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Young Black Men, and The Power of Flash Mobs!!

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( We cannot police hopelessness and despair!

There are those who are angered and surprised by the violence of  urban “Flash Mobs” (quickly forming groups of young people using technology to organize), especially crowds of young Black men, descending on mostly White, affluent downtown American cities.  However, if we analyze this phenomenon, it is not so surprising.  In fact, it is highly predictable.  While there is no justification for young Black men to rob and beat people of any race, the activities of flash mobs are easily understandable in the context of recent social history and current economic conditions.

Most of these young men are poor, desperate and hopeless.  They come from broken families and broken communities.  They have been failed by their  schools and by social and faith organizations in their communities.  They  don’t have jobs and many of them will never have jobs.  They live at the  bottom rung of society.  The kind of havoc they wreak among us through “flash mobbing” is the kind of havoc they have lived with their entire young lives.  For them, there is a perverse kind of justice and sense of fairness in their ability to create flash mobs that breathe terror into the hearts of other Americans.

Predictive factors for young Black males participating in the activities of violent flash mobs in Chicago are shown by recent data:

  • This summer, 90% of young Black men in Chicago between 16 and 19 years old are unemployed.
  • Only 44% of Black males graduate with a high school diploma from Chicago public schools.
  • Only three out of 100 Black boys who start kindergarten in the Chicago Public Schools earn a bachelors degree by age 25.
  • 70% of Black children in America are born into and live in single, female-headed households that are usually impoverished.
  • Black males are 6% of Illinois’ population but they represent 60% of the state’s prison population.


The power and strength of a flash mob are in its large number of congregants and in its ability to assemble quickly and to disband equally as fast.  The word “flash” is an allusion to social media — texting, smart phones Twitter and Facebook.  Flash media, an effective tool for organizing a social cause, is the same media that brought down the government of Egypt.  Now inner-city youth are using this same media, but instead of toppling governments, they “topple” Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Old Navy, and they steal IPads and IPhones from defenseless citizens.

The message from the flash mob to us is even more threatening than the mob itself.  That message is, “You can’t control us!  You don’t scare us!  Your police don’t scare us!  Your prisons don’t scare us! We are mightier than you! We will take what you have because you have given us few other options in life for earning similar things.  And most importantly, we will take your peace of mind.  Just as we in our communities cannot ever feel secure, now neither can you!  We are more afraid of continuing to live our lives as they are than we are of you locking us up.  What do we have to lose? For once, we are more powerful than you!”

Flash mobs are not new.  In Black communities across America for the past 30 years, large groups of Black males have attacked others.   In the past few years, jobless, desperate, hopeless youth have rioted in France, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Tunisia, and Egypt in efforts eerily similar to America’s flash mobs, but on a much larger scale and with politically clear motives and demands.  These youth have taken over business districts, cities and countries and they have destroyed billions of dollars in property while toppling governments.  The same root causes for these youth riots and disturbances in Europe and Northern Africa are producing similar actions, and possibly similar politically conscious attitudes, in the youth of  Chicago, New York City, Charlotte, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and other American cities.

Politicians and the police are working under the false and dangerous assumption that  hopelessness and despair can be policed.  The police are out-numbered and out-maneuvered in this battle of minds, spirits, bodies and technology.   Even as thirty-three flash mobbers were arrested in Chicago this past week, the communities in Chicago were producing a thousand more potential flash mobbers to replace them.  When Black boys are not reading at grade level by the third grade, we are creating conditions for a flash mob.  When Black teenagers cannot find meaningful work, we are creating conditions for a flash mob.  When young Black boys do not have suitable role models and mentors, we are creating conditions for a flash mob.

The best way to deter a violent flash mob is to stop it from forming.  The best time to stop it from forming is when the potential congregants are 2 and 3 years old, not when they are 16, 20 and 30 years old.  The best weapons against flash mobs are jobs, not police with guns; education, not incarceration; and positive guidance and direction, not threats or curses.  Can flash mobs be stopped? Absolutely.  Is America working properly to stop them? Absolutely not.

Welcome to the year 2011 where ethics, sociology, economics, criminology, politics and technology cross!  The flash mobbers are trying to tell us, “You can’t stop us, but with your help, we can stop ourselves!”

