Segregation Equals Liberation.

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( In this article I want to address the logic in segregation as it applies to man and nature as well as the universe itself. As we know America is the melting pot of all cultures and concepts, which has its advantages, but the disadvantages obviously out way the advantages. And this is where logic should be inserted over the rebellious idea of integration as it applies to society as a whole.

If you look at nature and the universe as a reference , which is the natural teacher of mankind. You will plainly see that everything in existence is balanced by the natural law of segregation. – The sky and earth are segregated, the sun and the moon are segregated, the spiritual realm andSegregationSIGN the physical realm are segregated, and every animal and insect species are segregated (why?) because that is the natural law. But man is a rebellious law-breaker who thinks himself “above the law” but that is only to his-own detriment.

So as it applies to mankind, forced integration produces an unrest in the mind and spirit which leads to chaos and disorder – which is everlasting until the law of segregation is followed. Now this has nothing to do with “color “ per say, it has more to do with beliefs and personal preferences. But we are taught that our personal preferences are wrong and everyone should think alike and live alike but that my friend is what’s wrong – because we do not and will not.

So the simple solution to this problem is “segregation “ on the basis of irreconcilable differences. We should as in a marriage divide our assets and go our separate ways, which means divide these states into states that accommodate the preferences of its inhabitants. For instance those that are homosexual – give them a sovereign state to themselves so that they can live in peace and not be persecuted by people with opposing preferences. Those that believe in mixed marriages, give them a place to themselves, those that believe in race purity, Christians and Muslims and Atheists ect. – give them each a place. And each place cannot reach outside the bounds of their states to impose their beliefs or lifestyles on anyone – that would be considered breaking the law.

There is no reason we all cannot live in our own designated places in this country, and if someone’s beliefs change then they should be able to integrate with those people of whom beliefs they have accepted. We can all live in the United States as patriot citizens with respect for each other this way , but as it stands these conflicting views and the idea of imposing concepts on people is (ill ) logical. But by following the way of nature my friend is the only solution to all of mankind’s problems. Just look- the sun and the moon cannot integrate because they are in submission to the law of separation.

And they have existed for eons in total harmony because of it. Only man and his free will to justify being an “ outlaw of nature “ have caused this disruption in nature ( Human Nature ). But if mankind truly wants to bring balance and peace back to society we must live in accord with the example of nature. And each of us must go to our designated places where we can be at peace with those of a like mind – that is the only rational and “sane “thing to do. 

Staff Writer; King Muhammad