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5 Reasons Black Men Havent Advanced Over The Last 40 Years.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) According to a recent study conducted at The University of Chicago, African American males haven’t advanced in American society one bit since 1971.   The researchers used a variety of socio-economic indicators to arrive at their conclusions, and their work has credibility, since U. Chicago is among the world’s leaders in both Sociological and Economic research.

The year 1971 is meaningful to me, since that was the year I was born.  When I think about the fact that it’s our job as men to carry the torch and improve upon the achievements of the previous generation, these results seem to imply that we might have failed.  Men my age, like the rapper Jay-Z, would rather disrespect strong predecessors like Harry Belafonte and Jim Brown rather than learn from their courage.   We are fragmented, distracted, materialistic, and ultimately weak.  We are not men….we are just a bunch of “niggaz in Paris.”

Not all black men are struggling, as Janks Morton, creator of the film “Hoodwinked” might explain.  There are millions of black men doing amazing things, taking care of their children, building wealth, educating themselves, standing up for their communities and becoming empowered members of society. But there is also a counter narrative in which black men are left behind and being beaten into the ground by a society that hates them.  Even worse is that we’ve been taught to hate ourselves, thus making us complicit in our own oppression.

This list is not exhaustive, but here are a few reasons that black men, as a collective, have not advanced over the last 40 years, and why we may not advance over the next 40 if we don’t get ourselves together right now:

1) America has never acknowledged its demons:  I spent many years hearing about how Hitler committed countless atrocities against the Jews.  But what’s rarely shared is that the atrocities that American leaders2014-blackmen-standing-together have committed against black men and women have been equally devasting and lasted for a much longer period of time.   Nearly every international governing body, when observing the extensive human rights violations continuously being committed against African Americans, plainly states that American officials are both lying and in serious denial of what they have done to the black man, woman and child over the last 400 years.

What is even more interesting is that millions of black people are in subtle agreement with this blatant disregard for our humanity.  We shuck, jive and kiss the butt of any big white corporation or university willing to give us a few dollars, and then wonder why our needs are continuously tossed to the back of the bus.  Many of us don’t support black businesses.  We don’t trust one another and some of us don’t even believe our most powerful celebrities have any obligation to anyone other than themselves.  The oppression won’t end unless we stop accepting it.

2) We’re still committed to economic servitude:  Many black families either allow their children to ignore the value of education or commit themselves to debilitating miseducation.  Those of us who come from educated families are often told that your job is to get a good education and make sure you are well-behaved so that a friendly white man will give you a job.  Then, when the MBA, PhD, or MD finds himself in the unemployment line, he becomes so frustrated that he gives himself hypertension or ends up drinking his problems away after realizing the obvious:  America doesn’t give a damn about you.

Those of us who get to keep our jobs become part of the angry black middle class:  The people who work 10 times harder than the white guy down the hall, but keep getting passed over for promotions.  We all seem to believe that if we “aren’t like those other negroes,” we’re going to be OK.  Then, we find out that our fates are inextricably linked, whether we like it or not.  That’s when a man like Henry Louis Gates gets arrested on his front porch and is astonished that a police officer would treat him that way.  We are convinced that by separating ourselves from each other, we will be safe, when the opposite is actually true.

The only path to economic freedom is to consistently preach the idea of black business development and entrepreneurship.  You can go work with anyone you want, but at the end of the day, your side hustle might be the difference between eating good and eating government cheese.  Not everyone is cut out to run a business, I know that.  However, no one should be content with getting all of their money from one source of revenue.  We should stop teaching our children how to be corporate drones and help them learn how to live economically free.   We should also stop giving our money right back to the corporations that are selling you a series of worthless products and doing nothing for your community.

3) We let the world convince us that we are uneducated athletic goons:  I was in the grocery store overhearing two young, intelligent brothers doing a precise breakdown of Amare Stoudemire’s new contract with the New York Knicks.  They were surely fans of the ESPN show, “First Take” and could have easily been commentators themselves.  They talked about the Knicks’ prospects for next year, salary cap implications of a pending trade, and why Amare should probably consider playing for a team that might help him contend for a championship.

It’s OK for brothers to love sports, but why can’t we also love science in the same way?  Why not break down your OWN investment portfolio and entrepreneurial possibilities instead of living vicariously through someone you’ll never meet?  Why are we so obsessed with sports that we love athletics to the exclusion of nearly everything else?  Why do we allow people in our communities to suck up our kids into football and basketball programs at an early age, but aren’t equally diligent in getting these young men into programs that will lead to economic prosperity?

Let’s be real:  That little man is probably NEVER going to make it to the NFL or NBA, and even if he does make it without a good education, he is probably going to end up broke.  Why in the world would we let our future husbands and fathers be led to slaughter?

