Womb for Rent; Only Affluent Ballers Need Apply.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Several months ago, I watched Espn’s 30 for 30 “Broke” documentary. It was about professional athletes spending their money recklessly, or having to pay child support to numerous women, and other reasons that lead to them becoming broke.

The most interesting segment that stood out to me was when a Sister stated that she was working for a radio station and they had an event at a club one night, and Michael Jordan was at the event. The DJ made announcement on the radio, that he (MJ) walked in the building and within an hour or, almost 1000 females were in the vicinity trying to get Mr. Jordan’s attention.  Seeing the quick response from the announcement, triggered the idea for http://www.balleralert.com.  “For the women who want to live the ballerific life”.
 There you can find out where all the “ballers” will be, you can create your own page, upload videos and pictures, but wait there’s more! You can purchase t-shirts that say the following:
“Future Baller Baby Mama” Now Sisters, what does this shirt reveal about those who believe this type of thinking? It shows that you think so little of yourself, that you don’t have the capability to BE a wife, nor do you have the desire. You’d rather hold the title “baby mama”, because the assumption is the Baby Mama of a “baller” will be able to eat off of the “ballers” income in the form of child support checks.  “I ain’t saying she a gold digger….but she ain’t messing with no broke…brokefuture-baller-baby-momma
Ballers Favorite Girlfriend”
“I Need to Be Saved” –“Ah is a, Ah is a, Should I save her? I want to be saved!!!” “Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane. What’s that n**** name? Captain save a hoe man!” Clearly this shirt is in reference to “Captain Save A Hoe”, so when you wear a shirt like that, what are you saying about YOURSELF Sister? You’re saying that yes you are a self-proclaimed hoe, and that you need to be “saved” meaning that you need a man to secure you financially so instead of turning various tricks, you will only be HIS trick. You will barter your womb in exchange for money and the trinkets he gives you. 
Yeah…it’s Worth It” So although your womb has LIMITLESS value, you decide to put your OWN monetary value on it, with the guarantee that he will get his “money’s worth”.
Baby I’m A Groupie” –Meaning that you are down for sex with someone who is famous, almost famous, on his way to being famous or hell part of the crew. Groupies are normally WILLINGLY passed through the homies “cuz it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none”.
Contract Chaser” A chaser is one whom is in  heavy “pursuit” so this type of female, pursues men with the highest earning contracts; basically she will lease her womb out to the baller that is able to pay her womb rent.
“Your Money; Not Mine
“Baller Alert Baller Alert”
“Black Cards Only”
Future Rich Bitch”-Now I don’t know how many times I’ve had to break the word “bitch” down, but again it’s NOTHING but a female dog. No matter how you attempt to redefine it, no matter what word you try to put in front of it, anytime you call yourself a bitch, you are calling yourself a female dog.
I chose down to break down the meaning of specific t-shirts in a raw fashion for a reason. We as women complain about the labels given to us by men, but what about the labels we give ourselves? We call not only  ourselves hoes and bitches, but will freely call the next woman those names with ease as well, yet we want to cry disrespect when a Man calls us out of our name. That is very hypocritical.
It saddens me to see that these shirts were even conceived in someone’s mind, let alone placed in production, but what saddens me even more are the number of women that see these shirts and think to themselves “ I’ve got to rock that”. When you wear these shirts you are a walking billboard for being easy accessible, which, in turn, makes it very easy for you to be easily disrespected, since you are indicating that you have no respect for yourself.  You don’t even necessarily have to wear the t-shirts with the logos, if that is where you are mentally, your thoughts will be showcased by your actions.
I have women tell me all the time, that what I say is wrong, but there are so many ways to prove my position. For the longest time, I have mentioned that (some) Sisters use their wombs for manipulative reasons or barter their wombs in exchange for money and I was attacked; however look at the purpose of this site and the line of t-shirts that it offers? 
Basically, all the t-shirts are the equivalent to putting an ad regarding your womb on craigslist. When you subscribe to this school of thought, your womb starts to resemble  a hotel. You can’t continue to audition and host various occupants in your womb; you were not created for that purpose. You cheapen yourselves when you do that, Sisters. Neither your womb nor the children that your womb produces should be viewed as a down payment towards what you think will be a better life. Having all those “occupants” will leave you feeling VERY unfulfilled.

Sisters…..please get your wombs out of escrow.

Staff Writer; Nojma Muhammad
To learn more about this talented sister, feel free to visit; Nojma Reflects.