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Why is the media so desperate to erase Singer Janet Jackson from history?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It seems the media is desperate for Janet Jackson to quit the industry. Despite Janet and her team admitting on various occasions that a new album is in the pipeline, the media just refuses to acknowledge it.

Instead they repeat the same mantra: Janet has quit the industry, gone into hiding, converted to Islam and refuses to see her family – with gossip about her brothers begging for money and her suffering from severe OCD.

In reality: Janet is recording an album, has visited her family last month (even supporting her mother Katherine to court), has always supported her brothers when necessary (though they are in no need of support right now, as they are on a very successful tour) and showed no sign of OCD when she was recording (even putting her feet on the table where she would later be mixing on wearing shoes – no OCD sufferer would do this.) No word on her converting, but Janet has always been a very strict Christian, with her book True You referring to biblical quotes, praying and bible reading quite a lot. You don’t change something so important to you in the blink of an eye.

Janet told Billboard last month: “I am working on a new project now.” Soon after Miss Jackson was pictured at a writing session with producer Tommy Parker and Ian Cross, the A&R and Producer Engineer at Janet Jackson Music. Parker is also a writer/producer at Darkchild Records.

For some reason the media seems to have always resented Janet’s success in the 80?s and 90?s, when her rise started with “Control” they immediately claimed it was just because of her famous brother, Michael. A very silly idea,John Galliano - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Front Row seeing her first albums never charted and if you were to go by this rule all his brothers and sisters should have had massive hit records.

Then they started comparing her to Madonna and critics seemed to love explaining why Madonna did things better than Janet, despite Janet often scoring bigger chart successes than the ambitious blonde.

Before you continue reading realize that I have nothing against Madonna, but there are some facts that need to be told.

Still, the critics got their way, after 2004 and now take great pride in belittling Janet’s (in their eyes) lack of success. To some she is even seen as a “has been”. A very successful “has been”: her last album debuted at number one, and so did two of her recent movies.

Recently it has become clear that they are effectively trying to wipe her out of musical history. The fact that without her artists like Britney, Rihanna’s and Beyoncé’s would not exist is alien to them.

The Superbowl is always cited as the reason of her fall. But they forget: She played THE SUPERBOWL. There is a reason she performed at the Superbowl as she was one of the biggest female singers in history in music up until 2004. You can divide her career between the time leading up to the Superbowl and the time following it.

But come on, people. Of course Janet’s decline had nothing to do with a “nip slip”. Yes, it was a “wardrobe malfunction” in front of a massive audience, but should it really be still be important 10 years after? Many female artists fell out of their dresses at public functions, even at kids award shows. And come to think of it, if a nip slip could cost you a career Madonna wouldn’t have had a career in the first place.

It seems as if the industry was always hoping for an incident like this, so they could at least wipe one Jackson from history.

Look at the dates: the allegations towards Michael started in 2003 with the court case in 2005, discrediting his sister the year in between was obviously part of the plan. They would have found a way to do so without the incident. Janet was immediately blacklisted, but not Justin Timberlake, whom was also part of the act.

The only reason “Damita Jo”, that followed the incident, sold less, was due to lack of radio and MTV support and promo, which was due to her Superbowl performance. It was clear that the aftermath of this would be used to taint the singer ever since.

The second album following “Damita Jo”, “20 Y.O.” proved this, suffering again from lack of promo and continuing boycott of her music on radio and TV.

When “Discipline” came along they had to ease on the boycott a little and the result? Her 6th number 1 album, making her the only performer ever to have 6 albums debut at number 1.

Despite the media ignoring and ridiculing her, Janet Jackson still managed to sell millions and did a very successful tour. Still the media treat her like she’s nothing. They purposely ignore her.

Some claim that she was too old to be sexy anymore. Madonna is walking around in nothing but suspenders aged 55, Janet is 8 years younger.

During the years before The Superbowl Janet and Madonna were seen as equal. But after the Superbowl Madonna suddenly pushed forward as the biggest female singer of the 80?s and 90?s. It was as if everyone had been waiting for Janet to slip up. Janet Jackson had paved the way for many, but everything that should be rightfully accredited to her (and in some instances Whitney Houston) now went to Madonna.