One of the reasons that young black men are not able to keep up with the rapid educational progress of young black women is because too many of us get so caught up in a ridiculous, irrational hoop dream that we never get the chance to become something else.  As prominent attorney and former Oklahoma Sooner Damario Solomon Simmons once said, “Education should NOT be your plan B.  It should be your plan A.”  Sports are destroying millions of young black men.

4) White-owned, corporate hip-hop presents an image of us that is inaccurate, but we eat it up like crackheads:  The imagery of toxic corporate hip-hop has taken us to the point that otherwise intelligent and productive black men are reduced to nothing more than cartoon characters.  There are many amazing artists in the world doing great things, but these are not the ones being sprinkled onto your child’s brain by Clear Channel and other national media outlets.  Instead, they are given a daily dose of weaponized brainwashing to convince your son that his job is to “smoke weed, f*ck b*tches, get money and shoot n*ggaz.”

The same way that Attorney Willie Gary just won a $23.6 billion dollar lawsuit against the tobacco industry for promoting destructive and unhealthy tobacco consumption, a class action lawsuit should be filed against the recording industry for convincing young black boys that it’s glamorous to be a violent, self-destructive, sexually-promiscuous super-thug.  Marketing works magic when it comes to convincing people to believe things that simply are not true.

5) America wants your black butt in prison:  The criminal justice system and the War on Drugs have done more harm to the black male in America than any American institution since slavery.  When black men are more likely to be stopped by police, more likely to be arrested, less able to fight the charges, more likely to be falsely accused and more likely to be incarcerated, our families suffer as a result.  Even worse, we are given longer prison sentences, even when we commit the same crimes and are not given an opportunity to effectively reintegrate into society once we’ve paid our debts.

American prisons are our version of concentration camps.  Most of us have family members who’ve suffered irreversible trauma, physical harm or even death at the hands of either the police or the prison system.  This system has turned black male children into a commodity no less profitable than pigs to a sausage factory.

Even worse is the army of cowardly black scholars, celebrities and attorneys, many of them male, who spend more time pandering to the dollar bill than speaking up about the death and destruction all around them.   When a black man, Eric Garner, was recently killed by the NYPD in an illegal chokehold, I can’t think of a single prominent scholar or attorney who publicly spoke on his behalf.  This is, quite honestly, pathetic.

I was the keynote speaker at the National Black Law Students Association a few years ago and found myself astonished by how many brilliant and highly capable attorneys had been fooled into believing that they had no obligation whatsoever to do anything other than relegate themselves to becoming highly-paid robots for the law firm paying them the most money.   I quietly wonder when we decided that it’s OK to accept a cash payment in exchange for the chance to have a truly meaningful life.  A job isn’t worthwhile just because someone is paying you to do it.  If you’re not careful, you’ll end up on your death bed with a pile of money and an even bigger pile of regrets.

Like the valuable oil being sucked out of the continent of Africa, many of our most valuable resources are yanked out of the black community, all so we can support and sustain the very same institutions that have been designed to oppress us.

Until we change our mindset, we’ll be doing a study just like this one in another 40 years.  People in the year 2054 will wonder why black males haven’t moved forward since their grandparents were young.  This outcome is a real possibility as long as people are afraid to act outside the box to embrace a new paradigm of thought as it pertains to moving our community forward.   To get a different result, we must embrace different actions.  It’s time to become radical and realize that progress won’t be made until we DEMAND it.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit http://BoyceWatkins.com.



37 Responses to “5 Reasons Black Men Havent Advanced Over The Last 40 Years.”
  1. The truth says:

    My thoughts …..the article was rubbish , there were some valid points …..as for the rest ……sniffLe sniffle cry boo hoo we should all feel sorry for the black man.go to fucking work like the rest of us and shut the fuck up !

  2. Philip Nolan says:

    I am not saying I’m all that smart, never finished college but I worked from age 16 and retired at 60. I saved my money and said my prayers. I married a woman who has worked since high school and still works, she loves to stay busy. We never had children, don’t know why really, never had it checked just went with Gods will. We bought one home, the most house we could afford and paid it off in 15 years. We give thanks and praise to the Lord our God, and Jesus Christ His Son in the unity with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, amen. Going to Glory some day, in the meantime I volunteer as a Meals on Wheels driver, and care for my loving mother and my wife’s father. Gonna paint the house next year, that’ll take a while, Lord willing. Not saying life’s easy but the Lord’s burden is light and walking humbly with our God and keeping one’s hands clean while helping those the Lords places in our lives is life, that and clean sheets once a week. Try not figure all things out, try to humbly accept stuff. Remember, say your prayers and save your money.