Written By Phillip Jackson

Founder and Executive Director      

The Black Star Project                        
3509 South King Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60653
773.285.9600 office
312.771.1010 cell


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  1. I every time spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s content daily along with a cup of coffee.

  2. ABSOLUTELY says:

    100% agree with the last two comments!

  3. MOM says:

    I am sitting here watching television and the commercial with the abandoned , abused animals is on. I wish to HELL , all those lovely tax dollars that I am forced to hand over to this gangster government could be spent on those poor lovable animals . But no . My tax dollars has to be spent of worthless little hateful bastards with useless parents who are teaching them to hate and despise the very race that has fed , supported, paid for all their medical needs and ATTEMPTED to educate them , all in vain. All in vain. Those little animals would appreciate the food they receive and wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them. I wish I was in charge .I could put a stop to this bullshit.

  4. renae says:

    I am sick and tired of articles like this trying to make excuses for the behavior of these ” animals”. I was born into a poor white familiy with a sorry good for nothing white father. He left my mother when I was 2 years old. My mother never received any child support from that worthless PUKE. She never received one dime of welfare . No food stamps , no free housing. Nothing. Nor did my sister and I receive free breakfasts and lunches. My mother worked 2 jobs and we saw very little of her. We had to stay at home by ourselves. WE managed to stay OUT of trouble by playing with paper dolls, reading books, playing board games etc. When we were ages 12 and 10, we hired ourselves out to every farmer in the neighborhood to work in their tobacco fields in the summer months so we could buy our own school clothes, and school supplies to take some of the responsibilities off of our mother. We worked 6 days a week, 14 hours a day ! When we came in from the fields, we did dishes, and laundry. WE didn’t have time for acting like animals. We were too tired from working. We received fairly decent grades in school. I have been married twice, widowed twice and have raised 3 children without food stamps, Medicaid , free housing ,etc. I worked 60 hours per week in factories. My kids received good grades in school and I took them to church when they were growing up. My children NEVER were allowed to roam the streets at night . So don’t tell me the reason for these little worthless PUKES of society are because society has let them down. This is a bunch of B.S. Period. They sit in the same classes as white kids, Mexicans, Orientals, yet they sit there with their lips stuck out, hating everybody and everything , blaming whites for the fact that they are lazy as hell ! They are spoiled brats. Plain and simple ! they are so used to having everything handed over to them that they don’t appreciate anything. They get free breakfast, free lunches, they have the best clothes and yet nothing makes them happy ! Now , here’s what needs to be done when they go into town because mommy is too busy lying around with a different man every night to be mother to the little darlings ; the police need to use any kind of force it takes to round them up. Lock them up , putting as many into a cell as possible so as not to be able to sit their hind ends down. Make them give mommy’s name, tell mommy to get her hind end down there and pick up the monster. Then , if mommy receives all kind of welfare money, that money needs to be forfeited to pay all damages to the victims and business owners. I think missing a few meals every day for a while will help these animals to remember not to bite the hand that feeds them. PEOPLE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If this fails , stop all aid to that wench. These women are NOT even trying. My mother managed to work 2 jobs and keep my sister and I under control. These little monsters run around with expensive cell phones , Ipods. You don’t reward bratty kids for harassing people. We have to pump money into these people their entire lives and what do we get in return ? Grief. Now all you little liberals can go to pieces over my post. The truth is the truth. I was a single parent . My kids were at the top of their class. My mother was a single parent. My sister and I didn’t go through life tearing the hell out of everything because we had a non-existent father. Stop making excuses for these animals.

  5. Hussein Obeezy says:

    This is bogotry…straight up!! Blacks (Obama included) are taught an an early age that whites folks are the cause for their ignorace, shit colored skin and pubic hair on their heads.
    Blacks are now enslaved by their blackness and losers like obama.

    Under obama blacks are more ignorant, poor and incarcerated than ever before.
    But, Whites are only 25% of the worlds population, and we control EVERYTHING !!!! Including YOU….and your hero Obeezy.

    You will always be shite colored

  6. Angie says:

    To the comment below me: I’m with you. I’m 23 years old, and from New York. I’m not putting up with this bullshit anymore.