It has now gone to the point where Madonna might as well have been the only female singer in the 80?s and 90?s until Britney Spears, JLo (discovered by Janet) and Destiny’s Child came along.

For those that don’t realize, Janet Jackson is a true artist whom changed the music and music industry. Janet actually spent much more time at the top of Billboard Hot 100 then Madonna. Her longest chart score was “That’s The Way Love Goes” 8 weeks at the top of the chart, Madonna’s was “Take A Bow” 7 weeks.

Janet Jackson is the only artist EVER to have 7 Top 5 singles from one album “Rhythm Nation 1814? and biggest debut tour ever with 2,5 million tickets sold. She was also the first one who used hands-free microphone in 1986, only later adopted by Madonna.

Janet Jackson also won more American Music Awards then any other female artist and was named as the first MTV Icon in 2001.

She also had 3 #1 movies and one #1 bestselling book. She was the first artist with #1 singles in the 80?s, 90?s and 00?s at the Billboard Hot 100.
Her dance routines are still “borrowed” by many new female singers – while Rihanna has based most of her image by recreating several of Janet’s looks reworked S&M style.

From Britney to Ciara, Janet Jackson inspired half the pop acts from the last decade and re-defined what it meant to be a female artists.

Still it looks like she will never truly be recognized for what she did. She said in her book True You that for the last few years she suffered from racism in the industry, saying “doors that had opened for others were closed in my face, just because of the color of my skin. (…) Today’s racism is more disguised and subtle. But it’s there – and it hurts on many levels.”

When Whitney Houston died last year her career was at the point where “the industry” now seems to want Janet Jackson to be. Her chart records seemed forgotten and she was seen as “a joke”. Yet when she died she was once again seen as one of the biggest stars of the 80?s and 90?s -for a while at least – and everyone was suddenly inspired by her again.

It would be sad to see the same thing happen to Janet.

Staff Writer; Dannii Cohen

One may also connect with this talented comedian via Twitter; Divinevarod and Facebook; D. Cohen.



43 Responses to “Why is the media so desperate to erase Singer Janet Jackson from history?”
  1. Michael Bosket says:

    Janet Jackson is the 3rd most awarded artist overall in history after Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson Janet is a living legend she done it all she have more success then Madonna in career only success Madonna have is albums, tours and charts which Janet the first to in charts and achieve more then Madonna and that’s facts how Janet competing with Beyoncé Britney etc when she made them she’s the teacher their the students

  2. Jacob says:

    Janet on stage is just her and her dancers.Madonna on stage. Yoga dance moves, fingering herself ,hanging on a cross, tons of video imagery of herself. Playing a guitar,Kissing other pop tarts for a reaction.Adopting a black child, the list goes on.

  3. DCARTER910 says:

    Such low minded people. This blog gets 40 replies but other blogs with a much deeper message hardly gets any replies. How can such low minded people ever build a Strong community?

    Oh no, what will Janet do next? (60 replies to follow).

  4. KL says:

    Everybody have their taste in music, but the simple fact is, Madonna, in terms of sales, global recognition, pop culture influence (that also goes beyond music), Madonna has it over Janet Jackson. She may not have the best voice, or is the best dancer (and certainly a horrible actress), but she has the biggest overall influence.

    People like to point out that Madonna courted controversy for attention and sales, but think about it, under normal circumstances and in the hands of a lesser celebrity, these controversies would be career wrecking. Madonna provoked and pushed the envelope and take risks while Janet played it safe.

    Also telling is that Janet’s first two albums were all but forgotten. To the general public, her debut was Control….that is after Janet started adopting Michael’s image and through the songwriting and production team of Jam and Lewis.

    And for people who said sales and numbers do not count? I am sure if Janet had more sales and number ones, you would be using that as proof that she has it over Madonna.

    Whether the media is desperate to erase Janet Jackson is up for debate. But the fact is, the single most famous and influential female singer on this planet is Madonna. Even if you hate her: more than 30 years after her debut, she STILL can generate such STRONG opinions about her.

  5. markus says:

    Janet will never surpass Madonna on anything, most Grammy, most VMA wins, Golden Globe winner, Rock & Roll Hall awardee, UK Hall of Fame awrdee, 415 Million records worldwide, Madonna is the Queen of Pop. Janet is now competing with Britney Spears and Beyonce, but Madonna is beyond them lyrically and visually. Madonna’s fame is worldwide, janet is just a US hit.

