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Django Unchained…We Have a Truth Problem.

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( Though the controversial film, Django Unchained, can stand on its own merits of uniquely presenting the era of slave history, it has a common bond with other films of similar elk in that they all conveniently sanitize a portion of slave history as it so suits White America.

One thing needs to be made clear: Tarantino and no other white director or producer is going to depict slave history in a manner that parallels the real and whole truth or reality of the heinous period in time. Use of the n-word during that era and a dosage of graphic violence is only half the story. The other half, which is never, ever discussed or alluded to in the movies nor read about within academia institutions, includes the hoodwinking and bamboozling of Black America as to when slavery actually ended albeit under the guise of different terminologies. Ultimately, slavery did not end in 1865, but really finally came to an end during the 1960s.

However, this truth is eliminated because it would force America to continually see how unfairly the systemic has treated Blacks—constantlydjango oppressing Blacks and forbidding them access to their liberties even when it is morally and legally granted.  The slave experience was one of continual, violent and relentless attacks on the slave’s body, mind and spirit.

Django is not a depiction of historical accuracy, and there are really no other films about slave history that offer an accurate representation. However, they all use the n-word to some degree, which is often done in efforts to portray the reality of that period in history. Even the most widely-known and -praised films such as Roots and Color Purple strongly use the n-word to convey partial truth, but they tend to present slavery in a much friendlier, less evil and acceptable fashion than what it truly was.

These films are poor portrayals of the truth the enslaved really endured and are just window dressing to all the ugliness and evil that actually transpired. This proves that there are segments of slave history that is always sanitized, and unchallenged.  And if use of the n-word was not in White America’s best interest it too would be sanitized.

Strong use of the n-word does not make a reality more or less real. The point is that even if one finds the omission of the n-word from the making of such films a distortion of facts, and conveniently overlooks the omissions of other significant, defining aspects of that historical era, then that person is out of order, and is complicit in a cover-up of an even greater magnitude. This allusion is made in reference to “The Making of a N**ger“, and how Blacks were psychologically prepped to distrust anyone else black and must love, respect and trust only whites; how the victims of chattel slavery were merely pawns in an economic game, debauchery, cross-breeding, inter-racial rape and made to see themselves as sub-human, 3/5 a person, sex starved savage beasts—as they were often categorized.

Slave plantation owners, overseers, merchants, bankers, and all of those who were benefactors of the American enslavement of black people, had a huge stake in eliminating the identity of the enslaved, re-inventing them as n**gers.  This aided in keeping the enslaved disoriented, and congenial towards being better slaves.  It set up the enslaved to voluntarily accept European values, traditions and habits.  This was all they were allowed to embrace, while at the same time, contributing to a total disintegration of African culture. 

As a result, to this very day there is an acceptance by many that European value systems are superior and anything black is looked upon as inferior and evil.  State Senator Glen Grothman validates this premise in the following link for there are many who share his sentiments:

Black Americans have been socially engineered to think of themselves as the n-word; Samuel L. Jackson is a perfect illustration, and people like Tarantino seemingly do all they can to offer this “friendly” reminder and continue contributing to the making of inferior mentalities. Often times the phrase “let go of the past” is heard and yet all at the same time use of the n-word, which is a relic from the past, is kept alive. Such a practice is an enigma; to embrace the n-word and try to overlook its sordid history is to be in denial that an African-American Holocaust ever took place. Want to let go of the past?  Then bury the n-word.

The African-American Holocaust lasted almost four hundred years longer than the Jewish Holocaust, and resulted in millions of more deaths. Many Black people, however, often hold greater regard and sympathy towards the Jewish Holocaust above their own. This display of low self-regard and even self-contempt among many Blacks is almost always accompanied with a higher regard towards whites.

What does the phrase “n**ger don’t forget your place” truly mean?  The n-word was beaten, tortured and forcibly instilled into the minds of Blacks to absorb a self-hate, self-abnegation image of themselves, and to never forget that is what they are…a n**ger/n**ga; the Samuel L. Jacksons exemplifies this truth.