  7. Grannie Fanny says:

    Flashmobs of african-americans… who cares what the cause? If they come in MY store or threaten ME, a granny in her late 60s, they will encounter something unexpected… a woman who has been a shooter since the age of 6, who bagged her first deer at 8 and who owns a LOT of guns, automatic weapons mostly with FMJ bullets. Furthermore, I’m no longer a ‘goodie-twoshoes’… when I shoot it will be to KILL, it has always been so. If a bunch of kids are going to act like animals, I’ll treat them as such… and I have the upper hand. I look like a sweet little old lady, but I despise scum and I’ve shot enough animals for food over the past six decades, I won’t hesitate nor feel a moment’s compunction either. Also, I’ve got another thing in my favor, the higher intelligence of a 100% WHITE person.

  8. Jerome says:

    Sterilize a) all felons and b) all welfare mothers with two or more children. They have proven themselves unfit to be parents.

  9. shawn Deshawn says:

    schools, social and faith orginazations havent failed them, being born
    without a Dad did.

  10. jhd says:

    “Those who automatically say that the social pathology of the ghetto is due to poverty, discrimination and the like cannot explain why such pathology was far less prevalent in the 1950s, when poverty and discrimination were worse. But there were not nearly as many grievance mongers and race hustlers then.”-Thomas Sowell on the race war

  11. David Chipps says:

    All true. I’ve also been saying that liberals are using racial and gay politics to sale poverty to the entire public while the ones who made their money in the 80’s and 90’s keep there jobs.

    Minorities have it the worst though.

  12. Gus Fusco says:

    Black folks have got to wake-up to the fact that 50 years of Liberal policies have done nothing but keep black folks comfortably poor, and confined to the inner city… At heart; most black folks I talk to are more Conservative than I am, yet most continue to support a Democratic Party who have intentionally kept black folks dependent on government programs for decades… Why? Because the only way they will succeed at getting their Progressive Socialist America is to grow the number of poor in America… They have no desire to see black folks succeed… It is in their best interest that you remain poor and addicted to their political party while they go about their business trying to get the rest of a declining middle class America to join you.. they plan on using poor black and white folks along with dirt poor immigrants as a foundation to build a Socialist America… the more poor they get addicted to their government programs the better for their final goal.. Once this happens, opportunity and hope for all Americans are out the window…it’s over ! I think it’s time for black folks to realize this, and look elsewhere for representation..
    I sincerely hope you consider what I am saying… I wish you well…

  13. Tyron says:

    There is an estimated 27 million people currently in slavery throughout the world. Blacks are not the only victims of slavery. Read about the history of slavery and you will find all races have been slaves and there are more slaves now than at any other time in history.

  14. Tyron says:

    Black people were sold by other black people, why not blame the black people as well who sold your relatives? White people are weak? Many of the strongest men in the world are white.

    I never saw a black country that nearly controlled the world, it was either white, asian or arab. Never a black country.

    Blacks forget that whites have most of the guns in this country and we out number you by many many millions. Also, the hispanics are getting tired of your crap and they use the same if not worse ghettos tactics as you do. Hispanics are tearing your shit up.

    Blacks better watch your mouth, the more you inform the liberal whites of your ape like ways, they less friends you will have. If it wasn’t for the liberal whites, you’d have been eradicated many years ago, don’t be stupid and anger the only whites that still think you are humans. Sure there are good black people, but those are the exceptions that the liberal media likes to portray as the norm. Most black males are still very primitive.

    The liberal whites just want you for votes. They live in their fancy white neighborhoods far away.

  15. Tyron says:

    Some people on here are blaming the condition on black people on slavery. Well that was ashame, but what are you doing now?

    Jews are doing just find and they have been persecuted more than any other group.

    Besides, the blacks ruled by blacks in africa aren’t doing any better. As long as you blame someone else for your problems you will never take the effort to improve your situation.

  16. Gen Lee says:

    Dealing with this is simple: put a couple shotgun shells or machine gun bursts or a few puffs from a flame thrower into these mobs and all of this will stop real fast.

  17. Angry black Man says:

    Anything that does not kill you makes you stronger.

