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Killing Daddy’s Little Girl.

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( With this Article I want to address the nation-wide seriousness of the Dead Beat Father Syndrome. This is a sickness that has destroyed generation after generation of young girls without any justice being given to these children. And yes it affects young boys as well, but boys have a stronger tolerance for pain than girls. Little Girls are fragile simply because they are feminine , that is what makes them special , but to force a girl to be tough goes against her nature and damages her mentally. A boy can get over things easier , but a female holds on to pain because it is something that she cant believe is happening to her. Because in her mind she is a ” Princess ” and should be protected from hurt and pain ( And she is right ). A boy on the other hand is a warrior , he was born to take pain because life to a warrior is a battle. 

But a female is delicate and highly sensitive and to not be ” Daddy’s Little Girl ” robs her of the true meaning of her life because a girl is born to be the joy of a man, and it starts with her father. Without that she grows up angry and resentful towards men but still finds the faith to believe that one day she will find a good man. But her dreams keep turning into nightmares because she keeps finding dead beats that keep reminding her of her father.123-cutebabygirl And that hate continues to grow, never being able to get any relief like a cut that keeps getting split open every time it starts to heal. And it continues to work on their mind making her lesser and lesser ” innocent “. She becomes hard and cold and that’s simply because life wont let her be the daddy’s girl she wants to be. 

Dead Beat Fathers are the worst criminals in the world , because they are committing Crimes Against Humanity , they themselves are human tools of mass destruction. They are destroying generation after generation of women and children by robbing these young girls of their humanity. And if you ask any stripper , or prostitute , or promiscuous woman she will tell you that her father was a dead beat. These Dead Beats are turning  “Princess into Whores ” , women that would have other wise been great wives are now scared and paranoid of being hurt by men and for good reason. Their entire life has become a paranoid trip through hell – always feeling alone and afraid. And when they become mothers they are haunted by the fact that their daughters may have to go through the same torture and it is sad to watch. Because she knows what kind of men are out there waiting to ruin a young girl but there is nothing she can really do about it. 

A Dead Beat Father is a murderer on a psychological level , he kills the human spirit of a child. Many prison inmates talk about not having a father and how they might not even be in jail if they would have had one in their lives growing up. But now being a dead beat is common and even cool to not have any responsibility ( why ? ) because to many women just except it. But maybe the parents don’t care , but the children care and they live in pain everyday of their lives ( Especially the Girls ). They are constantly wondering why daddy didn’t love me , was i not beautiful enough ? They come to believe that they are nothing – not worthy of love , so they take abuse from men because they are use to it. ( Why ? ) Because they have been abused all of their lives , the abuse their heart has felt thinking that daddy doesn’t love them. 

This all brings me to my final point , the law is too merciful on these Psychological Terrorist , women should force the courts to focus more on rehabilitating these men. And their measures should be extreme because you are dealing with an extreme sickness. These men should be looked at as serious as a killer , because the psychological torture they are inflicting on innocent children is psychotic. And a female mind can not take that kind of stress because before long she will snap – she will either kill someone or worry herself into bad health , or drug herself to death , or use sex to relieve the stress and catch a disease and die. This is the kind of lives these dead beats are creating for these little girls , and at the same time their mothers are watching them go through this agony and it is killing her as well.
I say women need to stand up for their daughters and stop saying my child don’t need him. They need to use that energy to turn the court system into a torture chamber to make these men become men. They need to force the law to take all of the comfort out of Jail and Prison and make it a place of torture and a constant reminder of the wrong they have done. Prisons should send them over seas to work rebuilding Irag and Afghanistan and make them send back half their pay for child support. This is not simply a matter of money , this is a matter of life and death – the life and death for your little girls. They need to know that although their father is not around he is not having an easy time doing wrong , he is paying for causing you pain. So it is up to these mothers to stop this cycle of pain , and if you mothers wont stand up then these little girls are truly and completely alone – Then that makes their pain “your fault too” and no longer just the fathers.
Staff Writer; King Muhammad


11 Responses to “Killing Daddy’s Little Girl.”
  1. Douglas Pearce says:

    you talk as if women are the inocent. what about when the mother conceasles the child by moving every few month and not reporting her whereabouts to the laid out in the court orders?
    then retures to the ” justice system ” only for arrears, which have been paid, to file a faulse claim against the father?
    the DCSS will garnish his wages for the set child support and attach / take the rest for arrears. after that DCSS will take his drivers licence so that he can not pay the set amount or arrears and put him in jail.
    Now he has a criminal record, no drivers licence, no job but now is farther behind in child support than he can even dream of.
    9 month to get a court date to have a rolling on the matter only to be told ” oh looks like we made a misstake “.
    I know you think I’m lying but it’s where I am right now.
    my daughter had no choice and was molested by her stepfather for 10 years. when she finaly had the nerve to tell her mother, she was throughn out of the house. she was not givin my number or address from her mother or grandperants.
    The mother stayed married to the molester for 8 years more to be able to collect 1/2 his SSI.
    I have now reunited with my daughter, fathersday 2014, and now Cali has done it agai, attached my wages, drained my bank account, and takin my CDL.
    I was a truck driver.
    thanks for looking out for the best intrests of the children…

  2. LC says:

    First I want to say thank you to the author for his opinions and view on this. However he is extremely wrong on where the fault lies on this issue. It is not the “women” or mothers who are at fault here. It is the District Attorney’s who refuse to take action against these men. Women are constantly in DCSS fighting for action only to be rejected. I myself have been fighting for my daughter for 17 years with no help at all from the legal system. My daughters dead beat father owes over 200k and they still will not bring contempt charges against him! It is not the women but the men. The men who commit this horrible crime and the Men of the justice system that just don’t think it is in fact a horrible crime as the author has stated.

