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(ThyBlackMan.com) I have to back my Sista’s on this post right here! Me and some of the fella’s at work were talking the other day about our sista’s attitudes, and I told my co-worker “Man you know what, We are hell on our women! Every black man has had the convo with his boys about black women and their notorious attitudes, but I am known to keep it real, so I had to point the finger at us. So ladies, I gotta say that I got your back on this one.

I have always been the non-cheating, clean cut, whatever you want type of guy that caught hell from women and I had done nothing wrong. I had women ask me “so what’s wrong with you”,I don’t believe that you are this sweet“,123-cheating-men-blackmansomething has to be wrong“. I always thought, “dam you women are crazy“! The more that I heard them stories of failed relationships and looked at the men around me, I realized that we are HELL ON OUR LADIES. I use to look at some of my boys and men in my family and say to myself, negro if thats love you are showing your lady, then please do not ever hate her.

Us men can be pure beast when it comes to our women. I have men in the family that has never not cheated on the women in their lives. I mean GOD, some of them cheated before and after the marriage and if they could get off of their death beds, they would probably go to some THIRSTY CHICK’S HOUSE! The sad part about it is that the women actually hung in there with their stupid asses. Now when we say that our women are not marriage material, that’s probably after the fact that she got out of some BS like this. The downfall is that it seems like the good man gets the aftersmath of all of that stupid sh*t that some other dude did. We get all of the attitude, but in a way I can understand it ladies.

Guys, not all of us, but us in general cheat, bring home diseases, abuse them mentally and/or physically, do not show any affection, and just plain out dog our women. And you know what, they deal with sh*t for years that we would not dare deal with for one day. Its not just the cheating, its not holding hands, hugging them, saying thank you, or even asking them what they want or need. Forgive me for this word, but niggaz (in my black woman’s voice) can be real selfish. I know guys that will straight up screw any woman around their women such as sisters, cousins, moms, yes moms, aunts, best friend, step sister, half sister, her hair dresser, the bi*ch that she hates, co-worker, and if he is on the down low, her brother, father, uncle, step brother, ex down low boyfriend… well you know what Im saying.

So you wonder why she is mad, well dam, the writing is on the wall. This makes me so patient with my own wife, and I try to always show love. I have not did these things that I have listed, but even when I am acting even remotely stupid, I apologize to her. I don’t try to figure out why she catches that attitude, I just love her for it anyways. Our sisters have put up with some real shit in there lives, and I try to embrace the attitudes because I know that underneath the attitude, there is some real pain, yet beauty inside. Brother’s, we gotta treat’em right or leave them alone.

Staff Writer; Kataurus Braswell

This brother is founder of Black Convo Media Group LLC, a group of website’s dedicated to African Americans. He is also a freelance writer, music producer, and blogger.

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19 Responses to “Black Men: Yes WE MAKE OUR WOMEN ANGRY!”
  1. Sharon says:

    The problem is with the black community overall. In Africa, the lion is a trophy within the pride. The female lioness pulls most of the work, support the lion and shares him with the overall pride. The lion owes nothing to no one and the women exist for his well being and support. Black men have an ego problem. They don’t value black women. They think we should be grateful for any attention they give us. The world revolves around them. We hold black women to a high standard and black men to a lower standard when it should be reversed. We think well as long as Pookie ain’t in jail he’s doing ok. Then turn around and lecture educated black women what they’re doing wrong and don’t have a man (see Steve Harvey). There is little accountability for black men. And when these immature men turn 18 and go out into a society that isn’t controlled by black women they catch hell, because white society expects him to follow rules, not make excuses for failures and they lash out and call everyone racist and call black women “thirsty hoes”.

    They can’t compete in white society and black women are achieving more than them so they have to tear black women down to make themselves feel good about their failures. At my job so many educated black women, nice not arrogant at all, dress well, nice shape, hair nails always done and almost all of us are single. We love our black men but they have to learn how to put others before themselves. That is what makes a real man. How can you not put your children before what you want? No one should have to even tell you this. And when they do chose a woman, its based on mostly looks. they choose women like little boys.

