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J. Cole, Cole World: The Sideline Story what it means for Hip Hop…

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( For all the great “can’t miss” products in music, sports, or other forms of entertainment, comes the hype that comes with it. It’s been a while since a MC in hip hop had all the tools of becoming a superb MC out the gate and with all the mediocrity in hip hop today, for awhile, it seemed like it wouldn’t be one. But Jermaine Cole or J. Cole is that must see product and today after sitting the sidelines for three years, he finally gets his chance to show the hip hop world he is here to stay. His album “Cole World: The Sideline Story” was released today and for the first time ever I’ve heard people actually WANTING to actually buy an album since the days before internet downloading became prevalent.

The last few years, J. Cole has stayed intact writing and recording. He’s  released 3 mix tapes from 2007 to 2010 (The Come up, The Warm up, Friday Night Lights” with nearly all produced by himself. He stayed busy by jumping on guest records and making official features. He’s also produced for the likes of Wale, Kendrick Lamar, and Young Chris showcasing his talent of production, in which he produced 15 of the 18 tracks from Cole World.

Could we say it’s the most hyped debut? Wouldn’t say it is. Can we say the most appreciated? Defiantly could be considered. He has released the singles “Workout” and “Can’t Get Enough” featuring Trey Songz to help promote the album while the mix tape gems “Lights Please” and “In the Morning” are also included on the album.

With the album dropping today we finally see a rapper with immense talent drop an album he and rap world have been waiting on for years. This album is important to rap music whether it’s a classic or not. Today marks the true beginning of a potential landmark career for young Simba, who finally gets his chance to step on the playing field with the big boys. And I honestly can not wait to see his future.

Music Editor; Brad Washington

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