  6. Kevin says:


    I enjoy Madonna’s music as well, however Janet does not need to be a bigger star than Madonna because her music/work speaks for itself!! This article is wonderful and right on point! Janet created her own brand and indeed changed the face of pop music! Her music was and remains innovative! In a lot of ways she effortlessly became a bigger super star than Michael!

    The only reason people had a problem with the super bowl, because it was an African American female!! Many females had public displays of nudity, however up until 2004 they had all been caucasian!

    Janet will be back and even better than ever! She has always been the expert at reinventing herself! I do love her for many reasons, however the biggest reason was and is how she kept her life private. She remains a classy African American women!

  7. Cool Curt says:

    I have to say that this article seems like I should have written it, NO T, NO SHADE because it has been something I have been screaming from the rafters for some time. Of course, I’m jaded, I’m bitter and upset because there is no one as incredible like Ms. Jackson. Even though the Superbowl might have gotten a bit out-of-hand, the performers prior to the entire breast ordeal was off-the-charts. Janet’s swag was just present and there was no denying her on this day. Janet and her team revised her already legendary choregraphy for some of the numbers and just the entire drumline/band made everything ready for a stadium performance that you couldn’t take your eyes off of. I used to be so upset by how everything went down and God as my only witness, I am one of Janet’s biggest fans EVER and the day of the Superbowl, I was meant to fall asleep during her performance.

    I waited up, attempted and pretended to be interested in the game but at that moment of her performance, I feel asleep. I ended up watching it later on and that is how I know that Janet is one of the baddest ladies in the game, hands down. Her tragic moment would be success for so many others during that time. Everyone is forgetting that ‘Youtube’ was almost birth due to this misfortunate accident and I say: “ACCIDENT”. Janet has been a risk-taker in the game for some time and she loved to tease and make you hunger for all that is putting out and giving you. If you think about her performance of her rock classic ‘Black Cat’, which still doesn’t get the credit that it is due because she totally flipped everything inside out. Janet would rip open her own shirt to expose a very beautiful bra and some cleavage for the ages during her performance of this song.

    You saw the video and then when she performed it live, you waited for her to show her bra. Boys, girls, women and men waited for this moment. Janet would do so way before the USA Women Soccer team got wild and crazy and one gal ran around with her bra. It wasn’t seen as offensive, or vulgar and upsetting as and this happened on TV and not a word was spoken. Actually her doing so (the soccer gal) was celebrated and every publication, every news outlet would cheers this activity. Of course she was a White woman (No T, No Shade but all Shade) and allegedly in the United States of America, White women can’t do anything wrong. I love Miley but girlfriend is riding a plastic penis on stage and then NBC would put her concert show on TV. I don’t blame Miley for doing her thing and making that money.

    However, Janet in her younger career wouldn’t have the golden opportunities (same ones Miley is getting now) as say her ‘alleged’ counterpart, Madonna would have. Janet would literally have to go overseas and get ad contracts, commercials and such. Madonna who is a talent in her own rights and believe me, I used to be anti-Madonna for a hot minute because how the power that be in the business of show, would put her up against Janet and these were totally two different artist with their own flair for entertainment. The media is wonderful and I couldn’t be more of an entertainment person but the media is also hateful at times and will build you up, to knock you right down. If you really think about it, they have always throw MJ (R.I.P) against Prince and always wanted to cause some kind of war between them. After awhile if someone is constantly telling you that this person is out to get you or this person is trying to mess with you bread and butter, you start to believe it. The way that I see Rihanna (people need to leave that child alone) and Katy Perry being friends and just very supportive of one another.

    Can I say that I always wished that for Madonna and Janet but I do remember how the war of worlds went down. Madonna was somehow hanging out with Michael and it seemed that they had some admiration for one another. After Madonna’s ‘Truth Or Dare’ and her involvement with ‘Act Up’ (The Gay and AIDS activist group), Madonna was ready to throw anyone under the bus. Long before Madonna came along, there were people always wondering if MJ was gay. Madonna came along and she was determined to get MJ to confess to the world that he was gay. World got back to Janet and she was and always about her family and protecting them to hilt. Janet snapped out and made it known publicly that she wasn’t a fan of Madonna for this act of betrayal. Madonna pretended to be MJ’s friend and he even took Madonna as his date to the Oscar. These two had some kind of musical marriage or at least that was the plan but I don’t think anything come of it. It’s alleged that Madonna is the woman talking in the beginning on ‘In The Closet’ and then they fell off.