Many White people expect Blacks to behave like n**gers, so referring to self as such does nothing but reinforce—to many of them—that Blacks are indeed inferior, and, thus, non-black races do not feel threatened in the least bit. To their consternation, walking with dignity as opposed to saggin’ pants, exemplifying racial pride, and honoring and respecting self  is far more threatening and of deep concern. 

The self-destructive lyrics of rap music is confirmation to whites that Blacks know their place and are staying in it. It is time that Blacks remove themselves from “their place” and distances ourselves from the Samuel L. Jacksons. Oh what a day when rather than using their voice, and writing and story-telling gifts to compose community-degrading rhymes, that Blacks writers and composers use these same skills to write a blog that is grammatically correct and addresses the greatness of black people, the greatest strength ever blessed upon a people, and Black/African-Americans’ ability to excel despite racism, oppression, and bigotry.

Write about how Blacks’ true history of greatness has been distorted with white lies and deception, and how white people re-wrote history to make themselves appear superior. White people will crawl out of the woodworks to tell Blacks that Black people are ignorant and are nothing but a n**ger; and even though there may still be some Blacks, this very day, who will agree with them, write about the goodness anyway and prove to self and the world that those white and black people couldn’t be more wrong. This level of confidence, skill, cultural dignity and love of self would make many people uneasy and restless, and let them know that Blacks have re-taken control of their destiny and will define their own true place of superiority in the social spectrum, history and life.

Black/African Americans have a history so rich and glorious that—other than the honoring of Black ascendants— slavery and no remnants of it is worthy of Black America’s attention. The oppressors know this and would rather have African Americans continue to think of slavery as their main claim to fame.

The embracing of the n-word (n**ga) is negative, unenlightened, and profoundly stupid.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( );  and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

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42 Responses to “Django Unchained…We Have a Truth Problem.”
  1. Eli Odell Jackson says:

    well i’d be
    and here was me so offended at how it depicts southerners and the south as some kinda monstrous, evil bogeymen
    i always gotta remember the real racists of the day gonna have a COMPLETELY insane idea in their f***ed up minds
    look at this horses**t, my Lord
    y’all really do got y’own reality doncha just?

  2. Question says:

    I can’t for the life of me understand why you think Django Unchained is pro-slavery, and you give no reasons why I should.

  3. Acidhedz,

    Hopefully, you are not a history teacher anywhere, because clearly you are misguided, misinformed and down right ignorant about the facts of slave history, both World and American history.

  4. Adam C. Spencer,

    Obviously, you are not a man of color and therefore would have a very difficult time comprehending the true spirit and essence of my message to Black America. I don’t know you as a person, but this much I can tell you some of my best friends are white. Nonetheless, there are institutionalized systemics in place that do not serve in the best interest of Black America and it behooves all people of color to be aware and understand why things are the way they are.

    Django Unchained serves as a perfect example of how Black America is being played like a piano and that it is now time to wake up to what is tantamount to 400 years of mind manipulation.

  5. scallywag says:

    Maybe what’s worth wondering is whether the toys would have been pulled off had the offending subjects just been white and why for that matter the outlet knowing they risked infuriating the black community opted to go into production in the first place? Which raises the question maybe racism is very well and alive these days even by those who purportedly wish to expose it? Or is it just profit from it?

  6. Acidhedz says:

    First off you are full of crap. “Chattel slavery
    Chattel slavery, so named because people are treated as the personal property, chattels, of an owner and are bought and sold as commodities, is the original form of slavery.” Which means it’s as old as humanity. Since we are all supposed to have evolved out of Africa, YOUR people invented slavery. Deal with it.

    I’m more than a little sick of black people walking around carrying an attitude with anyone white over slavery. Blacks were made slaves primarily during a 300 year period. Britain subjugated Ireland to one degree or another for around 800 years. At least a slave was considered to have value.