    They don’t realize that two minimum wage jobs minus child support means your household income is BROKE. Cant afford a house, vacation, no extras. I look at White men. They know their role as men and accept it, get married, have children, open up savings investments, go to church, sports, camping on weekends. They enjoy their roles as men and Dads but black men run from it. I don’t get it. I’ve just gotten tired of trying to figure it out.

    I date all races now but I still pray that my black men will step up to the plate and accept their role as men. We really do need you guys because no one understands us like you all do. We’re YOUR women and we should be the last one you take advantage of.

  2. Objective Observer says:

    Others also observe that there is immaturity happening. I wonder if men raised in a two parent intact family are more mature.

  3. Emmanuel Africa says:

    I’m an Elder, First an foremost the male must learn to be a man to function as a man, the female must learn how to be a woman to function as a woman, so far the things in your articles just speaks of the behavior of males and females,
    Who have not graduated to the position of man or woman, how can anybody execpt those males and females to behave as men and women if they lack the knowledge

  4. toomanygrandkids says:

    above (and the subject of this article) happy or angry? Does it make them angry or happy when they approach/pay females for sex? What do they feel within? If no one can make them angry or happy within, then these types of black males have nobody to blame except themselves when their women/wives have something to say about such trifling, nigger-ish, low-down behavior.

  5. toomanygrandkids says:

    Stop kissing up said, “Black women are angry because of their damn selves…”

    While that may be true in many cases, this is not one of them. Like I stated before, black males who sleep with their woman’s/wives relatives, friends, neighbors, etc are the most trifling, ignorant, nigger-ish males on the planet. They will use any excuse for their actions. You know, there are black women who would never, ever think of sleeping with her man’s/husbands relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. It’s not in these types of women’s nature to do such a thing. It wouldn’t solve anything anyway. Black women view getting with those associating with her man/husband as being as whorish tramp slut. Black women refuse to stoop that low.

    Sensible black women know how to contain their anger. No matter the reason, she will/does not take her anger out on people who have nothing to do with her anger because black women don’t allow anger to consume them. They know how to let it go. They realize that all black men are not the same.

    “Things happen to men as well, does that make black women the blame?”

    I know there are lots of black females who are the blame for lots of things that happen to black men. But what about when black males don’t give a damn or take responsibility for their own actions? I have an uncle (by marriage) who has slept with at least 5 of my female relatives. Yeah, these females were indeed whores for laying up with him. But he’s just as trifling and unworthy of any respect. “Men,” if that’s what you wanna call them, say things like, “we are hunters so of course we are gonna screw any/every female who’s down with it,” is something they say to excuse their own reactions/behavior/way of thinking. WOMEN ARE NOT TO BLAME! These are the types of males who have been/are raising and teaching young black males that its okay or manly to act in this manner.

    “A person can’t make you happy or angry it comes from within.”

    Are the black males I described

  6. Stop kissing up says:

    Black women are angry because of their damn selves .. Things happen to men as well , does that make black women the blame ? A person can’t make you happy or angry it comes from within

  7. toomanygrandkids says:

    I’m back yet again. I was having a discussion about this very topic with a group of women. It was a conversation I’ll never forget. We agreed that men who’ll cheat on his woman/wife with her family member(s) or friends are scum. Dirtier than swamp water. But our talk went on a deeper level. Cheating, no matter who does it, is bad. But when men (or women) repeatedly cheats on his woman/wife, he’s guilty of not only causing friction between all involved but for breaking up families/marriages/relationships. No matter how much they claim ‘blood is thicker than water,’ I disagree. Any family member who sleeps with a woman’s man/husband is low down, sneaky whore. I have a label for men also. But it’s so offensive that I may get barred from this website. Anyway, these women’s stories were what I needed to hear. An older woman left a 20 year marriage because her husband and her best friend were sneakin’ around behind her back. And they were best man and maid of honor at the friend’s wedding!! Talk about scandalous. Obviously, those who cheat don’t realize how much devastation they cause.