    Janet being the best little sister warned Michael of what Madonna was trying to do. One thing I have always heard is Janet has never officially met Madonna but of course they know of one another but they have been alleged mortal enemnies. If Debbie Reynolds forgave Liz Taylor (R.I.P) and Liz being this insanely beautiful and charming woman, she wooed Debbie (who is still FABULOUS) man (Eddie Fisher), I think it’s possible for everyone to find forgiveness in their heart.

    Janet was and still is a seasoned vet and it’s my belief that everything Janet is seen in so many artist today and even when she was making a name for herself. I pray she comes back and blesses us.

  8. Keepinitreal says:

    Okay Superbowl(s) & it’s viewers. The only reason Madonna’s Super Bowl had more viewers is because viewers wanted to see if Madonna would try and top the controversy that Janet’s Super Bowl performance did. Which let’s face people Madonna’s performance SUCKED! I love/?? both Janet & Madonna but Madonna’s SB half time show lacked excitement. Even smashed by critics. A man doing a high wire act is not hot ever. I will say Janet’s SB show hurt her for a moment, but it didn’t kill her nor her career. Janet Jackson doesn’t put out an album every other day like Madonna & Beyonce do. Followed by a world tour, which is where Madonna makes her money not off record sales. There were reasons behind the release of Damita-Jo, 20Y.O & Discipline. Damita-Jo was under her new label at the time, 20 Y.O was the 20 year celebration of her success after control and Discipline was with another album and Janet wanted to tour again for her fans.

    Then Janet had said in interviews she was going to hold off on making an album because records don’t sell the way they used too. With sites like iTunes people aren’t selling like they used too. In closing, if Janet was finished her Number Ones wouldn’t have produced another number one for her. Another fact about Janet Damita-Jo Jackson she is the only artist male or female to release a number ones with new tracks/songs on it and have every song hit number one on one of the charts. “Make me” hit number one on the dance charts. Death of her iconic brother, drama with her mom and niece & nephews. Making movies and getting married where would one find time to record an album?

    Unlike most artist Janet sings about what’s going on in her life and let’s that do the writing. She refuses to let people do the writing for. IF she does she has to really like the song.

  9. Griffin says:

    Very good article, they do Janet Jackson so wrong and praise ugly Madonna. They are two different artist and should not ever be compared to one another. They make different music. I just hope JANET come out with the CD WE ALL BEEN WAITING ON WITH JAM AND LEWIS, RODNEY JERKINS, ROCWILDER AND TEDDY RILEY. She go take whats hers watch what I say, she deserve it and GOD IS GOOD. She’s coming in 5432-go get yours Janet even though your success show you have nothing to prove.

  10. sandra says:

    Janet hands down.she’s an Icon for ever..

  11. Jessie says:

    Ppl want the untalented like Madonna and Rihanna to thrive and talented like Janet and Ciara, to dim their light and let their untalented counterpart bloom it’s about the talent not unwarranted praise there will be a bigger act to come along and clear out who is on “top” there always is

  12. Steven says:

    Janet is more artistic, more creative and has a better voice than Madonna. The only thing Madonna has over Janet is her race. If you set them on stage together side by side and have them sing, live without the music Janet voice will kill Madonna. Same is true for dancing and if you look at them Janet hands down no question ask.

  13. RealMusic says:

    It’s about what she represents, and the pedestal her career and image created for black girls and woman. This is what they’ve spent the last ten years trying to destroy. No other black female artist before or after Janet could assume the princess image. The images they will accept of black women is of the down chick, the one who will ride or die for her man at best ‘ you know it’s the truth’.