  3. QueenSelah says:

    Blessings to all. The evil one is truly in control of our men & women in many aspects. An absentee father or mother don’t understand that it takes a village to care for children and it’s not just about child support but that absentee parent should be face to face with these children, being there being a part of their lives. I am a product of 2 generations of fathers not caring, myself & my children. It hurts to see history repeat itself but I am now a Warrior Queen on a mission to heal & make sure that my children are affected as least as possible by this madness. I pray that these fathers see the light because suffering will come for them and in my case and my children’s case, my father and theirs are truly suffering and have more to pay for. I pray that the Most High has mercy on them. I am going in the opposite direction & to me in a way they don’t exist & that is as bad as hate so I have some work to do but I am good to go!!

  4. Tami A says:

    I wait for the day when we will all move beyond stereotypical ideas and generalization and start seeing, and appreciating people who beat the odds and disseminate their stories instead. we certainly need this new approach if ever we hope to move to portraying a more positive image. Daddy syndrome has existed for years, fathers were not always active in their children lives, and that bitter reality still haunts us today, but it does not mean that every little young girl wants to be passive, and be called princess. Some girls, women have no problem standing up foe themselves and are over their “dead beat” dads and found happiness with the man who’s able to give them joy. My intent is not to dispute that the absence of the father in children’ live may leave a stain forever, but it is not OK to put people in brackets and predetermine their future by making such claims. it’s time to educate young people how to live beyond their circumstances and how to create their own destiny amid difficulties and setbacks. I look forward to then.

  5. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    To Understand This Article below , you must understand that there are 2 types of Black People ( The Tribe of Abel )and ( The Tribe of Cain ). This article is dedicated to The ” Evil ” Women of the tribe of Cain. These are the ones Men are refering to when they talk about the women that use there kids against them , and trick them into taking care of kids that are not theirs … playing them for money .. and so on – Check it out

  6. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    Dead Beats are like any other ” Criminal ” , they have a million excuses , but these excuses are just another way of saying ” F@ck you and that child , I AM NOT going to take any resposibilty and I AM NOT going to change ” ( Why ? ) beacuse they feel the woman is the Devil and they are the innocent little Lamb. So the only way to deal with them is to give billy bab ass 20 yrs Hard Labor so ” Big Jeffro ” can teach them how to really love a woman – if you know what i mean ?

  7. Greg "Sqwyd" Doss says:

    Oh, deadbeats are murders of the child’s psychology? Why not give an intelligent explanation of that FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE CHILD’S LIFE? Moreover, to draw a connection to the deadbeats being only the MEN who may or may not want to be a father is disingenuous. You didn’t mention behavior CHOICES of women AT ALL. Actually, it sounds more like panty-pandering on the sly.
    I don’t notice any data related to the predominance of anti-social dysfunctional behavior being most present when dad is gone. How many of these homes have a model of a decent male standard present? I didn’t notice, during your desire to garner emotional approval, you referencing the predominance of multiple occurrences of a dynamic of non-union created children. You didn’t mention that 37% of men paying or on child support have ZERO genetic connection to the child. You didn’t make mention to the pre-existing economical, emotional, or psychological condition of the parties PRIOR to the CHILD being brought into the equation. I didn’t see a reference to the fact that over 70% of children are being birthed to unmarried mothers in OUR community. Dude, contact me and let’s have a discussion on this and any matter on my show or any show of YOUR choosing.

    P.S. How does a certain person justify have people participate in the death of themselves and others for the sake of money?

    You know how to find me. Contact me, set it up, and let’s talk about solutions. If you want uninterrupted panty begging, next time preface your article with the disclaimer.

  8. King Nazir Muhammad says:

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  9. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    ANYONE who reads this article an disagrees or tries to disprove what I have said ” is either a dead beat or a WEAK woman that doesn’t care about her children ” plain and simple … what other reason would they try to defend the pain and suffering of little girls ? DONT YOU HAVE A MOTHER ? OR A SISTER ?

  10. Greg "Sqwyd" Doss says:

    I’d enjoy a dialogue with the writer of this article, if for no other reason, to determine how he came to such a narrow conclusion given the broadness of this media created “Deadbeat Dad” label. Juxtaposing a label without identifying the reason is insane, speciously motivated, and irresponsible.
    But, I’m sure there are articles, written by the same person, outlining how women should remain abstinent prior to a covenant, maintain coverage their bodies at ALL times, listen to and heed all directions from the MEN in her life, etc.
    Most of us know women are a TARGET audience, and if you hit the TARGET you win…

  11. King Nazir Muhammad says:

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