    To one degree or another the Roman empire went about the business of enslaving, and/or subjugating most of Europe and Asia for around 1400 years.

    Get over yourselves. The Atlantic slave trade was a blip, a short blip, in the history of people doing bad things to each other. You want something to write about, try writing about the BLACK African war lords who are raping, murdering, pillaging and mutilating anyone who dares defy them, NOW. Not a hundred years ago, NOW.

    The past is gone. It’s moved on. So why don’t you get down off your cross and use the wood to build a bridge so you can get over it!

  7. cosmonauts23 says:

    it’s funny how white america still goes by the Frederick Douglass motto “Power concedes nothing with out demand.” a shame black folk in america don’t subscribe to that motto.

  8. Adam C. Spencer says:

    I take issue with the main thrust of your complaint. How can you complain that this film doesn’t properly tell the other part of the story? Its completely invalid since this movies doesn’t show or claim to show any end of slavery whatsoever. In fact it both starts and ends before the Civil War ever begins.

    Yet the backbone of your complaint is that the movie doesn’t address events that take place outside the timeline of the movie itself. In fact, despite this article supposedly being about your complaint with the movie, you quickly abandon the movie itself and turn this into a larger and completely off topic rant about the media in general where the white man goes on a 100 year campaign to rewrite history.

  9. Gary Brown says:

    I’m a white guy from Colorado, and I’ve been tossed into black society on a few occasions, as a white minority. Once as a child in the early 70’s (southern Florida), once as a student in the late 80’s (Clearfield Utah, Jobcorps), and once as an employee in the late 90’s (Jackson Mississippi). It’s always been terrifying and usually riddled with extreme violence and racism. Maybe that’s the same way you feel. I don’t know. All I can say is that based on my experience I am glad to stay as far away from black society as humanly possible. I’m sorry, but those places where awful. I don’t know what the reasons are for why it is the way it is, but it is what it is. Because I’m just a working man I certainly couldn’t afford the security it would take to live safely in a black neighborhood. If that’s even possible, since eventually you have to leave your house for something. Most folks had bars on their windows like a jail. And, they weren’t there to keep the white people out as far as I could tell. That’s not who harassed me and it’s not who broke into the neighborhood houses to steal the money, guns, and even the neighbor’s dog. If there is a black community somewhere that is different than what I experienced I am unaware of it. Parts of Memphis seemed nice, but based on my past experiences I’m not likely to risk it. Murder is a crime you can only be a victim of once, so I’m going to stake my odds on a white community for the sake of own life and the more important lives of my wife and two children. From my very alien perspective, black people have a very serious problem. Frankly, I have no idea how you survive. It looks like to me that if your black and not tough as nails you won’t. Where I’m from the average white guy has a real good chance of not only surviving, but even getting ahead (a little). Down in Jackson Mississippi, I don’t know how the average black man can make it. If you’re not extraordinary, it seems like that environment would destroy you. The gangs, the hookers, the racism, the illiteracy, it’s all too much to overcome, unless you can shoot 3 pointers all day long, wax political like a Kennedy, or have the musical genius of B.B.King you get shredded like a calf in a river full or piranhas. Black piranhas. Most of the crime there was black on black or black on white. So from what I saw, your problem is your problem.
    I’ve never been to this site before, and I’m not likely to return (I doubt I’m welcome), but I’m glad to see somebody taking your people’s condition seriously. The Rap-Music cult has done nothing but damage to your society and mine, and I’m glad to see it finds little favor here. You can label me a racist if you like. I honestly care only slightly. I am what I am. A white alien in your midst. You have my worth-little perspective.

  10. john pirbright,

    I agree slavery is not necessarily a white phenomenon and nor is it that just only black people have ever been enslaved. However, CHATTEL slavery IS a white phenomenon and along with it the introduction of racism for the first time in all of humankind.

