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Herman Cain, Ron Paul not to blame for Obama Debt…

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( President Obama acted like Henry VIII talking down to HIS royal subjects in HIS latest White House address to the nation,  chastising Republicans for not agreeing to HIS demands to raise the debt ceiling so HE can win re-election. Obama invoked foreboding words of “reckless” “collateral damage” and “dangerous game.”  

During his monologue of blame, I actually thought he might shout “Off with their heads!” but then I remembered America is still a democracy despite  Obama delusions of grandeur that he’s ruler of a kingdom. His speech clearly showed how out of touch he is with what the American people want.

His 15 minutes of “I’m the greatest man on earth” was laughable and sickening on so many levels. He blame Republicans for “their cuts only approach” in exchange for raising the debt ceiling as opposed to Obama’s job-killing raise taxes approach and couldn’t stop salivating over how “millionaires and billionaires need to make sacrifices.” Give me a break.

Wealthy Americans, many of whom are small businesses make $250,000, are not rich and pay more than their fair share of taxes.  When you consider 5% of Americans ,including those small business owners, pay 59% of the nation’s taxes while 51% of Americans pay ZERO taxes, Obama asking “millionaires and billionaires to share in the sacrifices everyone else has to make” is outrageous and anything but a balanced approach!

House Speaker John Boehner and his Republican and Tea Party colleagues are right to boldly stand up  to Obama and demand a debt ceiling agreement not include a tax assault on one class of Americans. To borrow from Obama: “That’s not right. It’s not fair not.” It won’t create jobs or plug the hole in our gaping $14.3 trillion debt. Only cutting spending and voting Obama out of office in 2012 will end our economic crisis. America has a spending not a revenue problem. House Republicans also must not give Obama a carte blanche debt ceiling increase through 2012 to help him avoid the topic of government spending during his re-election campaign.

Listening to Obama’s third appearance on the debt ceiling “stalemate” all Americans heard was Obama blaming everybody else when he has spent the country to the brink of default. In 2009 when he became president, all Obama could do was spend billions and trillions on ineffective government programs: Obamacare, stimulus, auto bailouts, foreclosure prevention programs, cash for clunkers, etc. There was ZERO focus on creating jobs and tons of focus on jacking up the nation’s debt and growing the welfare state.

After adding $4 trillion to the national debt in two short years, (President George W. Bush spent about the same amount in his eight years in office), Obama wants “to spend more and have Americans pay more” but House Republicans have denied him that privilege. It’s clear Democrats have lost confidence in Obama when earlier this year, the Senate Democrats rejected his $3 trillion budget 97-0.  Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid removed tax hikes from his debt ceiling/spending reduction plan.

Not once in his 15 minutes of finger pointing did Obama take blame for this economic Armageddon the country finds itself in. He proclaimed like a God on high that “The only reason this balanced approach isn’t becoming law is because sign number of Republicans in Congress insisting on a different approach. A cuts only approach that doesn’t ask wealthiest Americans and corporations to contribute anything at all and because nothing is asked of those at the top of the income scale such an approach would close the deficit with only more severe cuts to programs we all care about.”

It’s true, the reason a debt ceiling agreement isn’t being signed into law is because Republicans want to end Obama’s out of control spending and cut our debt so there will be an America 100 years from now. We all care about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and defense but the money is running out and we can’t spend on these programs today with no regard for tomorrow. So, yes Mr. President we must make severe cuts today.

As columnist George Will so aptly observed “Obama’s rhetorical floundering is the sound of a bewildered politician trying to be heard over the long, withdrawing roar of ebbing faith in a failing model of governance. From Greece to California, with manifestations in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Illinois and elsewhere, this model is collapsing. Entangled economic and demographic forces are refuting the practice of ever-bigger government financed by an ever-smaller tax base and by imposing huge costs on voiceless future generations.”

What was most offensive in Obama’s 15 minutes of posturing and feigned leadership was when he said “We remember Americans who put country above self. That’s who we remember.” The arrogance of Obama to think of himself as a great American is beyond stunning. We will not be remembering Obama as a great American hero because he puts his ego before country every time.

During his painfully audacious press conference, Obama asked Americans “You know what people are fed up with most of all?” I think the resounding response from the American people was “You Mr. President, we are fed up with you!”

Written By Crystal Wright

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33 Responses to “Herman Cain, Ron Paul not to blame for Obama Debt…”
  1. Staff says:

    As you know all articles in reality, have been written so to get people talking literally… Election 2012 is just around the corner, and it’s nice to see people voice their opinion… Some would say this is what makes America so beautiful… In summary glad you step forward and express thyself…


  2. Nicholas says:

    Thy blackman Staff person, I concede that the commentters are human beings, and that they are free to support Sen. Ron Paul. They don’t have to support President Baraka Obama 24/7 (sic) as you or I don’t. If you read Crystal’s article, you might have noticed that it is no more than a hit piece on President Baraka Obama. Unlike the title of the article Herman Cain nor Rep. Ron Paul was mentioned by name in the text or the article. Was this a dog whistle for the Ron Paul supporters to commentte on Chrystal’s article all in a span or 24/7 hours all praising the vertures of Ron Paul’s positions. In that way I think the comments were manufactured. What say you?