  8. Anne says:

    Some women probably accept this kind of behavior because their upbringing among men who dogged women and women who accepted it conditioned them to do so. Others definitely have low self-esteem, which causes them to latch onto and try to stay with a man at any cost, regardless of his character. A big part of it, though, is the long-held double standard that holds that a man can do what he wants and still be a man, but a woman cannot. The problem with this attitude is that it promotes dishonesty, immaturity, and selfishness that are not conducive to healthy relationships. What’s worse is that too many folks think that men who DON’T do any of these things have something wrong with them. I commend men who have been able to avoid falling into the trap of thinking that irresponsible behavior is their right. Aside from STD’s and broken relationships, a lot of unwanted kids result. Another consequence is that women who have been hurt in this way often carry baggage into subsequent relationships and are unable to trust, which dooms THOSE relationships. What it all boil down to is that ill treatment of women, or men for that matter, in relationships has consequences that long outlast those relationships.

  9. toomanygrandkids says:

    I’m back posting on this article b/c of Vee’s comment. I, too, walked away from a relationship last year. My ex is a selfish-immature-stab-in-the-back type. I wanna injure him so badly. I’ve come to the realization that I’m better off without him. But to forgive? Don’t think I can do that. Not sure if I know how or if I want to. But Vee says that she forgave her ex and moved on with her life. I have moved on, but is forgiving him necessary? Can’t I hate just him for what he did to me? Guess I’ll figure it out one of these days.

  10. toomanygrandkids says:

    MASTERPIECE! Would you go on a national tour and school these brothers on respect, love, and happiness?

  11. red says:

    I loved reading this article thanks for keeping it real. Now I have a deeper understanding than to go on what I see from the mirrored screen.

  12. Vee says:

    As a African American female, I recognize much of the information from this article from personal observations and experiences. However, I do agree that for some reason African American females have been brainwashed about “hanging onto a sorry excuse for a man.”

    I am ending a 14 year marriage because I finally accepted the fact that I married a selfish, immature and mean man. Once I accepted my part in it, I was able to walk away, forgive him and create the life that I want to live and not the life that others want me to live.

  13. classylady75 says:

    I appreciate this article and I agree with it wholeheartedly. I am an African American woman in my 30s and I have been through hell and high water in relationships with black men. I don’t hate black men; I love them but I am older, wise and experienced and I know a rat when I meet one. I just hope and pray that one day I will meet a good, black man.

  14. Cilla says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this. Finally a man that owns up to it and gets it!!!!

  15. wishuwould247 says:

    I by no means condure cheating or dogging out women. I show them respect because I respect myself but I have noticed that alot of them don’t appeciate this. They rather be with someone that disrespect them because they don’t respect themselves. Thats why I will not blame their past boyfirends for how they are. They actively seek this guy out and take everyhing that he has to dish out and when they have a good man, they act a fool. In their minds its dog or be dogged and they are not this way because of past boyfriends but upbringing. The bad men that you talking about are just her choices because if that bad man changed overnight, more than likely she would leave him. I hate that its this way and I’m not bashing them, just being real. You can really see how bad it is when you are respectful to them and they ask you whats wrong with you or they just walk away from the relationship because they are bored with nothing being wrong or wrong enough to complain about. Hopefully one day this will past and we can coexist in peace.

  16. Lewis Orr says:

    Brother I don’t doubt your experences but you can’t profile all Brothers with one broad brush stroke. You came up in a bad neighborhood and family, I have lived in bad ones and good ones. When you keep kissing up to a women when she’s knows she’s wrong she’s going to use you and take you for weak, and when women say you’re too sweet your homo side is showing. No disrespect.

  17. John says:

    “Our Women”? What, are black women still property?

  18. Realman says:

    Both Sad and true. This brings to mind all the black women I have known who are so messed up they cling to worthless trifling men who abuse them, and totally reject men who are good.

  19. great job says:

    I was watching a documentary of Bob Marley the other day and thinking the same things mentioned in this Article when I saw what Rita Marley endured during their marriage.

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