    While we are at it something else needs to be cleared up, while it is true that Africans sold other Africans into slavery which in that part of the world was accepted as a way of life, the sellers had no idea or concept about Chattel slavery and therefore had no clue about the HELL they were subjecting other blacks to by selling their people to the white man.

    For more than five centuries racism, has legitimized, assassinations, massacres and genocides. The doctrines of White Supremacy has demonized, brutalized and dehumanized non-whites of the earth. Racism has been the global driving force behind the colonizations of territories and the destruction of civilizations and the extermination of an entire people.

    The truth about the evils of Chattel slavery will never be fully shared with the general public, so when such claims that the omission of the n-word from movies of the ilk of Django Unchained is whitewashing and sanitizing history
    but have no problem sanitizing history other wise is deceptive and hypocritical.

  11. Janet says:

    In addition, the right word to use is enslavement instead of slavery! There is a big difference!

  12. Janet says:

    Guys read this:

    By the way, during slavery time, Whites gave alcohol to Blacks in Africa (like they did with the Natives here) to manipulate them when they took the strongest men and women from the continent.

    Even if slavery happened in different parts of the world nothing was worst than the one created by the Western World!!!

  13. Tim says:

    Oh and another thing, I find the whole concept of this website racist. “Thy Black Man”, spokesman for “Black America”. Racism in any form is wrong. It’s just “America” and we are all just plain old men and women. All different but really all the same.

  14. john pirbright says:

    I am white but European and utterly support all those who believe in freedom. I believe that slavery is one the great scourges of man. But while the writer makes some good points about distortion of truth, I think he too falls into that very trap.

    Anyone casually reading the artciel, or who is ill-acquainted with history, might easily assume that slavery was a uniquely white crime. It should be remembered that slavery has been common in all parts of the world, and that slavery by blacks on blacks was very common in Africa. Slavery is emphatically NOT a strictly white phenomenon. The write didn’t say it was, but to the untutored reader, certainly left that impression.

  15. Tim says:

    What is with all this Black & White stuff. We are all just people, some good, some bad and most of us a bit of both. Too many people go round looking for trouble and if they look hard enough they will find it. If you look for the good in the World you will see it’s there all around you. Today and tomorrow is where it’s at, yesterday is done and finished with. Smile, best wishes from the U.K.

  16. Zaphod says:

    “Thanks for reminding us that our ancestors were Kings and Queens…”

    Sorry to shock you, but it was not kings and queens or their children that were brought over as slaves. It was common black people, who were sold into slavery by other black people. Why does everybody seem to forget that?

    Also, if you are going to write black as Black, why not write white as White? In either case, it’s wrong to generalise – there are as many divisions among blacks in Africa or the U.S. as there are among whites in Europe. You can’t treat either as a homogeneous group.

  17. Janet says:


    Thanks for reminding us that our ancestors were Kings and Queens because our history is focused too many times on slavery. In fact, the right word should be enslavement! Thanks for your nice thoughts on Dr. MLK’s birthday!

  18. Janet says:

    Papacool, what are your exact sources about Hoover’s blackness?

    Guys, I invite you to read this great article:

  19. Papacool says:

    The problem of documentary type films that depict our cultures involvement can only be imagined and not word for word accurate. Directors of such movies have the luxury of taking liberties of any portion of the film that they make. But as the saying goes, if you make it, they will come. The question that comes to mind with me is when are we, as people, are going to have the come to Jesus conversation on the matter of TRUTH from our propective? For example, Thomas Jefferson did indeed have children with Sally Hemmings, not his brother or cousins as some DNA experts try to put blame on. J Edgar Hoover was black and a hater of his heritage and homosexual as well. These are just two examples of omitted history and distorted facts that have been allowed to go unchallenged. Lincoln dis free the slaves just on the merit of doing the right thing, he was tormented with his own ideas of making things right. America has a long way to go in living up to the all men are equal philosophy which looks good on paper, but has yet to materialize in reality. As Blacks, we have come a long way, but we still have a great distance to go in correcting all of the misnomers that have been attributed to our race. Oprah, Cos, and the rest of our people who have enjoyed crossover success should come forth on their own to assist the process of righting some of these wrongs. Their finances alone can insure that no outside interference could be possible in making movies that show history from our point of view. Slavery was not just a Black thing, but the entire population of the world as we know began with its origin in Africa. We are descendents of Kings and Queens and should carry ourselves as such. Knowledge is power. God bless us all.

