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Why I’m So Fixated On Cornel West?

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( A lot of people ask me why I’m so fixated on Cornel West. The reason is simple. I grew up with brothers like West in the hood – they were a dime a dozen – so I know exactly what he’s about – nothing.
Contrary to popular belief, there’s a wealth of both knowledge, and intellect, in the Black community. Johnny Cochran came out of the hood, so did Colin Powell, Barack and Michelle Obama, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Charlie Parker. Langston Hughes came from the hood – and hell, so did I. So contrary to what’s reflected in the media, a large part of this nation’s most value resource is lying dormant in the inner cities across this nation, because there, you’ve got to be sharp just to survive.
But what’s generally reflected in the media are the dregs of the Black community.  For every ‘gangsta’ in the hood, there are literally thousands of young people struggling to get ahead. But the problem is, far too many of us have allowed the media to define who we are, so we no longer respect for our own intelligence. As a result, many young people tend to have more confidence in the intelligence of fools like Cornel West than they have in their own ability to think.


Many of our young people are simply taking the media’s word for the fact that Cornel West is suppose to be a powerful intellect instead of actually assessing what West is saying for themselves. The problem is, they’ve been brainwashed into believing that the White man’s water is wetter than their own, so when they hear the words “Harvard” and “Princeton” connected to Cornel West’s name, they simply assume that he possess a greater ability to think than they  do, and that he can see things that they can’t. That’s nonsense, and it didn’t use to be like that. Brother’s used to define themselves based upon their ability to think, not by how ‘fresh’ their tennis shoes were – in fact, unless they ran track, they didn’t even wear tennis shoes, because their primary goal in life was to get away from having to wear tennis.
I remember how much pride my grandparents took in me when I went off to college.  And when I got my degree they stopped even debating with me over issues. I remember my grandmother used to say, “Well, Eric, you’re educated, so you know about all that stuff and we don’t.” I knew she was giving me too much credit, but I didn’t say anything because my young ego had me soppin’ up the props. But I knew within my heart that even though I’d gone off and gotten a degree that she – and especially my grandfather – could think circles around me. Even back then, I understood that there was a big difference intelligence and knowledge, and simply having an education. If a ghetto kid who dropped out of high school has an IQ of 140, and a brain surgeon has an IQ of 120, due to his education the brain surgeon may be in possession of more information, but he’ll never be able to connect the dots of the available information as efficiently as that high school dropout, because the kid is smarter, and he always will be.
You see, no institution of higher learning can confer either intelligence, knowledge, or wisdom on any individual. The only thing that Harvard, Princeton, Yale, or any other institution can confer upon an individual is a receipt indicating that the individual paid his tuition and occupied a seat where knowledge was shared. The receipt might indicate that the individual was made to regurgitated that information once or twice, but it cannot certify that any of the information was absorbed, or can be effectively manipulated.
So what my grandmother failed to understand was, my degree didn’t certify that they’d taught me to out-think her. The only thing it certified was that I had been exposed to, and learned to regurgitate, the thoughts of dead White folks. It said absolutely nothing about whether or not I’d learn to think for myself. After all, George W. Bush obtained a receipt from Yale, and we all have firsthand knowledge of how little that was worth.
Therefore, it’s important that we in the Black community learn that the very same is true of Cornel West, Boyce Watkins, and many other so-called public “intellectuals.” While we should have all of the respect in the world for education, we must have a clear understanding of what constitutes an education. An education is the consumption of knowledge, regardless to whether we consume that knowledge at Harvard, or at the corner library. Knowledge is knowledge, and it’s free. So Harvard’s knowledge is no knowledgeable than anyone else’s – you just pay more for it, and it comes with public relations support.
It’s important to remember that a person cannot BE educated. Each individual must educate himself. To allow someone else to educate you is not education at all – it’s indoctrination.  So while having a string of letters behind your name makes for a good calling card and has immeasurable economic value, it says aboulutely nothing about an individual’s ability to think. Titles, robes, badges, and all of the other accouterments of alleged knowledge and stature are society’s way of dictating who we listen to, and that’s not always in our best interest. So unless we’re dealing with a highly specialized area of knowledge, like medicine, for example, we should NEVER give anyone else’s ability to think priority over our own. Because when you allow someone to think for you, you’re also allowing them to control you.
And consider this – simply having the ability to control other people’s minds is big business. It’s can be worth literally millions of dollars to any person who can convince you and others to let him think for you. During the 2008 primaries, one preacher in the south charged Hillary Clinton a particular dollar amount for every brian that he controlled in his congregation.
A perfect example of how valueable having influence over others can be, as we speak Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are trying to portray President Obama as the Bogeyman in an attempt to get Black people to elect the Devil – the Republican Party. Can you imagine how much money the Republican Party would be willing to pay them, not to actually deliver the vote, but to merely keep Black people away from the polls? Now, I have no evidence to suggest that that’s what’s going on, but it wouldn’t be the first time that Cornel West has engaged in the tactic of dividing the vote. West joined forces with Ralph Nader in the 2000 election and helped to get George Bush elected (“Once Again, Nader and West Team to Elect a Republican President”).