  3. Blonduxo says:

    Great write Chrystal. I sense empathy with you. As a Ron Paul Republican I could barely watch the entire rant. He may be a great organizer but not such a hot leader or president, much to the countries loss.

    I would just like to state for the record we live in a constitutional republic with democratically elected representatives.

    Readers of ThyBlackMan please consider browsing over at and Please consider really investigating Dr. Paul and comparing him to the other candidates. Youtube has 30 years worth of floor speeches, campaign speeches, public appearances and interviews. The man is consistent, fair, for individual liberty and the decriminalization of drugs, an end to the illegal wars, the war on poverty and the war on drugs. In particular I suggest watching

  4. dave says:

    end the wars, audit the fed, bring home the troops, protect the borders and balance the budget. maximum freedom / minimum government. Ron Paul 2012

  5. ava jade says:

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, you better vote for Ron Paul in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

  6. Mike Byers says:

    What’s not to love about Ron Paul? Love peace, liberty, sound money? Vote for Ron Paul. Love serfdom, lies, debt, inflation, war, death and destruction? Vote for one of the other candidates. Great article. Support Ron Paul for President 2012.

  7. Joshua says:

    Honestly all politicians are thieves and that means ALL. No matter what they sell you they understand that all that’s sold will not be bought. Ron Paul has no interest in mind but to further an agenda of ignorance that we all see as HOPE (remember that) while I will give it to Obama and Paul for trying to mend the divide in the party lines I will always be the Rich win and the poor lose.

    Politicians are no more then Corporate puppets and allow themselves to be played that way to keep jobs in the states. They get paid either way and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to them. I am still screaming for a revolution to over throw our corrupt government. If you all didn’t notice Obama was placed in the Presidential position not because of the results (which is now overly-obvious) but for the Black Vote. If the powers that be got Black’s back into the swing of voting it would only give motivation for Black folks to keep voting (even though the Popular Choice isn’t always the elected choice). Ron Paul from all that I have heard is a good man, very patriotic, and (supposedly) see’s the dreaded fall the States will take if something doesn’t change.

    My answer to change “THROW THEM ALL OUT!!!” And start over!!! Corporations have to contribute more to the well being of society to operate ANYWHERE in the United States and all Corporations and Goverment Entities or any building that is considered “Federal” needs to be completely transparent and all of their audits need to be open to the public. That’s just a couple of suggestions. But in all honesty doesn’t matter who they put in to office next the US is done for and there is nothing we can do about it.

  8. mike v says:

    If everyone really looked into the issues and just didn’t care or like someone for their personality and charm, the majority of them would see Ron Paul for who he really is and who he represents. He has not self interest other than to preserve our freedoms and help this country succeed, and the know how to do it. To some his doctrine is tough to hear but in all our hearts we can olnly know it to be the truth. He is our truly our one last hope!

  9. Brewer Phil says:

    When I read this article, in the morning, I was reminded to go and give my support to Ron Paul. Go, Ron!

  10. Manny says:

    Herman Cain is a fool !!!! Why he’s being taken seriously I dont know. All he does is say he knows whats good for America because he’s a “business owner” with so called “business acumen.” Every answer to a complicated question is that he’s a “business owner”.

    LOL, GTFO here !!

    RON PAUL 2012 or bust

  11. CP says:

    Vote Ron Paul 2012. Google Ron Paul. Do your selves this favor, trust me its relieving to hear an ho9nest and sane voice in politics every so often! I have never been so excited to vote for someone. I even donated for the first time to a candidate because of Ron Paul. Great article though, just don’t let the neocons fool you either, they love big Gov too, they just go about it in different ways.

  12. bob says:

    Ron Paul +1

  13. Timothy says:

    Ron Paul is the best man for the job!

    He has UNITED many types of people around the idea of liberty. When you are truly free to live YOUR life the way you want, it doesn’t matter if a person is a different race or religion than you are.

    Vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

  14. bob says:

    Ron Paul = modern day Thomas Jefferson/Ben Franklin.

  15. Jamesofthecommons says:

    The FEDERAL RESEARVE is a privately owned organization that is owned by who ?
    No, not by code pink,nor even Pink Floyed but by the same people that own the international corps ! Therefore,merely disbanding the Fed as a fake governmental organization, will,absent individual prosecutions of its’ private owners,allow those owners to escape into the shadows of Wallstreet, with the then unrecoverable wealth they have already stolen.I could be wrong,but I do not believe Paul has promised even individual investigations of the Fed members,much less prosecutions.