  3. James Mccloud says:

    Why are all black people grouped in the same circle? Why are we monolithic? Stop airing your dirty laundry. You think American pundits are mentioning that America is getting more and more stupid? All of Europe, some of the Middle East, Russia, half a dozen African Countries are doing better. Some say if the trends continue in the 2nd half of the 21st century, they’ll be nothing left to American intelligence.

    Of course they won’t say that….so stop talking about THIS.

    Blacks are the only people who air their dirty laundry…how about washing it first?

  4. Don says:

    All I can say is your beautiful Black Women are not sitting around whining and sniveling they are moving forward and bettering themselves, and the black man, not all just the lazy MF’s are calling them names and saying there coonin Jesus Christ.

  5. Oh Really says:

    I remember when I about 4, we came home one night and I heard my white father bitching and moaning about how some black man broke in an stole his tv, and how he hates all n-words. That was my first ever experience with racism I guess. I never paid any attention to my dad, he had his own problems. Then in high school I knew by that point that my father did not like black men, but he totally adored my neighbor who was a little black girl and my best friend. So once I was in high school, I always wandered why people were racist and hated black men. Actually I became very empathetic and attracted to them since I always vouched for the underdog. But now Im pushing 40 and have 3 kids by black men and Ive been in 2 long term relationships and giving black men every chance I could, I can say now that it all comes down to this. SOME, black men are just plain lazy, selfish and wont work or even want to work.

    Every opportunity you give them to advance themselves, they fuck it up. One or 2 mess ups is okay, but every single day they just wont behave or follow the rules that lead to prosperity, they give up too easy, run in face of a challenge, cant be bothered to be timely, they want the easy way out, they put their responsibilities on others, they cheat, lie, manipulate, persuade, convince, and smoke, drink, play too damn much and are also at the same time judgmental , petty, self-absorbed, self-entitled and cowardly. So maybe you can call me a racist if you want…I love my children and they are bi-racial.

    I love my friends and they are black, but as far as black men goes, theoretically I love them to death, I love them as people, men and culture but sam hell I’m gonna just be serious for a minute…mostly them MF’s is LAZY as HELL. They dont want to work their way up like most white people, they wat instant success. In other words they’re always getting suckered into some scheme that makes even more impossible for them. Dude, as a white woman my advise to all black men is…if its too late for you…at least..teach your kids the importance of follow-through and accountablity.

  6. victor of white supremacy says:


  7. Realman2 says:

    Black men need to start acting like men and not like little boys and sexy crazed teenagers, but much of what was said in the article is true.

  8. toomanygrandkids says:


    I am just reading your last comment and, yes, I realize that whites have done black people wrong. I can also say that blacks have done white people wrong. I’m sorry about what happened to you, but how could you have been abused that many times? Where was your parents? Did you tell them and did they do anything about it? You don’t have to answer those questions. That wasn’t the reason I asked. Those questions go through my mind everytime I hear/read about a child going through such abuse.

  9. UNCLE RUKKUS (no relation) says:

    Ah shit, it’s like someone carelessly through a full prescription bottle of ‘pissandmoan’ into the chimpanzee cages and the delirious primates also have access to type writers, oh dear white jesus help us find some tranquilizer guns!

    The REAL reason that the niggeramerican male is hopelessly doomed is simply because a monkey can only evolve so much before he begins bitching endlessly like some goddamn dirty mexican ingrate about all the bruises on his free bananas and the eye blinding camera flashes from gawking tourists at the zoo. For shame monkey people, for shame.

    Solve the unemployment issue by expanding that gorrila golf nba shit to around say 2,500 teams, then simply begin a niggerspecific college that caters to chronic pot smoking and testing sports games for the latest xbox, of course the classes couldn’t start until after 1:00pm but you get the fucking idea.


    B.E.T. for ever!! boombya boombya

  10. Gibsmedat says:

    Why better yourself when you can blame whitey and wait for the liberals to feel sorry for you?

  11. Nig says:

    Typical. It’s whitey’s fault. Why don’t you neanderthals learn to take a little personal responsibility for yourselves rather than sitting in the gutter with your crack and 40 oz. blaming every white man in a suit who walks past you?

  12. Jrocc says:

    This post is od rhe devil himself. Why would any race publically speak abt another. Were so called intelligent beings, we must knw how offensive that can be. I a black men who can never live a white mans life therefore, I gain nothing by doing so yet I offend a whole people possibly. So not worth that much jst to be heard.

  13. Jrocc says:

    Why is it ok to publically speak out against another race. If you do this, no matter your race, you should pray for your soul. The devil has his hand in this post to the core.

  14. from UK with love says:

    I find it hilarious that we think we SHOULD do things together. I think it’s this SHOULD that gets us in trouble. Just as there are all different types of people within White and Asian races there are all different types of people within the Afro- Caribbean/ Afro-American and African race and surely I’ll be sending myself to hell if I were to believe that we are all meant to get along…

    I ONLY get on with those who have an open mind, a generous heart from ANY race and I have alot of friends from all over the world. Here’s a problem or better put..weighty concern (designed to drag only you down) that I don’t entertain therefore can get on with my life.

