Black Students: Watch Out for the Young, White Male!

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( “He had a smirk; smiling like he was happy,” an eyewitness said about gunman Elliot Rodger. Young, white males are constantly on a murder mission. And as you’ve been seeing they’re all coming from so called “good homes, with plenty of money.”

This is the century for a lot of white folks roosters coming home to roost. They put all those guns on the street and it was all good until those guns worked their way back to the suburbs.

Is it still safe for black youths to go to school with young white males? WellRodger-Elliot-2014 think about it; there’s a public health crisis going on that white folks are trying to hide. They keep telling us that all these young, white murderer’s are crazy. One television analyst said he was “absolutely insane.”

Well, if all these young, white college boys are crazy, the government needs to warn the public and find out how they got so damn nuts. Young, white male insanity is spreading like chicken pox around college campuses, and all we can do is hold our breath until the next one goes off.   

Where are the commercials, flyers, letters, e-mails or texts alerting the public for symptoms to look for in their white male class mates?  If the Asians kids Elliot Rodger stabbed to death were warned about the young, white male then they may not have been stabbed to death; probably in their sleep. They would have at least slept with one eye open.

White supremacists are so anxious to protect the young white male’s image that they’ll sacrifice the lives of everybody in America to do it. A far cry from the image they’ve been painting of young black boys as public enemy number one.

Now, if these young white males are not crazy and they’re telling us they’re crazy because they’re embarrassed of them and, that’s an even bigger problem. Elliot Rodger looked and sounded sane to me. None of the crazy people I know write manifestos or post video blogs.

Keep in mind, these are the same white folks telling us how to raise our kids; in fact, demanding we raise our kids the same way they raise theirs or else they’ll call child protective services. That’s a total disrespect of black culture.

It was no more for him to get rejected by women-told no, he then wants to kill everything in sight! I guess his parents gave him time outs when he miss-behaved. Any person of color that would take advice from white folks on child rearing is an absolute idiot. 

You’d better recognize: There’s never going to be enough bloodshed for this new generation of young, white, males murderers. And there are countless more to come.

The next time you’re in the school library or about to get on the elevator with a young, white male between the ages of 16-28 “remember,” Xavier James warned you and watch your back!

Staff Writer; Xavier James
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