  14. will says:

    to Lisa,

    Madonna, maybe “bigger” in the music industry especially after the SuperBowl incident in 2004, but she certainly was never “better” or more talented than Janet. If there ever was a dance-off between Janet and Madonna, I’d put my money on Janet Jackson winning that competition. I mean isn’t that why the two are always compared because they are women who made fortunes selling popular dance music; one just happens to be caucasian and the other african-american. The media enjoys this kind of square off, putting the two women in a battle against each other even though there was always room for both. I do think its odd the two never performed together; from what I understand they have never even met each other.

    The truth is, Janet Jackson has had an extremely lucrative career in the music industry and no one can deny this but even at her level of fame and fortune, we all live in a society where race matters and discrimination is still prevalent. The media wants Madonna’s legacy to be the Queen of Pop, while having Janet replaced with Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara and whoever else comes onto the music scene; to just keep replacing successful black artists, in a transient fashion, so in the end none of them have any long lasting impact or influence on culture and society.

    So yes the author is right when he asks the question ‘Why is the media so desperate to erase Janet from history? The answer is simple, the mass media, which is a predominately non-black entity, has been systematic in erasing the history of accomplishments of true artists and replacing them with mediocrity and meaningless crap.

  15. regina says:

    Truest STATEMENT/article i read in years lol

  16. regina says:

    True & great article

  17. Write! says:

    The public has had an ax to grind with the Jackson’s for decades. Going all the way back to The Jackson 5 vs The Osmonds. Jackson 5 vs The Beatles. Between the Superbowl and the OCD, they have been DYING to be able to group them ALL as crazy. Remember whenever people would say ‘oh they’re all crazy. Then pause and say ‘except for Janet, she’s the only normal one.’ This was the medias chance to brand her a lunatic so they took it. They had to. They aren’t getting her any other way. She’s too smart and too strong for the other loopholes such as drugs. Side note everything the Jacksons do is called ‘crazy’ even if another word would suit it better. I just call it poor/lazy ‘journalism’. Side side note as a aunt and a niece YES the FCUK aunts do have the right to slap a unruly smart mouth child. And there is NO proof it happened. I think that child is a sneaky opportunist like her mother, who knows how to work the media like her father. She has the press wrapped arpund her finger AND SHE KNOWS IT! If those kids had black skin NO ONE would give a damn. You see the difference in support between Bobbi Christina and Paris Jackson don’t you?

    The dirty plane was just straight nasty. The article had nerve to name Victoria Beckham. So what? And? If she likes riding on filthy planes good for her. Clearly there are things she’ll put up with that others won’t like staying with your husband after he cheated. Some of us have standards.

    Thank you for pointing out that Madonna mess. She is so petty and currently desperate. You’re doing well enough. Why try to go after a generation that IS NOT CHECKING FOR YOU? Selfies of gold fronts? Bitch get a life. Feed your PR babies and give the nanny the night off. I don’t care what the numbers say. JANET IS BETTER AT MADONNA THAN E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I don’t care about numbers or history books. I have eyes and ears. Big numbers don’t always equal quality. Vanilla Ice, Hammer, Spice Girls,… BIgger. Beyoncé and Rihanna are two of the hottest femalesin music right now and they both have the WORST MOST IRRITATING voices in history. Not to mention dumbass lyrics no one should ever sing along with. (I can’t believe Beyoncé has a ASCAP songwriting award) (Rhianna is the worst thing to happen to young girls since teen pregnancy). Madonna is smart and a great business woman. But there isn’t a damn thing she can do that Janet can’t do better.

  18. (JjJ) says:

    The most truthful and best researched article of this year, to date, on artist Janet Jackson.

  19. ruben says:

    No doubt Janet rocks, but MADONNA rules… the SUPERBOWL ratings say it all.

  20. KC says:


  21. Renita Harris says:

    I like that and it is so True.

  22. Helena says:

    AMEN! they need to give Janet her props! I remember a time when Janet was on all the awards shows and won EVERY award she was nominated for! I’ve stopped watching Awards shows! There is no point if Janet isnt on them!

  23. Julien says:

    Whitney has more AMAs than any other female artist.

  24. Janatic says:

    I did not like you ending of the article

    You are however.. on Point … Keep up the good work ..