    Do you all not know that life is one big game, an act. For those who interpret stepping into a job as pandering to the white man…I run a business ( I am a black woman) and I’d surely send myself to hell again if I didn’t learn to wear different hats on a daily basis. Why do I do this? To have a peaceful life and ensure everything runs smoothly silly. I couldn’t care less whether you interpret that in any other way. My business succeeds and I am seen as a competent leader by my employees. You want to ‘just be yourself’ then go find a community of likeminded folk where you can be so- not everyone within nor outside our race MUST be the same. That’s foolish thinking…

    PLs separate yourself and your mind from the media. I’d reccommend not reading/ watching any of it, though hard when one still needs to be kept up to date with current affairs. However my point is one must understand that the media and media portrayal of us is a beast of its own. It’s heartbreaking seeing constant negativity about us portrayed with very rare positive reports to balance things up. But understand the media’s job is to not actually care…
    The more you can separate yourself and mind from what is shown, the more in tune with your core self you can be, and therefore in a better position to create the world you desire, attracting the right people to you to make it happen.

    Now back to the topic of Black men, I’m in my mid 30’s and yes have to agree that they are hard to figure out and never seem to be happy with anything whilst not being able to affect any worthwhile change because, as I see it, they simply cannot adopt a mindset as mentioned above. Or atleast adopt a healthy mindset that is healthy for them. They seem to be stuck in this blame ( and usually blaming black women, and white men) for all their troubles making it hard for someone like me to have a relationship with them. I’d prefer to settle down with a Black man, I don’t find White men attractive enough to marry ( for other things perhaps haha), so it looks like I’ll be single for the rest of my life. I can’t find a Black man to look up to ( isn’t that what you guys want??) because he’s spending too much time nit picking at what is wrong with the world ( namely Black woman and white men). Yet when I take the reigns, I’m seen as ‘busting his balls’

    *Sigh, what do you Black men want and how can we as Black women ease your f*cking pain???

  15. @ ben allen says

    I try not to respond to people with views like yours, because people like you will probably never get it. But it would be wrong to let you talk about something, you obviously no nothing about. I don’t chain myself to racism, it has existed even before this country was a country, and continues to exist to this day. This country was founded on racist attitudes. It has become institutionalized, which means, you don’t even know what you’re saying is racist. Black people are discriminated in every area you can think of. We are not whining about being victims, we are victims of 400 plus years of racist attitudes like yours.

    How would you feel if your ancestors were brought here in chains, stripped of everything that connected you to your mother land, and forced to learn a culture that taught you to hate yourself, that you were less than human, inferior to me, lazy, yet your ancestors worked from sunup to sunset without any compensation, for 300 plus years. That you were unintelligent, ugly, and any other negative thing you can think, that you’re still dealing with the mental affects to this day. I don’t think you would be talking the way you are if this happen to your ancestors. As far as the advantages you talk about, there would be no advantages if it weren’t for the wealth my people produced to make this country one of the wealthiest on this planet.

    So anything we received, we deserved it plus more. If you’re talking about affirmative action, that only got us in the door and has long been dismantled, which we also deserved but affirmative action benefitted white women more than anyone else. As far as your son not being able to go to college because you’re trying so hard to help us succeed, this is totally ridiculous. The reason why your son may not go to college is because of greed. The greed of the biggest welfare system in this country, corporate welfare, but you want to blame us for your son not being able to go to college. We have a saying in our community, when whites get a cold, we get pneumonia, and it’s been that way since we were brought here.

    Finally, I will agree with one thing you said, and that is to take charge of our lives, which is what Black Unity is all about. It’s a cultural thing, you wouldn’t understand. Maybe you’ll understand this, if we as people work together and pool our resources to create opportunities within our community; rather than relying on others, you won’t have to give us the advantages you claim we receive. Then you’ll be able to see who the real enemy is. The real enemy is you. Finally, as far as my name, it is religious. It goes back to ancient times. It’s name comes from Amen Ra, an Kemetian, (what the Egyptians called themselves before the Greeks named them) god, long before Christianity ever existed. Don’t bother responding to my comment. This will be the last time I respond to you because of our different opinions.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  16. Taharga says:

    I agree 100% with the piece. All of it is true. However, as Claude Anderson says, much of the above-mentioned are symptoms of Black economic dis-empowerment. Ever since the planned and organized destruction of Black Wall street and the like, we own, produce and manufacture almost nothing in terms of economics.

