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$40,000.00 To Each Black Person @ Retirement Is The Answer!!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Brother, sister, can we talk?!  Here in the United States, we have an oppressive justice system, as confirmed by the United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is seeking to ameliorate the incarceration rate of blacks by taking actions concerning non-violent drug crimes that require mandatory sentencing. He is instructing federal prosecutors not to trigger the requirement of mandatory sentencing, by not revealing the amount of drugs in certain types of non-violent drug cases. Holder’s actions will give judges more flexibility in sentencing non-violent drug offenders who have no connections to gangs or cartels. This is a good start in reforming this unjust system. 

For example, conviction for the possession of crack cocaine versus powdered cocaine has a mandatory 18:1 sentencing ratio under the current federal drug laws. This discrepancy in the drug law leads to longer terms of incarceration of people from poorer communities. Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be caught dealing or possessing crack cocaine in these communities. The attorney general’s actions in this area can be traced to the efforts of groups who have been pressing the Obama Administration on the subject of black incarceration and to some extent, the negativity surrounding the Zimmerman verdict in a Sanford, Florida courthouse recently. That verdict prompted anWork-Retirement examination of the American justice system and the impact it is having on the lives of black people.
Whereas, if we have an admittedly oppressive justice system in this country when it comes to black people, as Holder indicates, it is not a stretch my brother and sister to say we also have a repressive economic system. An example of that repression is the difference between the national black unemployment rate of 12.6% which was recently as high as 13.7% and the white unemployment rate of 6.6%.  Just as steps can be taken by the federal government to relieve or ameliorate the oppression in the justice system, steps can be taken by the federal government to also relieve the repression against blacks within this country’s economic system. However, unfortunately there is no Zimmerman like trial or verdict to highlight economic repression, nor is there any concerted effort by blacks and black leaders to have this administration come up with a solution to this issue. To spotlight the high unemployment problem among blacks, an occurrence of some significance will have to be created. 
If such an occurrence were to take place, what systemic changes to our economic system should be sought? In order for blacks to jump on any bandwagon of change in this area, any solution should be seen as being in their best interest. In other words, the age old question of what is in it for me should be appropriately answered with systemic changes to this country’s economic system that would positively affect long term black unemployment.  Mr. Holder’s announcement of reduced sentences as being an objective result of his initiative, suggests any proposal of an economic plan to reduce unemployment should also have measurable objective results. No one would disagree with clear objectives being a part of any job creation plan. The following systemic changes will serve as objectives and benefit blacks and others long term if the Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation Plan ( http://www.sslumpsum.com ) were adopted as a means to change this unjust economic system: 

1) An end to the current economic downturn through providing income to consumers who represent 70% of our gross domestic product (GDP). 

2) A reduction in double-digit black unemployment in a matter of months rather than the 5-7 years or more projected by economists.  

3) A $40,000.00 check to each black person, if they desired, upon reaching the age of full retirement, which is 66 years, with no or very little taxes attached.  

4) A $20,000.00 check to each black person, if they desired, upon reaching the age of early retirement, which is 62 years, versus full retirement, with no or very little taxes attached.  

5) Seed money, which is not attached to the capricious nature of the majority population, for start-up businesses.  Invariably, with blacks receiving twenty to forty thousand dollars a day in large numbers across the country due to the retirement of 10,000 baby-boomers a day ( black people among them), some will come together and jointly, in conjunction with entrepreneurs use their capital to venture into businesses. $40,000.00 (partial withdrawal of their Social Security principal) x 10 (recipients) = $400,000.00 in seed money. That amount could attract upwards of four million dollars in additional capital through loans or investments.   

6) Larger incomes for our religious and charitable institutions. Pastors and civil rights leaders should get behind the Davis Deficit Neutral Job Creation proposal. Why? The tithing and donation of a portion of this new income will be substantial.   

Poverty and joblessness touch so many people in the black community. There is a need for everyone to become passionate in this area. Blacks have an obligation to themselves and their children to not allow the national media to talk about double-digit black unemployment as if it is normal. It is not!!! It is unacceptable, especially when there is a solution available to end it.  If the majority population were mired in 5 years of double-digit unemployment as we are, THIS SITE, along with every other news site on the internet, WOULD BE FILLED WITH COMMENTARIES REGARDING POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS AND ANALYSES. Fight back! Let us move to a better place and celebrate the rewards above. Consider the request seriously at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/491214/wdgi/4313400 which is the occurrence we need to attract attention nationally to our economic woes! The solution to end double-digit black unemployment is within reach. However, we need to first bring that solution out of obscurity. This is why donations for this bill board campaign are so important! It does that! Let your neighbors and your communities know you are participating in the fight to change the laws governing how Social Security checks are paid. We suffer needlessly simply because we do not act timely in our own best interest! Please make it happen now.   

Staff Writer; James Davis

More information about JD and his Deficit Neutral Stimulus Plan Can be founded at http://www.sslumpsum.com.

One may also pick up this “brother” latest book which is entitled; Hey…God’s Talking To You The Study Book.



3 Responses to “$40,000.00 To Each Black Person @ Retirement Is The Answer!!”
  1. ewill says:

    Thank you for answering my question. You are on crack!!

  2. James Davis says:

    This is really a conservative plan when you think about it ( Thank you for reading the article and asking the question) :

    1) Private sector corporations are required by law to inform you at the time you retire, you have the option of taking a partial withdrawal from your pension principle, if you desire. If you have say, a principle amount of $325,000.00 that will generate a check of $1,800.00 a month for the rest of your life, you can request part of that principle be paid up front, say $40,000.00 which would reduce that principle to $285,000.00 and reduce your retirement payment per month to say $1,500.00 instead of $1,800.00. However, you walk away with the $40,000.00 dollars to spend on whatever you want. All I am saying let’s require Social Security to do the same thing private sector corporations have been doing for decades.

    2) It is a well known fact 10,000 baby-boomers are retiring per day for the next 16 years. Blacks make up to 10% to 12% of that number. That works out to 1,000 to 1,200 blacks. You do the math, if blacks who sometimes retire at 62 wait to retire at 66 years of age, 1000 x 40,000 = $40,000,000.00. That is right, $40,000.000.00 million dollars a day is the amount of money that would be put into black hands “every day” for the next 16 years. Even if they all retired early, that still works out to $20,000.000.00 a day for the next 16 years.

    3) It time we take our head out of the proverbial hole and start doing our own calculations instead of having the majority population count for us. I should ask you are you on crack for not seeing the possibility of some needed economic freedom right before eyes! We as voters elect the people who can make this happen! They simply have to change the rule governing how Social Security checks are paid! It’s that simple brother! http://www.sslumpsum.com


  3. ewill says:

    Are you on crack is the question!!

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