  25. Lord Harkness says:

    Nice article. I don’t agree with everything you are saying but there has definitely been a big smear campaign going on with her, especially i feel since her superbowl case did not go as the masses wanted it to. It seemed like after that any good news was quickly replaced by negative news most of which was fabricated. Its quite unfortunate, especially since a lot of people seem to believe all that they read and have such a need to look negatively on others lives instead of looking for the good. Janet has been amazing thru all of this and i just look forward to her continuing to do her thing to the nth degree! she has people out there who love and recognize her and what’s she’s brought to the world of music.

  26. nia says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS ARTICLE! Its nothing but truth. I appreciate the real TRUTH being told because its time that people should realize how underrated people have been trying to make her.

  27. Janet Jackson could never be replaced or forgotten. Its just Janet isn’t big on being in the spotlight all the time. I’m sure if she really wanted she could be all over the television and all over the radio in everyone’s faces. But I think she is in a different place in her life where she is not like the kids of today that are everywhere because they need to break into the industry. Cuz simply put she was born into the industry!! what more can she do? Madonna….wasn’t shes good but she wasn’t performing since she was 7. hate to say it.

    I think some can feel this way about Janet’s perception in the media because everyone is so used to artists selling their souls for a spot on the billboard list. And Janet is just having fun living life and not caring at all about what else is going on around her. I mean come on u c who she married!!!!!! 🙂

    This woman is loving life right now. Vacationing on Yachts marrying a billionaire I’m sure she’s snuggled up in his palace. Lol and she’s not racing to release the new album should be a huge message to everyone. That is just how I feel tho. Who knows……

  28. Roberto says:

    Hare, in Mexico Janet is Iconic and inspiration in music industry.

  29. Gon Tok Hong says:

    Janet, please hurry with the release of new music and album. WE MISS U MUCH, get the point LET’S DANCE.


    This is one of the best and “TRUEST” articles written about my girl Janet!! She was and will always be an ICON… No one can take that away!!! Nikola great comment!!

  31. TheDimplePuppet says:

    I’m one fan who can’t wait for Janet Jackson’s return to the music scene. I think MTV should re-air Janet Jackson’s Icon special just so kids will know that their favorite pop star of today was/is influenced by Janet Jackson. Beyonce Pink Usher Britney Spears J-Lo + many more cited Janet Jackson as a musical influences. Janet Jackson hands down had the best tribute dedicated to a star. I also loved the fact that Janet Jackson was alive to smell the roses, many legends aren’t appreciated until it’s too late. Janet Jackson you’re a queen in my book and history/media couldn’t erase you even if they tried. God bless you JJ!

  32. d says:


  33. Orozco says:

    I would never doubt Madonna’s cultural dominance over Janet, but that goes back to self-promotion and an almost desparate need to remain in the spotlight.
    Madonna ‘adopts’ younger artists. She’s been doing that her whole career. It’s seen as cutting edge etc..but it always rings false in an artistic context.
    Like Madonna ‘adopting’ Britney as her ‘heir’ when everyone knows Britney Spears idolized Janet Jackson. When Madonna ‘adopted’ Timberlake and even asking him to induct her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, when anyone who knows anything about JT know he worshiped Janet.
    And the latest, Nicki Minaj, who cited Janet.
    Once they become ‘adopted’ by Madge, the spin become all about how Madonna influenced a new generation.
    No, she courts them and they bow down.
    Janet doesn’t court that kind of attention and self–congratulatory tactics.
    Janet had a far greater influence on these artists, but Madge has convinced the world they belond to her.
    That’s PR, baby.

  34. AnyLove says:

    Thank you for this article l for some naive reason felt artists like Janet and Whitney were “above” the color line. But the Superbowl changed that notion for me, l never understood why did Ms. Jackson’s career took such a bashing while the blue eyed soul-child Justin Timberlake did not suffer any repercussion in fact he only appears to be more successful. Janet the most thoroughbred of performers (l have been fortunate to see her live) will never be forgotten! She is the original singer-dancer combo that we take for granted today. She came up at a time when almost no other Sister in history had her reach and or clout. And yes we all know she may not have been the lead in the church choir, but that in and of itself proves her greatness. She held her own with Whitney and Mariah often trumping them on the charts. She is going to come back bigger and better because we who love and cherish her music will always be a click away from supporting her career. It’s funny how we discredit our greats until they die then everybody and their grandma starts to regret it. As one critic aptly mentioned, Britney, Beyonce, Christina, Ciara, Kelly amongst others all live in the house that Janet singlehandedly built. Go on Miss Janet.