    Unlike other folks, we must depend entirely on the whims of white folks for our economic advancement. It is time for Black power economics, where we build and develop an Black economic infrastructure. Otherwise, we will continue to be at the mercy of the dominant culture that prefers to keep us dependent and needy. We will continue to wander bout aimlessly looking at the world through the eyes of white people, asking them for permission, instead of being true to ourselves and to our reality.

  17. ben allen says:

    @ Terrance Amen: Black Unity means… racism

    This is the problem – why do you continue to chain yourself to racism?

    Your name sounds religious in nature so I ask you if Jesus would approve of this perpetual attempt to segregate yourself. When you do this you give people that follow you an easy way to blame someone else for their failings.

    Don’t you see what is so Obvious to me? The reason you have so few success stories is because MOST people, of all races, are lazy and will take the easy path. Only very strong people like Booker T Washington escape the chains of self flagellation of the culture you promote.

    People that believe what you believe imprison themselves.

    We are not out to get you – really we aren’t. BUT – when you are a drama queen, whining about victimhood, with all of the advantages you have, frankly no one of any race wants to hang out with people of any race that have that worldview except people that share it.

    Here’s another story – my white son, only 10 now, will probably not be able to go to college because he’s white. That is unless I somehow manage to get loans that will cause my family to suffer. Why? Because we are trying so damned hard to help your race succeed that we have co-opted the ability of our own children to receive grants AND over balanced the admission preferences to favor minorities so strongly that even if I find the money, he may still not be admitted because of those preferences.

    WHY? And furthermore, we give minorities every opportunity yet we have to go offshore for Indians to meet our Diversity Commandment because EVEN WITH the extreme advantage Blacks enjoy – I can’t seem to HIRE you because there are few in the tech world – why?

    It’s because of “Unity” and “Coalition” which are nothing but pathetic reasons to give up and not work hard because you believe taking the easy road of guilt and blame will lead to the same end with little work.

    La Raza and this “Coalition” are your real enemies – these people are sucking the life out of you – don;t be stupid.

    Take charge of your own life – you don;t need these people – work hard and you can easily succeed.

  18. ben allen says:

    The reason you are not advancing is because of your out of control racism. If you would stop being whiny little jerks and take control of your future you would advance.

    Here’s a news flash – there is no white conspiracy to get blacks – it’s a myth so these leeches, like the fool that wrote this, can control you.

    In fact, we’re busting our b@@ls to give you a completely unfair advantage in education and hiring but EVEN SO, I get almost NO black candidates for IT positions I hire for. WHY? Because no one is even fricking trying… So that’s racism?

    Yeah, there are bad people of any race – not the point.

    NO ONE IS OUT TO GET YOU. Stop listening to fools like the woman that wrote this and take charge or YOUR future. I’ll tell you what, I struggle every day, have been laid off, fired, accused unjustly, and treated worse than any black person I’ve ever worked with. I dust off, pick myself up, and try again.

    What do you do? You scream racism at the first perceived insult. You know what we do when that happens? No, we don’t hold some secret white meeting to figure out how to cheat you out of your deserved reward, we run like little girls because, God help us, one mistake and we lose our jobs.

    I don’t even see what color you are – I could care less – do your damned job and if you make a mistake – own it and drive through it. Stop bullying me because you have some delusion that we all look down on you.

    You know who I admire more than any other politician? Allen West. Maybe you know his story. He was put out of the army because he scared a poor little terrorist to protect his men. He never said – racism – in fact he said – I was protecting my men and I’d do it again – he held his head high and took his punishment. Then he became a Congressman? You know why? Because people love brave men who don;t blame the baseball bat because they struck out.

    My best friend was a black man who, unfortunately, died in a car wreck at 26.

    We did everything together. NOT ONCE did I ever witness ANY racism towards him. HOWEVER, one side of his family loved drugs and one of his uncles exposed him to the fun of ridiculous irresponsibility and for a brief period of time he actually wanted to be a pimp.

    Thank God for my racist father who mentored my friend and after I joined the army, my friend, with the help of my racist father, joined the navy as a nuke tech.

    Where was my friends father? dead at 26. We don’t know why but we know it was because of a bad decision to be in a bad place at ANY time.

    So start with that – stay away from bad people and bad places. Get an education, make smart choices, don’t do drugs, take responsibility for your owned damned life. No one owes you anything – it’s your choice.

  19. CC Squid says:

    Do you blame the Asian, Native American, Hispanic and black slave holders also? What about the Arabs who sold the blacks into slavery?