But if you confront members of the Nader/West coalition with the fact that they helped to elect George Bush, they’ll immediately begin to obfuscate and engage in intellectual gymnastics in an attempt to avoid responsibility for the horrific fate that they brought upon this country. They’ll say things like, “It’s not our fault that Gore lost. He just didn’t fight hard enough for a recount.” But by using such arguments what they’re actually saying is, “Gore just didn’t work hard enough to undo the damage that we’d done.” But here are the facts – Gore lost the 2000 election to Bush in Florida by 537 votes, and the Nader/West coalition peeled off 97,488 votes from Gore in Florida alone. So don’t take my word for it – you do the math. So the bottom line is this – Cornel West is more than partially responsible for the very poverty that he’s reportedly being paid $10,000 a speech to complain about.  Period.
That’s why back in the hood we used to routinely dismiss people like Cornel West. We recognized them as self-serving individuals who couldn’t be trusted, because they would do or say anything to get attention. So even if we allowed them to hang around, the minute they opened their mouths we’d simply tell ‘em to shut the hell up, and that would be that. But back then, people like West were simply a source of irritation, under the current circumstance, however, West’s propensity for self-service and chasing public attention is in direct conflict with what’s in the best interest of the Black community. So for that very reason, I try to drag his tired ass through the mud every chance I get. I have a Google Alert on both he and Tavis. I call it the Mutt and Jethro Alert – and I’m about to add Boyce Watkins to it and call it the Treacherous Trio Alert.
I’ve come to see it as one of my primary missions in life to get Black people see West for who and what he is – a ruthlessly dangerous individual who craves public attention so desperately that he’s willing to drag the entire Black community under a bus to get it. He’s all affectation, image, and gesticulation, and if you take off his costume and cut off all the fuzz from about his head and face, the only thing you’ll be left with is a goofy-looking little bucktooth punk who takes a very long time to say very little.
Think about it. Tell me one thing that Cornel West has said in his 30 years of public prominence that’s been either profound, or even the least bit memorable?  let me answer that for you – not a damn thing. Cornel is best known for two things – slandering the first black President of the United States, and publicly calling his Black female colleague, Dr. Melessa Harris-Perry, a liar and a fraud.  Never mind that it was grossly disrespectful to the President of the united States, Dr. Harris-Perry, and Black women in general, it got him public attention, and that’s all he cared about. And this, from a “brother” who claims to love his people, yet, has never taught at a school that the average Black person can even afford to eat lunch at, in his career.
So in the hood we used to have a rule of thumb regarding people like West – “Never trust a brother who’s always trying to be the coolest thing in the room, because he’s putting so much brainpower into his image that there’s nothing left for him to think with. Hood Rat Wisdom 101.

Here’s a 2008 video of Cornel West calling himself giving, then, Senator Obama, a tongue lashing for deciding to announce his intent to run for president instead of postponing it so he could appear on Tavis’ dog-n-pony show. Think about that for a minute. Tavis was so big headed that he thought the democratic process should be put on hold just for him! I’ve never seen such presumptuous arrogance in my life. Who the hell do Tavis and West think they are!!!?
[youtube HXj3_pjTTwg]

Here’s Old-schooler Dick Gregory, on the same show, essentially telling Tavis and West that they’re damn fools.

[youtube W_xZu_K8F4c]

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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5 Responses to “Why I’m So Fixated On Cornel West?”
  1. SassyFrazzy says:

    “I’ve come to see it as one of my primary missions in life to get Black people see West for who and what he is”

    If that’s the case, you might want to start proofreading your articles first. Adding a little substance to your argument wouldn’t hurt either. This article serves more as a skeptic’s view of education than a take-down of Cornel West. Your problem is not with him, it’s with higher education. You still haven’t said why you are targeting him specifically. I suspect you really don’t have a good reason.

  2. Umm Yeah says:

    Eric, this is the dumbest S$@WQ I have ever ready so far on this site, next to Dirty Little Secrets part 1.

    Really? Let me ask you this kid, have you read his books? I have read two of his major works and his philosophy has been consistent and persistent.

    We can debate the merits of education all day, but the reality is I would not go to a mechanic and expect him to fix my busted knee, and I would go to a doctor to fix my car. Point being, when you acquire a PHD you can poo poo it all you want but it is a tremendous achievement, takes a high level of commitment and persistence and YES it does indicate that in certain areas you ARE smarter than most. So why demean a PHD like West who has consistently being saying and doing the same things PRIOR to Obama even being a state senator?

    If you disagree with his philosophy or approach that is cool, that is part of being in the public eye. However to disrespect the man and not even articulate what part of his philosophy you are really against makes you look like and idiot hater.

  3. Elton says:

    As we blacks fight against each other – the tea party remains undivided and China becomes the new colonialist in Africa – we have become a pathetic people.

  4. Cecelia says:

    So West helped to elect Bush because he tried to go a different route than the sheep to slaughter mentality of black democrats. No. I helped to elect Bush because I hated Al Gore. People with sense vote their minds. Not because someone like you makes them feel they are traitors to the race.
    So he is dragging us under the bus by opposing your chosen candidate. Really? Just by talking. What has the democrat party been doing for us with their policies that break up back families(welfare, gay marriage), take away jobs by supporting illegal immigration, create learned helplessness through entitlements, and education that excuses mediocrity. I hate West too along with Michael Dyson, two idiots who thought Tupac was philosophical. Tavis got misguided and could not self correct. I don’t blame him for not supporting Obama, just that he got caught up as a hater by people like you in the way he responded. What has Obama done for you, besides share your race? I’d like to know. I will keep changing my vote at every election until I find a politician that befits me.

  5. natalie says:

    R u kidding me with this article? I cant even muster tthe energy for a real response.

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