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Lil Wayne Tha Carters 4, Tha Dynasty…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In the year of 2004 New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne released an album known as “Tha Carter” this was the first in the series of his well known “Tha Carter” albums. This first album sold an astounding 1.1 million copies and saw Wayne show off his amazing skills that left critics astounded. The single “Go DJ” from Tha Carter also became a top 5 hit in the Hip Hop and RnB chart and suddenly put Wayne into the forefront of Rap. However this was  just the beginning.

By 2005 Wayne was ready to bounce back with a second instalment of Tha Carter series with Tha Carter 2, and he didn’t fail to deliver, within just one week of release, the album had already sold 238,000 copies and debuted at  No.2 in the US Billboard 200 Album chart. But this was just the start for the second Carter, The album went on to sell over 2,000,000 copies worldwide. In the same year of the second Carter’s release Lil Wayne became the President of Cash Money records, owned by his mentor Bryan “Birdman” Williams who Wayne refers to as his father in many of his songs. In fact Wayne is known as the “Birdman Junior” by many of his fans and colleagues.

After Tha Carter 2 was released in 2005 Wayne took a break from producing Tha Carter albums but with his fans demanding a third Carter Album Wayne made a Triumphant return. He produced tha Carter 3, his most successful album to date. Tha Carter 3 was released in June  2008 and sold an amazing and record breaking 1,000,000 copies within its first week of release and by the time the first month of release had passed Tha Carter 3 had become a Double Platinum Album. The first single from the album “Lollipop” featuring Static Major saw Wayne receive his first number one topping The US Billboard 200 and reaching number 23 in the UK singles Top 40 Chart. This album saw Wayne become a Global Superstar.

Wayne hasn’t finished yet though and today, the 29th of August 2011 Wayne has released Tha Carter 4 which has already topped the Itunes album chart in the US and Canada and reached number 5 in the UK Itunes album chart. This has caused many rumours to circulate about Tha Carter 4. One rumour or idea is whether or not Tha Carter 4 will sell 1,000,000 copies within its first 3 days of release. some people believe that Tha Carter 4 has already reached Gold status and sold 500,000 copies within its first day of release. One word for Tha Carter Series, outstanding.

Written by Alex Cook 

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20 Responses to “Lil Wayne Tha Carters 4, Tha Dynasty…”
  1. ben dover says:

    YMCMBFAN get off his nuts already nigga!

  2. Elijah osei says:

    Jay z and his crew doesn’t know anything about rap

  3. Elijah osei says:

    See how jay z fans are mad because they can’t stand c4 indeed lil wayne is the best rapper alive jay z is wack

  4. Logan says:

    All yall are a bunch of haters and idiots for the most part. Carter IV is a solid album. It’s def not the best of the 4, but still solid. Jay-Z is damn near 40 and Kanye is just annoying and that is the only other new sh*t out. Wayne bumps man! I’ve been listening to the guy since I was 13 and no one knew who he was. Don’t hate just because he blew up! Damn…

  5. Weezy F says:

    Men lie Women Lie-The Numbers dont lie!!!!!!!Billboard has just noted that Tha Carter 4 sales are aiming for 850,000 to 900,000 in the first week of sales. Those kind of sales would make Weezy’s midnight album drop the first hip hop album to do those kind of figures in the first week since Wayne’s Tha Carter 3 in 2008. Yeaaa so just call THE GREAT a hitmaker!!!

  6. JC says:

    It is very pathetic to see all the attention being given to a screwed up deprave freak like Lil Wayne and the garbage that he produces. Thyblackman website is a rare vehicle where black men can read up on and comment about important issues that affect us. It provides inspirational messages and good advice for men who live in a society that is hell bent on our demise and extinction. When I see all the responses this article as generated it becomes obvious that far too many black men still lack maturity and common sense about what should be a priority in their lives.