  20. Thomas Stratford says:

    Let me help the author with his confusion. The reasons listed are the same tired resentment that blacks simply refuse to let go of. This is one problem why blacks won’t advance, here are some other reasons. The current “thug” culture embraced by most black youth, a culture of criminality, immorality, and personal cowardice. Also the stupid rear looking aspect of past wrongdoing, that blacks are handcuffed to by today’s race pimps, such as Jackson, and Sharpton, and Obama. Then there is the black disrespect for the nations authority figures, suck as those in law enforcement , and the other government institutions, again due to resentment from the past, where blacks have the same silly attitude that the same authority today is the same authority of yesteryear that kept them in chains.

  21. Julie says:

    I thought toomanygrandkids that it could be possible that you would be Black (but we still do not have proof of that anybody now can write anything on the Internet) but if it is true unfortunately too many people like you choose to be blind about the wrongdoing Whites did to us and still are doing to us. I am sure that we do not have the same lives but for my part I have been sexually abused by at least six White men in my life since the age of 10. I feel like laughing when our people want so much to be accepted by Whites, want to be integrated and so on. My parents achieved the American dream by living in a white neighborhood. At what cost!!! I was sexually abused by our so-called neighbor who was a White physician. I am sick and tired to hear black people like you who think like Republicans and want to put the burden on our shoulders because they believe that if we are in the current situation it is because of our own fault, that we do not work hard enough, we have a lack of unity, etc. The situation is far more complex than this and I understood since the age of 10 in what kind of dangerous society I was living and still living!!!

  22. toomanygrandkids says:

    in crime received the death penalty. Antionette’s also suspected of killing her father who she shot then buried him under the house where they both lived.

    f.) Tony Mack: former mayor of Trenton, New Jersey. Charged and convicted of bribery and other money crimes.

    g.) All of the black teachers being charged and covicted of crimes ranging for drugs to raping students and others (and spreading HIV) to murders of their own families and others.

    There’s plenty, plenty more but I think you get my drift. So it’s not just drug dealers causing destruction, despair, and death.

  23. Mr Williams says:

    Big Difference between Affluent African- American males vs Middle Class Working Class / Poor Class African – American males …. Understand the problem is Middle Class/ Working Class / Poor Class African – American males not raising their children because of lack of education and resources. Affluent African – American communities do not have these problems. If you do not believe me ,go into a Affluent African – American communities. Start here 10 of the Richest Black Communities in America. http://lnkd.in/beYU653Tagged With: Baldwin Hills California, Fort Washington Maryland, Friendly Maryland, Hillcrest New York, Kettering Maryland, Ladera Heights California, Mitchellville Maryland, … Remember Affluent African – American communities for years have put together Education , Resources programs for Middle Class/ Working Class / Poor Class African – American communities to help them success and make a better life.

  24. toomanygrandkids says:

    Please forgive me for not mentioning a couple of other thing that have prevented black men from advancing:

    1.) Black so-called leaders are just as corrupt and crooked as common street criminals. They are quick to point out the faults and failures within other races, but when it comes to their evil-doing, they don’t have any explanation nor do they like being called out by anyone.

    2.) Black mayors, preachers, law enforcement, teachers, and others placed in authority are suppose to be pillars of black communities. Well, long years before Obama was elected president, the people I mentioned have been comitting crimes. I call the highest level of black on black crime.

    a.) Kwame Kilpatrick: You remember him- the hip hop mayor. He’s serving 20+ years in prison.

    b.) Sydney Dorsey and 4 sheriff deputies: the former Atlanta sheriff who orchestrated the assassination of sheriff-elect Derwin Brown. Dorsey and at least 2 of the deputies received life in prison. One of the deputies received immunity for his testimony.

    c.) Michael(?) Nagin: I think his first name’s Michael. Anyway, the former mayor of New Orleans. He was charged and convicted of bribery and what have you. Sentenced to 10 years.

    d.) Len Davis: former New Orleans police officer who not only aided crack dealers in storing their shipments of drugs (along w/ a dozen other officers), but he also put out a hit on a 33-year old single mother of three. Davis paid a low-level drug dealer $300 to kill Kim Groves. Both serving life.

    e.) Antionette Frank: another psych New Orleans police officer who shot and killed a young brother and sister at the very Vietnamese restaurant where she worked as a security guard. Instead of guarding the people who treated her like family, Antoinette and her best friend (a drug dealer) not only shot and killed the brother and sister but the drug dealer also killed Antoinette’s partner, another offices working at the same restaurant. She and her partner

  25. Mr Williams says:

    10 of the Richest Black Communities in America. http://lnkd.in/beYU653Tagged With: Baldwin Hills California, Fort Washington Maryland, Friendly Maryland, Hillcrest New York, Kettering Maryland, Ladera Heights California, Mitchellville Maryland, …

  26. @ toomanygrandkids, hoodgirl, and Brother Davis

    I think a lot of the points you made about us not helping one another, are the results of the slave mentality. This is the main reason why we haven’t reached our full potential. It’s not about playing the victim, it’s really about not knowing who you really are and that you are the reason this country was once great, and the same people who call you lazy, are the same people who are living off your labor, to this day.