  20. Glenn Towery says:


    The Minority Film Distribution Network Corporation, Inc.
    (MFDNC, Inc.) May soon be born.

    The recent release of the film “DJANGO UNCHAINED” and the resulting controversy that has arisen out of its release has made one thing very clear to filmmaker, Glenn Towery. Minority cultures, such as the African-American culture have no power over the content as it regards the stories that are written, produced, filmed and ultimately released by the current film industry. He opines that this is because the American experience has not been representative fully in the current make-up of the film industry. This has been the result of the dominant culture that rules Hollywood dictating who participates and who cannot. Despite the fact that America is now made up of many diverse cultures from around the world, their stories are not being properly told by the people that control the current film industry and its distributors.

    The inability of the present film industry to alter its way of doing business as it regards cultural inclusiveness in making films is evident in the end result of the product it creates. The film industry as it exists today is not able to change to a structure of actual inclusiveness of all American people. Ultimately, this has proven disproportionately unfair to the many other cultures who have become and remain an integral part of the American cultural fabric. Many other cultures have been, and continue to be, denied equal access to the film industry on a consistent basis in positions that really matter such as producer, writer and/or director. It appears that the existing industry is not interested or capable of creating this type of diversity consistently in their existing industry. The result is the continuance of the same old traditions, people and film companies that were prevalent when their present-day industry was brought into existence more than 100 years ago. A perpetual club of exclusiveness as it regards positions of empowerment that is formidable and virtually impenetrable.

    These present times and aforementioned conditions have created the idea in me for the necessity of the creation of an “Alternate Film Industry”. This Alternate Film Industry, as I envision it, would strive to create equanimity in its marketplace and empower “all” filmmakers to tell their stories through their own cultural prism of understanding, entertainment values and truth. It will encourage the creation of motion pictures that are made by a diverse people representative of American and world culture. Not a just a few decision makers in Hollywood. I will attempt to start this and follow through if there are those who care to join me in this venture. We would start by creation of a “Filmmakers Bill of Rights for all cultures in America” and declare their right to freedom to make and distribute films apart from the existing film industry of today. There is no doubt that the existing industry so far has a strangle hold on film production in America and the world.

    Current Hollywood moguls have total access to everything they need to make a movie including production dollars and theaters to distribute their films in. The Minority Film Distribution Network Corporation, Inc. (MFDNC,Inc.) will be a nonprofit organization whose main directive is to create distribution for all filmmakers to afford them the opportunity to get their films to market and allow them freedom of expression in the marketplace.

    We will soon be seeking a culturally diverse Board of Directors to assist in the formation of the company and to ideologically steer it positively towards the creation of its stated goal of creating a viable “Alternative Film Industry” in America. How can this be achieved? I believe that it is possible through the creation of theaters in the largest cities in America. Once there are theaters established in large metropolitan cities that show a world market of films inclusive of all people I believe the public will support them. MFDNC theaters will be used as outlets to create fairness of opportunity in the American film market but also can and will distribute any film we deem to fit our guidelines for distribution regardless of its creator. Once our brand of filmmaking is discovered by the public, perhaps we will be given the opportunity to grow exponentially throughout America and the world.

    MFDNC will not deny “any culture” access to our theaters, as long as their films meet our requisite guidelines for distribution. Guidelines which are still to be authored and determined. MFDNC will also ensure that the process to achieve distribution through our network is fair and balanced to all filmmakers who seek distribution and production dollars. We will develop MFDNC so that it gives all cultures the opportunity to make movies that reflect their stories with a sense of pride, humor, wonder and exectement.