  16. Jamesofthecommons says:

    Come on Douglas,I know you really do not think the big bankers and corps were truely broke when they recieved the big ”bailouts” !? Did you really fall for that crap !? Trust me Douglas,the corporate elite can not go broke;they print their own money ! Therefore as I am ceartain you already know,the privitisation of this country is exactly what they want,and what they will get when and if RP is elected.

    I think we would do well to consider the fact that during the slavery era,most of the slaves were owned by the private sector,and up untill the civil war, our ”small constitutional” government was just large enough to enforce slavery and the genocide of the native Americans.It does not take a large government to promote the will of a private minority elite.

  17. DTM4U2 says:

    This has been mentioned before i so many words but Ron Paul is the only viable choice in 2012. America needs him desperately. Please help wake people of all races to this great and extremely principled man. Thanks and God bless.

  18. RK says:

    Great Article!!

    Just because you like Ron Paul it does not MAKE you a Republican.

    Dr. Paul has a message that unifies all backgrounds. We need more real Democrats and Republicans. Not more Republicrats like Obama and Boehner.

    I am glad to find this article here.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  19. Paula S. says:

    Well said! I’m glad I have found your site and look forward to reading more of your well written work.

  20. JasonfromCanada says:

    Look I don’t get why Herman Cain is mentioned here, like c’mon he is completely bought and paid for just like 99.98% of politics.

    Ron Paul on the other hand, IS THE ONLY HONEST MAN LEFT in Washington, and he’s been preaching since the 70s clearly a man of principles as he isn’t bought off and paid for even after decades in that cesspool.

  21. Douglas says:


    Why on earth would the thieving international banks and corporations want things privatized? They get such a sweet deal the way things are. Over $16 trillion in free money from the Federal Reserve and trillions more in bailouts and subsidies just in the last few years and all paid for by You, me and our children.

    If they actually had to be responsible for their bad choices they mite go belly up.

    Sounds like they have it just the way they want it.

    Privatize the gains socialize the loses!
    Corporatism at its finest!

  22. Staff says:

    Those are real people brother Nicholas… Yes Ron Paul Supporters… Do know this is a free country, and one doesn’t have to support brother Obama 24/7… Sista is a die hard republican…


  23. Nicholas says:



  24. Jamesofthecommons says:

    If you believe that America should be owned by the international,as well as national corporations which have corrupted our government and crafted the privitisation of public assests which has left our government broke;then by all means,vote for Ron Paul.

  25. Nicholas says:



  26. Orbanzo says:

    Thank you for the article. I am a democrat who will be supporting Ron Paul this upcoming election, as he is the only candidate that is serious about ending our wars and illegal foreign occupations, our eroding civil liberties (TSA for example), and the criminal Federal Reserve, as noted by others who have commented.

    I urge SERIOUS caution with regard to Herman Cain, as he is a former head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Please research for yourself what this unconsitutional entity has done to detroy the wealth of this nation.

  27. Paul Krugman says:

    Obama and friends are to blame for the national debt. They’re invading countries like Libya and Somalia and expecting the American taxpayer to foot the bill.

    We’re not going to stand for Obama’s socialist culture of spending our money and handing it out to foreign countries and bankers.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  28. al lewis says:

    Right on I couldn’t have said it better If I was God. Crystal is definitely right. We need some more clear writing like this at these critical times. Thanks!! Crystal

  29. Al Dove says:

    Why didn’t Obama suggest ending the empire? Oh yeah, I forgot. The Man of Peace is a murdering warmonger. Guess RP gets MY vote.

  30. Chris says:

    RON PAUL 2012! I will be voting for him in my state’s primary and encouraging everyone I know to do the same! I have looked up Ron Paul’s voting records and know that he is an honest man and he reflects that in his personal and public life. He has been married to the same woman for over 50 years and when he goes to speak to an audience, he doesn’t use political rhetoric full of half-truths. He repeats the same message of liberty and freedom that he has stood strong for many years. He understands the Constitution and I believe that he will make this country great again! He makes me proud to be an American!

  31. Jake says:

    I can’t wait to see Paul tear apart Obama next year during their debates hahahahahaha

  32. ENDTHEFED says:

    This is a great article, everything that was said here was perfectly on point. End the fed, because we are fed up. Ron Paul 2012, vote for Liberty, don’t let the fed control your way of life and make us all slaves.

  33. chris says:

    The Obama and Bush administration have brought the country to its knees with irrational policies that would embarrass the founders. Consider this, Obama ran on a peaceful foreign policy promising to end the wars and save the money for domestic programs like Social Security and Medicare. Instead, he sent 30k more troops to Afghanistan, his administration has been involved in the biggest arm deals in the history of the world, he has bombed Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and has not shifted hardly any policies from the Bush administration. Although he pretends that this isn’t true, he made his statement by signing an extension for the PATRIOT act, the same PATRIOT act that he was strongly opposed to as a Senator.

    The country is tired of the fake left/right Broadway show. We want civil liberties, freedom, and peace. That is why in 2012 i’ll be voting for the only candidate who respects the constitution and is a man of his word- RON PAUL 2012

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