    Slavery still plays a role in our lives to this day. But we don’t or refuse to see it’s mental effects all around us. No other group has gone through what we went through. No group anywhere in the world has had their identity erased. Unfortunately to this day, we haven’t dealt with this problem, which is why we have the problems we have with uniting as a community.

    We have a double mind as to being American or African American, and no matter what we claim to be, we are hated for it. The very fact that we’re having this conversation is proof, the slave mind still exist. The solution is what Brother Davis is talking about, but not as complicated. This is what I talk about in my book, and will soon be putting into action. I even think sister hoodgirl will like this.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  27. toomanygrandkids says:

    @hoodgirl….thank you, I try to be even though lots of people don’t see it that way.

    @Julie…FYI: I’m a 50-year old black woman who lives in the real world. So be surprised that I’m not white. Empathy? I have more empathy in my baby toe than any two-bit drug dealer has in their whole body. At least I’m not selling poison to my own people. I don’t recruit black boys to sell drugs before they are teenagers. Nor do I participate in the murders of countless innocent children. What I just described is all part of the illegal drug trade. Surely, you’re not saying drug dealers have more empathy than me. I could go on and on but I think you get my point. So fuck you!

    I’m not a Jew, and neither are other black people. Whatever compensation Jews received because of the Holocaust is none of your business. Jews have risen as a people. There are articles on this website stating that Jews own/control very profitable businesses where they hire their own people. That’s called unity. Or didn’t you know that? Blacks wanna call it racism and discrimination. I don’t think so.

    What if black men owned a legit business and hired all black people? Will he think of himself as a racist? Will other races think he’s discriminating against them? To my knowledge, it isn’t against the law hiring your own people. So leave the Jews out of this.

    Overall, black men (as a whole) haven’t advanced in 40 + years basically because they have no unity nor respect for each other.

  28. Julie says:

    We would not be surprised toomanygrandkids that you are not Black. You have no empathy!!! Nobody says to the Jews get over the Holocaust that lasted a few years the last century and they got compensated. We got nothing so fuck you!!!

  29. James Davis says:

    The Fight Is Not About Black Men … It Is About Us As A Race!

    What is one thing that the black race has been denied? Examine the list of accomplishments we have forced from this government with the help of our white brethen, I might add (This list in no way is complete).: 1)Emanicipation from “physically” being enslaved; 2)The Pell Grant legislation adopted in 1965; 3)Separate but equal laws struck down by the Supreme Court; 4)The 1954 Supreme Court decision to desegregate schools; 5)the Civil Rights Act of 1964; 6)The Voters’ Right Act of 1965 and 7)a legislative Act signed into law by Republican President Richard Nixon in 1972 called the Equal Employment Act.

    But, what is the one thing the brothers and sisters who pressed this government into action in the 1960’s and 1970’s were denied? We don’t discuss it, we don’t talk about it. It as if we intentionally deny ourselves the benefit of finding a solution. Education is find and that was basically the solution that blacks as a group back in the 60’s and 70’s besides a means to challenge white racists when it came to employment and access to public facilities, settled for as compromise to what would have really lifted us out of poverty. Look, the above laws and Acts are still on the book, and we have gone through the educational experiment, but as this article states we are not as a race in any better shape economically. That ought to tell us something. We ought to see that there is something missing, something else we have been denied that the majority population has. Look, the bottom line is that blacks need to have “risk capital” made available to them that does not depend upon the capricious nature of white racists. Reparations for blacks due to having been enslaved is a great solution but does not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming law in next few years. However, the Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation Plan does have a more than even chance of becoming law if we support its implementation. Additionally we can expect our white brethen to rally around it as it is also in their best interest to see it become law(http://thyblackman.com/2013/08/15/40000-00-to-each-black-person-retirement-is-the-answer/). This plan will pump as much forty million dollars a day directly into black communities across this country for as many 18 years or even longer. Does not sound like much?! Do the math. Forty million dollars multiplied by 365 days (one year) works out to $14.6 billion a year. Over tens years, that means, $146 billion dollars would be placed directly into black hands bypassing the capricious nature of white racists. Look, money is money….getting it is important! Can any of you think of better way of putting $14.6 billion dollars in black hands a year. Without “risk capital” we are going to go no where as the last 50 years has shown us. http://www.Jobcreationnow.com

  30. toomanygrandkids says:

    Continuing my comment from 10:24 pm. I didn’t think this comment was posted before I posted another.

    Anyway, the players could come from black neighborhoods where many black boys start playing sports when they are youngsters. If groups of smart black men had some unity, they could form sports teams of their own. But nooooo, they want black boys to be picked by white coaches/owners, then black men will find something to complain or write about when that happens. Either way, it seems black men are never satisfied.

