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Black Students: Watch Out for the Young, White Male!

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( “He had a smirk; smiling like he was happy,” an eyewitness said about gunman Elliot Rodger. Young, white males are constantly on a murder mission. And as you’ve been seeing they’re all coming from so called “good homes, with plenty of money.”

This is the century for a lot of white folks roosters coming home to roost. They put all those guns on the street and it was all good until those guns worked their way back to the suburbs.

Is it still safe for black youths to go to school with young white males? WellRodger-Elliot-2014 think about it; there’s a public health crisis going on that white folks are trying to hide. They keep telling us that all these young, white murderer’s are crazy. One television analyst said he was “absolutely insane.”

Well, if all these young, white college boys are crazy, the government needs to warn the public and find out how they got so damn nuts. Young, white male insanity is spreading like chicken pox around college campuses, and all we can do is hold our breath until the next one goes off.   

Where are the commercials, flyers, letters, e-mails or texts alerting the public for symptoms to look for in their white male class mates?  If the Asians kids Elliot Rodger stabbed to death were warned about the young, white male then they may not have been stabbed to death; probably in their sleep. They would have at least slept with one eye open.

White supremacists are so anxious to protect the young white male’s image that they’ll sacrifice the lives of everybody in America to do it. A far cry from the image they’ve been painting of young black boys as public enemy number one.

Now, if these young white males are not crazy and they’re telling us they’re crazy because they’re embarrassed of them and, that’s an even bigger problem. Elliot Rodger looked and sounded sane to me. None of the crazy people I know write manifestos or post video blogs.

Keep in mind, these are the same white folks telling us how to raise our kids; in fact, demanding we raise our kids the same way they raise theirs or else they’ll call child protective services. That’s a total disrespect of black culture.

It was no more for him to get rejected by women-told no, he then wants to kill everything in sight! I guess his parents gave him time outs when he miss-behaved. Any person of color that would take advice from white folks on child rearing is an absolute idiot. 

You’d better recognize: There’s never going to be enough bloodshed for this new generation of young, white, males murderers. And there are countless more to come.

The next time you’re in the school library or about to get on the elevator with a young, white male between the ages of 16-28 “remember,” Xavier James warned you and watch your back!

Staff Writer; Xavier James
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20 Responses to “Black Students: Watch Out for the Young, White Male!”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    Whites DO NOT pit black people against each other. Blacks have done a great job of that on their own. Are you old enough to comprehend that? Feral black hoodlums are shooting each other and innocent by-standers. Haven’t you noticed or do you need glasses and/or a hearing aid? You are just like the groups of hoodlums who sit/stand around and talk about the white man this, the white man that. Yet there isn’t a white man (or men) in sight. I only wish that the kkk would wack these feral males with a board and knock some sense into them. And those goes for ignorant blacks of any age.

    I’ve gotta admit the kkk would have better results straightening out these black males than so-called black leaders.

  2. Xavier James says:

    You peoples ignorance…is well….

    That boy was as white as the whitest white boy. He had and displayed white thoughts, white actions, white insecurities and white hatred of women, white money and the same sense of entitlement. And sadly, he was raised to think he was white. And by the way….WHITE FOLKS KILL FOR FUN AND SPORT. BLACK FOLKS KILL EACH OTHER BECAUSE WHITE FOLKS PIT THEM AGAINST EACHOTHER

  3. lre says:

    Dude isn’t white .

    We Whites are beginning to awaken though .

  4. lana says:

    BS BS BS!!!! Elliott was Half-Malay

  5. Justin_Igger says:

    What a load of nigger shit.

  6. Ruff says:

    Blacks are more likely to be killed by a random dog attack then by a young white man. I bet every black i know would walk on the young white males side of the street instead of a group of young black males… Nuff said..

  7. rawdawgbuffalo says:

    I resp your opinion, bit it is basic mindless twaddle. It reminds me of the attention some of we black folk gave Donald Sterling unreservedly. Funny, our collective ignorance both scares and amazes me. We blacks so dumb, we think Donald Sterling has done us more harm than JPMorgan predatory mortgages to minorities but we asked sterling to sell his team but not the ownership of JP Morgan to sell the back or change ownership. We need to focus on the fool’s our hear robbing and killing and preaching psycopathy first. TStephens. PhD

  8. the 4th survivor says:

    Nice race baiting guys. Elliot Rodger wasn’t white and he doesn’t even look white.

  9. tina says:

    You definately are a scholar for Black America.
    Anti-racist is code word for anti-reason.
    Anti-racist is is code word for pro-totalistarian.
    Anti-racist is code word for anti-White.