  35. Orozco says:

    I also came of age in the 80s, 90s. Janet was one year younger than I am and I always felt I ‘grew up’ with her.
    As a music lover who leans toward ‘old-school’ artists like the Stones, Beatles, Dylan etc…Janet Jackson was always the anti-Madonna. Where Madonna seemed more about product, persona, PR-driven controversy and shock tactics – jumping on to every established trend and making it mainstream – Janet’s music was more organic, personal and soulful.
    It’s not just that Madonna is white and Janet is black –
    Madonna is a brilliant self-promoter. Janet just did her thing. And its a testament to her artistry that musicians, from Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Niki Minaj to Kendrick Lamar – cite her as a musical influence. It’s in the grooves, not the publicity.

  36. toomanygrandkids says:

    BTW, no way in hell can anyone erase the history of Janet. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

  37. toomanygrandkids says:

    Janet is No.1 in my book. Even though several of her albums weren’t to my liking, no other female artist could put on a show like Janet. Where many artist are overly sexual on stage, Janet comes across more of a sensual way. Madonna’s a “get f**ked by every guy” type of female artist. She’s gotta be b/c sex sells. Janet’s a “feel my music, hear my words” type of artist. Crossing over to a white audience wasn’t that difficult for Janet. She has a fan base of different nationalities b/c of her talent and how they embraced her music and the words to her songs. Madonna doesn’t have millions of black fans like Janet.

    Plus, Janet’s a billionaire. She shouldn’t even think about recording any songs unless she plans on working w/ Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The Dream Team of Music. Janet had more success w/ them than any other producers and songwriters. I’m also a fan of those guys.

    So if Janet plans on coming out w/ a new album, I surely hope it’s slamming.

  38. Papacool says:

    Janet Jackson has more solid footing that she is getting credit for. All she needs to do is claim her spot and work on things that will get her back into the positive. In losing her brother I think she has been in grieving mode for awhile and is coming to grips with reality. Even being a celebrity does not guarantee you the privilege of skipping the heartache and pain that everyone else goes through. All I can do is pray for the sister and her family for the best and hope that they realize how blessed they have been both musically and personally as human beings. Love will always win in the end. Keep your head up and learn from the doings of those that were before you. Peace out, Papacool.

  39. Gene says:

    Janet is more influential than Madonna, I hear people talk about Madonna legacy, but Janet is always mention and people saying that they love her and how she inspires them, so yeah, janet have more clout than Madonna, but the mainstream media will always go hard for madonna than janet because Janet is black and madonna is white, they will always up their complexion. Janet is still talked about and beloved by her peers. Thanks for this article. Agree, but we, the fans, family are not going to let them do this to her. We love you Janet.

  40. Knowledge says:

    Amen to that…Janet Jackson is an ICON. She worked her ass off to be where she’s at and she did it on her own. Janet Jackson will always be #1 to me and a lot of other fans! Luv u Janet!

  41. Nikola says:

    JANET is bigger than Madonna. Madonna has 2x more albums, and she sold 2x more records. But Janet is much more iconic. Phrases from her songs (Panic! At The Disco just released a single “Ms Jackson Are You Nasty”), costumes (Rhythm Nation for example), hairstyles (Poetic Justice braids), her tours and albums were more successful than Madonna’s during the 90s’s (Janet sold one album better than Madonna all of her albums from the 90’s) and so on. I’m sure her next album will give some lessons to everyone and be a huge success. But the main difference between Janet and Madonna is their music. Madonna has cheesy pop, Janet’s music is serious and original. Madonna has no style. There’s no such thing as “Madonna’s style” but I often read in the magazines “Janet Jackson syle” song or choreography. And that’s what makes you iconic, not sales, number ones etc. No one cares about it.

  42. kYm says:

    Superb Article! I agree with it all and I do believe that Janet will always be BIGGER than Madonna! And, I’m a 70’s baby. I watched both of them in the industry and I always loved CONTROL!!!!

  43. Lisa says:

    If you think Janet was equal or even bigger than Madonna, then you’re delusional.

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