allocate $ 1 million for Black media in the last 30 days of the campaign.  You do the math.  This shows how little value they place on the Black vote – until it’s too late.

These ads are being run on radio shows hosted by Tom Joyner, D.L. Hughley, Ricky Smiley, Al Sharpton, and Joe Madison.  There are 24 months in an elections cycle, but Democrats only spend money with these Blacks for 30 days of that cycle.

The question is also where they spend this money. Do they actually think comedians and buffoons can influence the Black vote.  But, then again, how appropriate that the Democrats think that comedians can get Blacks to vote because the past six years have been one big joke played on the Black community.

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.



5 Responses to “Yes, Democrats Defy Logic.”
  1. It’s past time we stop depending on the government to solve our problems, when we have the ability to solve them ourselves. We can do this, using the money we’re already spending.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  2. rasil says:

    Most Black writers HERE criticize the president. Rarely are there any well crafted political articles. You are right in your commentary. Slave /plantation mentality and easily bought. Sickens me to think that in the 21st Century that “handkerchief heads” continue to exist.

  3. rasil says:

    Republicans in case you do not realize, do exactly the same. Your issue…you just don’t like President Obama for the same reasons Whites don’t like him. Guess what…they don’t like you either. What in God’s name did/do you expect the first Black president to immediately execute? Obviously you just don’t get the politics around his election. So just continue to openly criticize him. This is the real problem with too many in Black community. Under the prevailing conditions aside from obstruction by the other side, I believe he has done an extraordinary job. NO other president has ever been able to provide affordable healthcare nor did they care to. I suppose you believe Clinton did a great service for Blacks by inaugurating the Omnibus Bill, Welfare to Work, etc. Did you ever consider or ruminate why so many of our Black males are a part of the prison complex industry? Open your eyes and shut your mouth bc you are a part of the problem. BTW…how much did they pay you to craft this ridiculous article?

  4. realist says:

    By all standards democrats should have our back. This article clearly demonstrates that they don’t.

  5. Satchel says:

    One would think this author was a paid watchdog for some conservative political organization. If so, I can understand how he got the job, being that he was educated at Oral Roberts and George Mason Universities, where he harden his political Chops. He spends his time keeping track and writing hit pieces on what the Democratic Party is doing wrong and saying nothing about what Republicans are doing period. For these reasons I can’t take this man seriously. Is it News, Opinion or a Political add.

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