Christmas: Baby Santa Is Not Rich…

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( Why do we have this overwhelming tendency to overspend on our kids during the holidays?  I will admit that I have been guilty of during this in the past.   When I thought I was done I would tell myself that I would buy just one more gift.  Even when they were very inexpensive I felt that I needed to fill the bottom of my tree with gifts for my son.   Why?  That’s a good question.

Many people find themselves going into serious debt, due to holiday shopping.   Some folks will put off paying car notes, rent and utilities, in turn digging themselves into a deep hole.  This is done for the sake of giving our children a joyful Christmas.  

Other people may not spend lavishly on gifts, simply because they don’t have the money to do so.  But in turn they may feel an overwhelming sense of guilt when they are unable to give their children all they desire.

Where does the compulsion come from to give them as many gifts as possible and exactly what they want?  Is it because we are easily caught up in the holiday rush, the sales and the Christmas bustle?  We are bombarded with commercials, wide eyed smiling kids and commercials of people walking outside to find brand new cars wrapped in a big, red ribbon.

I have learned to explain to my son that you cannot have that $300 BMX bike that you want so badly, nor the snake or the Play Station 3 (since you barely play with the PS 2 you already have) or the IPad.   Of course he may have been a little disappointed, but we moved on to the less expensive gifts on his list.  Besides I had to nicely remind my son that Santa is not rich. 

Don’t get me wrong I am not a Grinch, he will still receive gifts and nice ones, but a sista just can’t go broke doing it.  I’m a mommy that refuses to buy presents that will get only a few hours of attention on Christmas day and then lay in the corner of the room for the rest of the year.  Nope I refuse to do it. I’ve been down that road before.

But the question remains how do we get to the point where we can say enough is enough?  If finances are a problem or even if they are not, how do we tackle the issue of telling our children that they will not find ten or twenty gifts under the tree this Christmas?

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate the meaning of Christmas.  To many the birth of Christ is the reason for the season.   For others it is the importance of family and friends gathering to enjoy each other’s company and for some it means giving to others in need.

Maybe we should focus on things other than the number of presents that will be under the tree.  Giving gifts to loved ones is a beautiful thing, but maybe we can look at the quality of the gift as opposed to the quantity.  Let’s create beautiful memories for our children.  Decorating the tree, baking cookies and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas are things I remember.  Thoughts of what we did together as a family are the things that lie in my heart, not the number of gifts that I received.  Funny enough the only two gifts I strongly remember are the Baby Alive my daddy bought me and my Easy Bake Oven.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that we should deny our children presents and the joy and excitement of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning.  I am saying let us create memories that go beyond things.  Teach and instill in our children that Christmas is not about receiving electronic gadgets, clothes and money.   I understand that we want to give our children the best, simply because we love them.  But let us teach them that Christmas means so much more than what is under the tree.

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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