    For more information and/or to learn how you can get involved with this timely effort send an email to;

    Glenn Towery at:

  21. John says:

    Hey guys,

    I just learned that the only Black actor who has been nominated for an Oscar is Denzel for a role which was not positive! It is clear that Hollywood has an agenda. Last year, they felt that the only Black actresses who made a worthy Oscar performance were the maids in The Help!

  22. Sankofa,

    Thanks for sharing the video, deeply appreciated.

  23. Patty,

    Thanks for sharing the link.

  24. John says:


    As we can see, you only listen to stuff instead of reading. Not very smart!

  25. twisted says:

    I actually saw an interview of Chris and agree with him. People are more concerned with what’s happening in the White House than in their own House.

  26. Nat says:

    In addition, I didn’t limit myself to watch the movie, I read also the autobiography of Gardner who is much more well-read with scientific knowledge that Hollywood didn’t care to showcase in the movie!

  27. Nat says:


    You must be White to pretend to not see what is going on or completely blind!

  28. twisted says:

    You’re dillusional…..The Pursuit of Happiness was a box office movie about Chris Gardner’s life struggles that resulted in Chris’ own Financial Brokerage Firm on Wall Street…….get it together people!

  29. Patty says:


    As I can see you read only on the surface what I wrote. Frederick Douglass overcame slavery by becoming one of the greatest orators that the U.S. ever produced. He practically learned by himself how to read. Hollywood will never showcase these kind of Black men because their agenda is to maintain the myth that we are not that well-read. You have to be naive to think it was a coincidence that Poitier never received an Oscar nomination for Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner where he was a physician but he got his Oscar for Lilies of the Field in 1963 where he was a carpenter who built for free a church for the nuns. There was a political message behind it and this is how Hollywood always operates. You must be gullible to think otherwise. How convenient to showcase a Black man willing to work for free like it actually happened for hundreds of years on this land??? About Douglass again, he was highly instrumental for the 13th Amendment which the Lincoln movie deliberately ommitted. Douglass was a candidate for the Vice-President position of the U.S. in 1872. He was respected by Whites and Blacks who gave his name without asking him for the Vice-President position. Douglass occupied many prestigious positions.

  30. twisted says:

    Patty your logic makes no sense…..Frederick Douglas was an ex-slave.

  31. Mack says:

    @Patty: Applause!

  32. Patty says:

    Why the hero has to be an ex-slave? I don’t get it that some of our people are amazed to see these images of us. It is unbelievable to see how little it takes some of us to be satisfied with what the mainstream presents to us. You really don’t get the agenda of Hollywood!!! They will never produce a movie about a brilliant Black scientist who discovered great things for humanity such as Dr. Charles Drew because the White males would feel threatened to see these kind of strong images about our men out there! It is not a coincidence that Frederick Douglass’ character was not in the Lincoln movie! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

  33. Mack says:

    Great drop Sankofa. Another excellent movie on the topic of slavery was “Brother Future”, written by a sister named Ann E. Eskridge. Beautiful how she wove history into the story line.

    As for the word NIGGER: A nigger is a social experiment. Its a demonic construct. Nothing less, nothing more. Its a creation of social engineers, driven by forces beyond this world, who understood the basic concepts of programming humans to act out of character by seeding theim minds with ideas that would lead to them personifying certain attributes.

    It was the ultimate psy-ops; a potent weapon used in the war against God by those who worship the god of this world: Mammon. As Dr. Welsing eloquently says: Black people have never been debriefed after slavery. So our minds have been ‘Inceptioned’ with this idea of niggerhood, like a mental virus that continues to spread from one generation to the next. What we need is some potent soul-antibiotics, to cleanse this virus from our collective system.

    More God, less mammon, less sex, more love.

  34. sankofa says:

    People say “why don’t we make our own movie about slavery?” Ignorance is a sin and the greatest sin is the illusion of knowledge. Have we ever heard about Ethiopian film maker Haile Gerima? Have you ever heard or remember the movie Sankofa? Perhaps you can save your money on Django Unchained and check out this Movie.