    Oh, and about the Eric Garner case, you know who has gotten involved, that’s right, Al Sharpton. No doubt others will rally, march, and protest with him. But the officers have been relieved of their duties. Not sure of the specifics but they won’t be patroling the streets.

    And another thing, the War on Drugs hasn’t done nearly as much damage to black people and black neighborhoods as drug dealers and drug addicts. Haven’t you noticed that there are black officers, undercover agents, etc who are trained and paid to take down these drug kingpins? Or, you don’t like it when black dealers and addicts are punished for breaking the law? Well, that’s too damn bad. Gotta go, gotta go.

  31. toomanygrandkids says:

    You wanna know why black men haven’t advanced in 40 years? Actually, I believe it’s 300 years. But anyway, you can blame more than half of those wasted years on the black males particpation in the gang culture and crack cocaine epidemic. Didn’t matter, and still doesn’t matter, that corrupt law enforcement and gov’t officials played a role in drug trafficking. The fact of the matter is that swarms of black males were/still are in cohoots with them. It’s not until black dealers and addicts get caught they cry “corruption,” “set up,” and their favorite word “conspiracy.”

    “America wants your black butts in jail.” No, you are wrong about that. America includes many races of people who needs criminals of any race in jail. Black men refuse to ackowledge that there are all sorts of problems within the black race. Denial runs rampant among black men. They should have nipped the gang problem in the bud during the 60’s and the crack epidemic during the late 70’s. Black men should have stood up against black males who caused destruction and death within black communities. Now that a very large % of black males (criminals) are being put in jail/prison, you wanna claim that Anmerica wants their black butts in jail. Puh-leeze! Black males want their own butts in jail. Haven’t you heard, black males believe that you ain’t a real man if you ain’t been in jail. Besides, being locked up, even for many years, is the same as being on vacation. That way they don’t have to deal with the responsibilities of working a legit job, taking care of the children they keep producing, and paying bills. They can do without that dumb shit.

    “When a black man, Eric Garner, was killed by NYPD…” And I can’t think of any prominent, black scholar, attorney, or so-called leader who speaks out against black on black (or black on white) crime. And when they do speak on the subject, the majority of blacks criticize them more than the hoodlums who are causing the trouble.

  32. toomanygrandkids says:

    1.) Black people need to stop using racism and slavery as crutch. Everytime something doesn’t go their way or somebody tells them no, especially if its a white person, black people cry and screa racism, then bring up slavery. Needs to stop already! Slavery happened, it’s over, and there isn’t a damn thing black people can do to change the fact that it happened. Besides, not all black people were slaves. In fact, some blacks owned slaves. And not one black person born after slavery was an actual slave. You’d think the way some blacks discussed slavery times, they were there side by side, chain to chain with those who were real slaves. White people do talk about racism and slavery, maybe differently, but they do discuss it. Many blacks and whites don’t discuss slavery as much as others because they have families, jobs, and responsibilities that have absolutely nothing to do with the slave trade.

    2.) You wanna know why blacks don’t support black businesses? All thoughts/aspirations of building and owning a business went out the window during the civil rights movement, which was after slavery. Whatever blacks had built after slavery ended was torn apart in the 60’s. Blacks abandoned whatever they had to become accepted by whites. If Americans were/are demons, then why were blacks so eager to be accepted by them? Why didn’t blacks continue building in their communities? Why did blacks actually believe that whites (or white men) were their brothers? Isn’t that how MLK described them? Now, and for many years, every chance black people get, they call whites or white men demons, devils, and racists.

    3.) I’m not a sports fanatic or rapper but if it weren’t for these blacks being able to earn a paycheck, there’d be even more poor blacks. Black men aren’t known to own/operate businesses where they hire their own people and provide medical benefits. Nor do black men have the type of unity to purchase NFL- or NBA-like teams. The players could come from

  33. Patsy says:

    Of course, I didn’t add that I do not know one black woman in North America who has opportunities like the 40 year old white man in the working class.

  34. Patsy says:

    There is a lot of hypocrisy especially when I think about white privilege. I live in Canada and a 40 year old White man told me last week that he has now six weeks paid vacation per year from the same job that he has since he’s early 20s. He has a B.A., a non stressful job and he is not that well-read even if he went to university. I do not know one brother in North America regardless of his degrees who has similar opportunities and stability (in the same age group and even older)!!!

  35. what says:

    Well stop crying, look in the mirror, pick yourself apart and start doing something about your predicament instead of playing the blame game.

  36. Stephen Hall says:

    He is not being a crybaby. He is speaking of black men as a whole ,and we have a long way to go.

  37. what says:

    Black men have advanced to the white house which you fully endorsed. Stop being a cry baby.

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