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( I have to back my Sista’s on this post right here! Me and some of the fella’s at work were talking the other day about our sista’s attitudes, and I told my co-worker “Man you know what, We are hell on our women! Every black man has had the convo with his boys about black women and their notorious attitudes, but I am known to keep it real, so I had to point the finger at us. So ladies, I gotta say that I got your back on this one.

I have always been the non-cheating, clean cut, whatever you want type of guy that caught hell from women and I had done nothing wrong. I had women ask me “so what’s wrong with you”,I don’t believe that you are this sweet“,123-cheating-men-blackmansomething has to be wrong“. I always thought, “dam you women are crazy“! The more that I heard them stories of failed relationships and looked at the men around me, I realized that we are HELL ON OUR LADIES. I use to look at some of my boys and men in my family and say to myself, negro if thats love you are showing your lady, then please do not ever hate her.

Us men can be pure beast when it comes to our women. I have men in the family that has never not cheated on the women in their lives. I mean GOD, some of them cheated before and after the marriage and if they could get off of their death beds, they would probably go to some THIRSTY CHICK’S HOUSE! The sad part about it is that the women actually hung in there with their stupid asses. Now when we say that our women are not marriage material, that’s probably after the fact that she got out of some BS like this. The downfall is that it seems like the good man gets the aftersmath of all of that stupid sh*t that some other dude did. We get all of the attitude, but in a way I can understand it ladies.

Guys, not all of us, but us in general cheat, bring home diseases, abuse them mentally and/or physically, do not show any affection, and just plain out dog our women. And you know what, they deal with sh*t for years that we would not dare deal with for one day. Its not just the cheating, its not holding hands, hugging them, saying thank you, or even asking them what they want or need. Forgive me for this word, but niggaz (in my black woman’s voice) can be real selfish. I know guys that will straight up screw any woman around their women such as sisters, cousins, moms, yes moms, aunts, best friend, step sister, half sister, her hair dresser, the bi*ch that she hates, co-worker, and if he is on the down low, her brother, father, uncle, step brother, ex down low boyfriend… well you know what Im saying.

So you wonder why she is mad, well dam, the writing is on the wall. This makes me so patient with my own wife, and I try to always show love. I have not did these things that I have listed, but even when I am acting even remotely stupid, I apologize to her. I don’t try to figure out why she catches that attitude, I just love her for it anyways. Our sisters have put up with some real shit in there lives, and I try to embrace the attitudes because I know that underneath the attitude, there is some real pain, yet beauty inside. Brother’s, we gotta treat’em right or leave them alone.

Staff Writer; Kataurus Braswell

This brother is founder of Black Convo Media Group LLC, a group of website’s dedicated to African Americans. He is also a freelance writer, music producer, and blogger.

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