  18. MalcomX says:

    I see alot of posts about itchy trigger fingers and negative criticism. My mom taught me to not say anything if I have nothing nice to say. “The angry African American” flash mobs are simply getting even. Think about it, remember when white flash mobs were in style they would terrorize us and beat on our people. I figure 398 more years we should be even right?

  19. Nigel(TheAsiaticMan) says:

    I am a dark green male nineteen years of age. Please stop passing judgement on lifestyles some of you will never understand. “Flashmobs” are made up of African Americans,white,yellow,…etc. white teenagers may stay in school a tad bit longer. Kudos, but most of the white race is fat and sloppy. I’m sure statistics would support, also white men are famous for rape and child molestation. Be very careful addressing an entire race especially African Americans. Get your coffe mug out of your ass we are not perfect neither are you. If your not part of the solution your part of the problem remember that. Also if you shoot unarmed citizens it will not go over looked. So fuck you, keep your comments online and Your weapons in your holster we just want nice clothes and shoes for free. maybe we should organize to correct alot of white bullshit but then there would be another problem. My last point before I finish my homework, let’s but 50 white men and 50 white women who only Speak,read,and write in the most confusing language in the world(English) on a boat. Let us go somewhere were their is only “Black” people who speak who speak multiple languages(no English). Well white people don’t make good slaves because they are weak and extremely lazy so they would make us look even better, let’s fast forward 20 years the 50 white women had 25 kids these children grew up in a place that they don’t belong or understand these are the people that will naturally resist everything the kidnapping party has to say or offer them. Let’s fast forward 20 more years the white population has expanded the rebels incarcerated people who speak up are killed or beaten and the cycle goes on. Now everything is supposed to be ok? No apology, reparations. Fuck you, we adapted and overcame and now they cowards sit behind a keyboard you bring disease everywhere you go. Your calendar is fucked up your arithmetic is not your own and your language is fucking pathetic. You steal our money and try to keep us in disillusion read a fucking accurate history book we are the original people we are god among men but you do everything possible to try an make us forget.

  20. Fred says:

    400 years of:

    1. Slavery
    2. Raping our black women
    3. Selling off our black children and breaking up black families (Slave Master)
    4. Calling us the N-word
    5. Intentionally making it harder for black men to be employed
    —Fact: A white man WITH A FELONY can get hired easier than a black man with a college degree and NO FELONY!
    6. The white slave masters had so many children by black slave women he could not count, but the black man had to take care of his WIFE’s half-white by MASSA!

    Let’s do a little test:
    —Let’s capture 600 MILLION white people and kill over 100 MILLION of them on the slave ships like they killed us.

    Then, let’s use them as a source of free labor for 400 years.

    Finally, in the year 2412, 400 years from now, let’s how well the white race in AMERICA is doing!

    White Americans have no right to say anything about blacks being unemployed, because the slaves worked EVERYDAY, 24/7, and STILL DIED POOR!

    Don’t pretend that hard work pays in America! Smart work pays!

    I am a black man who is educated, but I still face racism in my profession.

    These young men are wrong for doing violence, NO DOUBT, but,

    don’t act like the white race is better than us, because if they had to go through HALF of the Bull**it we had and still have to go through,


    Oh, and by the way:

    I like President Obama, but he is also HALF-WHITE and his grandmother who raised him was white, and his mother was white.

  21. Jang says:

    You can’t excuse poor parents having more kids than they can afford…That’s really the bottom line, why have so many children if you can’t take care of them? You are basically putting them through Hell and one day they will end up dead over something as stupid as being in a flash mob…If they can use a computer to track down flash mob locations, then they sure aren’t all that poor.

  22. Cali says:

    Quit trying to provide any justification for this behaviour. I hate sad, poor me stories. I grew up as poor as possible. We often had a hard time getting food and even water (had an old shallow well that my father fixed regularly). We did not have a television until I was about 11 years old. We NEVER-EVER recieved government assistance. My father and mother worked their tails off. I was at church every week and we lived a clean life. I worked on a farm from about age 13. I was always at school or working a job. I graduated and went to college. My undergrad years I was a bit of a social outcast due to my finances. Med school changed that and now I am respected. I give that respect back to all my patients and care for everyone of them. QUIT BLAMING SOCIETY. YOU AND ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OUTCOME. America does not owe you anything. I don’t owe you anything. Work hard, lead a respectful life (i suggest god/church), and raise your kids!