  7. YMCMBFAN says:

    Tha Carter 4 is OUTSTANDING……..Thats all I have to say about the album. I just want to reply to some of the people giving their opinions. To ‘JAY’ I am a Lil Wayne fan. But im not going to say he’s the best. I listen to all kinds of music…anything and everything from Jay-z to J.cole to Big Sean, everything. you should be supporting good music rather than trying to comment about your favourite rapper. You have youre own opinions. fair enough, but to say Lil Wayne fans are ignorant is just the stupidest way to back up your argument. You say you dont care if I am a Lil Wayne fan, then you go ahead and diss them by saying they are all 13 year old boys. Great way to argue your case, noone cares…

    Now to ‘Ben Dover’ youre trying to say that all rappers have to dress a ceratin way, or do certain things, every rapper comes from a different background, they dont all sell drugs…. Why do you think Wayne creates such a buzz, hes different, hes not a regular rapper. How many rappers are there in the game that havent even made it commercially. Not saying that theyre bad rappers, theyre great! but not everyone will buy their album. Let him wear jeggings, atleast he doesnt comment on a website about a rapper being gay with a name like ‘Ben Dover’ A bit gay dont you think?

    To sum it all up Wayne still doing what he does best, Hope he stays in the game for a long time! YMCMB runnin this sh*t right now. Haters dont Hate learn to Appreciate

  8. dizzy diamond says:

    da carter 4 is cold i aint have to skip shit on this hold album the deluxe album betta u can give him credit he wasnt on so much syrup like he was on the previous carters so he actually had a lil focus to da album & even a few meaningful songs nt js sumthing to dance to dis nigga cold he aint da best but he made his statement in dis album he wuld neva b da worse

  9. ben dover says:

    Best rapper alive wearin jeggins? N**** please! This album is by far the worst! Sleep on this shit! The only reason he’s sellin is because all the fan boys who won’t accept lil wayne is not the same! Yeah he WAS a good rapper but now he’s pure garbage! Instead of focusing on trying to do a kickflip he should focus on creating better hooks and rhymes not just $2 punchlines and metaphors! I mean cmon ” I put up a wall they’re just wallpaper” is that really best rapper alive material?? NOOOOO! Besides there’s like an hour of other artist like drake and only 30 minutes of wayne rapping! It shouldn’t even be called lil waynes carter 4 I like lil wayne no doubt but nigga got to stop wearing my sisters pants! Stop trying to be 20 years old and trynna skate and focus on rapping! There’s no way he’s the “best” rapper alive!

  10. randy says:


  11. johnny says:

    Fuck u jay u really think eminem is even considered a rapper/good rapper if so your high as fuck or dumb ass fuck. All of waynes albums are good and all the free mixtapes he release are just as good. eminem fails then fails again then finally makes a album that few people enjoy. Weezy F Baby best rapper alive and the F is for go fuck yourself.

  12. John Thomas says:

    I am a huge lil Wayne fan but I have to say, the carter 4 is by far the worst album dropped by lil Wayne thus far. All this wait for b/s lyrics and two yea old hooks. I mean did he go in the studio a day before the album dropped and came up with this shit….The carter 2 seems to be the last album worth buying. As far as I concerned J. Cole is better than this guy right now… He has truly fallen off.

  13. Jay says:

    God I can’t fucking stand Lil Wayne fans. They are the most ignorant people, they diss other good rappers and state incorrect facts (Daniel Gucci for example). And they claim Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive. Idiots. Ever heard of Tech N9ne, Eminem, Hopsin, Murs? That’s just naming 4 of the thousands of rappers that are better than Lil Gayne. Come on, do you really think a guy who comes up with lines like “I’m so high I can touch the stars” is the greatest rapper alive? I don’t care that you like Wayne, but to say he is the greatest rapper alive is just fucking stupid.

    P.S. Lil Wayne is for 13 year old white kids who think they are black.

  14. Alex Cook says:

    I wrote The Article, follow me on Twitter here:

  15. James Hilliard says:

    Man Jay Z was not doing this when he was 29 period!!! Wayne is the best rapper a live!!!

  16. Frenchie D says:

    Wayne went gold in a day so of course he go reach platinum plus by time da week over. Watch The Throne said because of Mr. West off top. YMCMB allday fuck dem haters. C4 lol

  17. Alex Hernajnfjasb says:

    Worst carter album why is that?

  18. Man Tha Carter 4 will sell 750K To a million in its first week!Man the bih alreday went Gold so really he is the next Jay-z better than the next jay-z.Jay-z was only #1 on billboard 200 because of kanye west period!Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!

  19. Jonathan Sederquist says:

    Your an idiot who ever wrote this? It will probably sell around a Million first week i had to go to 3 stores yesterday because they were sold out?