  10. Francisco says:

    This article is bullshit. I will just say that blacks kill themselves more each month than the KKK did in 150 years.

  11. Roscoe says:

    That’s right. Don’t only watch the young White males but watch our for all White males. We are getting tired of your bullshit. And we are the ones who are waking up. We will be prepared.

    That “white male” in your picture is not white. He is bi-racial. You remember George Zimmerman? The media said he was “white” too.

    Just be ready to taste the rainbow.

  12. Steve says:

    This article is hysterical and idiotic. I don’t know why I’m even bothering to write a comment on it. Most black men that are murdered are killed by other black men. Young white men are less likely than young black men to kill somebody. That’s the fact of the matter.

  13. sabado robles says:

    The sooner the race war starts, the better. Ni99ers are soulless, subhuman beasts that deserve slavery, ghettos and prison!

  14. toomanygrandkids says:

    Part of the very last sentence should read:

    …or won’t even take the advice into consideration anyway.

  15. toomanygrandkids says:

    kader said, “….the public can usually rest assure knowing that show of violence won’t leak over into their squeaky, clean worlds.”

    It’s YOUR type of thinking that makes black on black crime (especially) and/or latino on latino crime more acceptable and unimportant. In case YOU didn’t know THE PUBLIC also includes black people.

    No you didn’t say squeaky, clean worlds!

    If YOU believe non-blacks live in a squeaky, clean world then you are…wait for it…A DAMN FOOL!

    Xavier said, “They put all those on the street and it was all good…”

    Yep, and there were blacks who also purchased alot of those weapons. Matter of fact, trigger-happy blacks LOVE purchasing from other races. Their weapons are hi tech.

    “….guns worked their way back to the surburbs.”

    Weapons have NEVER left the surburbs, trust me.

    “Keep in mind, these are the same white folks telling us how to raise our kids…”

    FYI: NO ONE’S powerful enough to tell ignorant, trifing blacks how to do anything, let alone raise kids. On so many occasions when an attempt is made, blacks lose their minds, disagree, won’t comply, or even take the advice into consideration anyway.

  16. toomanygrandkids says:

    ewil is correct. Not only that but the media isn’t sweeping this crime under the rug. Like many white or other non-black crime, these cases are not only shown on the local news and CNN, but then the cases are shown on programs such as Very Bad Men, Who The Bleep, American Justice, etc. And not one time is said that these white criminals committed their crimes because of racism or blame black people.

  17. ewil says:

    He looks white, close enough.
    Blacks have been in their uneducated, angry, and violent phase for decades.

  18. The Genie of Journalistic Integrity says:

    Elliot Rodgers wasn’t White. He was half-Jew, half-Asian. You can fool some people some of the time…

  19. kader says:

    I’m laughing but it’s somewhat true. I get a suspicious eye when I walk past a group of young white males (14-25), only because I’m aware of destructive patterns. The need to torture animals, blow things up, vandalize/prank, harass/haze their fellow man, and what’s growing increasingly evident, the desire to take their anger out with guns on numerous people and just be in possession of the most showy, lethal, deadly weapons around.

    I noticed that most other nationalities and races don’t take their anger out that way, by blaming every single person in site and trying to knock them off in one end all gesture with a flash of gunfire. Not unless our nation deems them terrorists. And these rampaging white boys are no different than the image America has painted of the Muslim terrorist.

    Sure blacks, latinos get in beef with other blacks/latinos and go into gun wars, but the public can usually rest assured knowing that show of violence won’t leak over into their squeaky clean worlds. They keep their issues localized and targets very specific. They could easily blame their city, rather than a gang leader, and decide to kill a bunch of innocents around their towns but their thinking isn’t that way.

    These white children are never taught to hold responsibility for any of their actions. They blame any rebellion or fit or outcry on a “phase.” And if the phase doesn’t go away, they throw it in therapy and dope it with drugs hoping to sedate it. Even then, it’s still considered normal. These kids are normal with their ADHD and depression and anxiety. There’s nothing to look out for because they have their happy drugs and anything they can afford. They have everything they want, and can blame society for anything that goes wrong in their lives, so why would anyone be keeping a close eye? These are just phases, he’s in his gun swinging violent phase. Even the cops didn’t properly look into the warning signs because they looked at him and saw a white kid, going through a phase and brushed it off.
    And then these people have the nerve to get on camera and tell us their kids were normal and continue to look for scapegoats for their child’s actions, rather than taking responsibility for their parenting/policing, rather than looking for some sort of indication that might have given a clue, rather than admitting their child’s normal issues weren’t normal after all.

  20. Ford says:

    …xavier james. Obviously a true Einstein of literary genius.

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