  35. David Van Clief says:

    I agree with the spirit of the article. I do not believe there are words to truly describe the injustice of the American slave trade. Although slavery has existed for thousands of years prior, the American version quickly grew out of hatred and a misplaced sense of superiority. Going far beyond the limits of economics, slavery in this country became the dividing factor leading to civil war. However, the hatred and mistrust did not end with the war. The newly freed slaves were never given the benefit of training to become economically viable so generational poverty ensued for many which continue to struggle today.

    This movie was not produced to be a historical account of slavery. So this is where I part with the opinion of Mr. Smith. Hollywood is never going to do just diligence to the topic. This was made for profit and entertainment purposes only. It was refreshing to see a Black slave/Cowboy as the hero, overcome adversity, defeat the enemy, and get the girl! (Go Jamie!) Sam Jackson did an awesome job in his role! He put you in mind of the Aficans that helped the slavers catch their cargo and made you want to shoot him which is what a good actor should do with that character.

    In closing, it shouldn’t take a movie for the African-American community to remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors. It should be a daily rememberance that lites the fire which pushes us to be more to honor the capture, survival of the middle passage, sale on the auction block, wearing of chains, flogging, rapes, mutilations, lynchings, and socio/economic prejudice endured by so many before us!

  36. Robyn McGee says:

    Kudos on your in-depth and intelligent analysis. When I look at slaveowners, I think of them as a sick, sadistic bunch of men and women. The men were rapists,even while swearing black people were only 3/5s human,superi who sold their own children to the highest bidder. The women casually gave their infants over to be nursed and loved by other women. Yet, still they crushed anyone who did not bow down and proclaim them superior. I can forgive, but I can never, ever forget.

  37. Ty says:

    I am in complete agreement with the content, substance and logic expressed in the writings of your submission on this subject-the “n-word”. The sooner we; as elders (who mentor),parents (who take responsibility, guide and support), teachers (who teach and encourage),leaders (who stand as honorable testament to what we can all be; given the ingredients, and opportunities others have been afforded, in order to suceed in the “United States of America”.
    Surely you agree how disheartening, disgusting, shameful,and outright embarrassing it is to hear this word bantered so freely, easily, with no regard by our African-American youth. We have failed them by allowing the perpetual use of the degrading term. Use of the word displays to other ethnicities the deeply embedded self-hate, disrespect, mistrust, jealousy and anger towards each other as Afican-Americans.
    Smokey the Bear said,”only you (we)can prevent forest fires”. I wish we could throw away that “match”.
    I closing I would be remiss in not pointing out you used the word “elk”, when I think you meant to use “ilk” to describe a type of attitude or position. Respectfully submitted, Ty

  38. Click on my name for the solution.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  39. John says:

    It would be very interesting to know more about how Roots was sugar coated. I was young when I saw it so maybe there are things that I didn’t notice but for me it was heavy and it was enough to see the movie just one time.

  40. Nat says:

    Thanks for this excellent article!

  41. Nat says:

    It is sad to see how Whites made believe every other groups about their so-called superiority. I have some facts to share which speak volume.

    – Once I went to a restaurant to take out something to eat. The Asian employee wanted to serve before the White man who arrived after me. It is the White man who said to the Asian male that I arrived first! I never went back to this restaurant of course!

    – Once I went at a supper to an Asian (female) friends’ house. She offered tea to the two other people who were with us, they were White men and she completely forgot to ask me if I wanted some tea! One of these men spoke to me behind her back once and said she was kissing the ass (excuse me for my language) of her White boyfriend and unfortunately I agree with them because she showed us once pictures of a trip she made with this man in China and it was clear that it was a trophy for her to show him off there to her people. In addition, he does not treat her well, she deserved better but she does not realise it. I wonder if she would be that tolerant with an Asian man!

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