  23. Yvonne says:

    Articles like this, that tell a young black man that he has a right to behave badly due to his circumstances, are one of the reasons the culture is held down. This whole article is nothing more than one giant excuse and the same one that has been used year after year. When is the black community going to take a stand and rise themselves up. If you keep waiting on the government to do it for you then expect things to get worse, not better. And I can tell you this… if these black mobs continue to rise with violence expect retaliation at some point. Do you really think whitey is going to sit back and allow this for long? Not to mentions those black youths are setting the culture back years every time it happens. These are the facts. Stop making excuses. It is what it is. Solve the problem with the tools you have been given. The rest of society is tired of hearing the complaining and not doing. If I were a young black man that could not find work the first thing I would do is move to a mostly white liberal area and force my way into their world one smile at a time. I would get educated. I would not give up. I would not keep beating the same drum expecting different results. If my surrounding community is one of poverty I would get out from the flock and shine elsewhere.

  24. Patsy says:

    It all comes down to being lazy and having a false sense of entitlement. No one owes any of these clowns a thing. They are violent and lazy by race. Always will be. Proof is in the pudding. I dont care what job statistics are out there. I can get five jobs within a day with no college degree. They might not be the best paying jobs but who knows, maybe if I work my ass off I might be promoted one day and get a nice pay, but they would rather be “sleepy”. They want everything given to them. I work my two jobs just so I dont end up like these people. Not because I want to but because I need to afford to live in an area where I dont see any of these zombies

  25. Euridice says:

    I had to look up “black flash mobs”. While I know and have personally experienced the truth of some of what you say is the problem, I also know that, as a black person myself, your truth is nothing but an excuse for wrong behavior.

    All those ancestors who lived and died..all those whose names we as a group invoke so quickly…..would be ashamed. We would not be here if they, those ancestors, were as weak willed.

    I am ashamed of these children. There is no excuse.

  26. Polo G says:

    They are weak minded and use this as an excuse. There are plenty of opportunities, but for some of these kids it is plain laziness that gets them there. So much is available yet they live in their grovel. There’s really no excuse. People will just continue to turn from these types of manchildren and they will just live in the jail system. This is their own fault and no one else’s. Tired of those who try to make long passionate speeches about how bad they have it. EVERYONE has it bad, EVERYONE does not go out and hurt others intentionally.

  27. Joe says:

    This needs to stop. Oh poor me, I am oppressed blah blah blah. STOP IT! You are oppressing yourself. Being poor and uneducated and growing up in a single family home is no excuse for this type of behavior. Black people need to get their act together. Stay in school, study and learn. If you can’t afford to have a kid, do not have one. Be a good parent. Black leaders need to be speaking out against this behavior. There is no excuse for it, and they are insulting every black person who works hard and maybe overcame racism and alot of the so called obstacles these people face. I am a white man, and I have served in the military along side all races, some of my best friends in the military were black, some very honorable and hard working people they were. Some of them grew up in poor neighborhoods and joined the military and made something of themselves and are serving their country. If parent(s) would instill values into these kids, and stop putting up with nonsense like this then maybe just maybe behavior like this will stop!

  28. westpacwes says:

    just another example of how the Govt. Plantation has failed them.

  29. Mike Constitution says:

    The flash mobs are made up of young males that have not been socialized properly.

    They are puerile savages that do NOT know right from wrong because they have never been taught or forced to meet any standard of human decency.

    This the predictable result of the false compassion of government dependence that destroys human capital and wastes lives.

    The US has spent trillions of dollars on social programs to fight these problems but the unintended consequence is to produce even more of the same.

  30. Gray says:

    Be warned. The same networking technology can be used to hunt down and kill these criminals and those who encourage them. Just as you attack whites, whites will attack blacks. The Jew Hate crime laws which favor your race will seem quaint when the mass graves swallow you up.

  31. Robert says:

    Simple solution. Firepower.

  32. i know I am an idiot but the PRESIDENT of the USA is a black man …why can’t you love your children and hold them close and civilize them in the most hopeful country in the history of the world … why am I wasting my time … I wish we could adopt these American children and save them from the race hustlers … but I think we have lost that battle…

  33. DAfny says:

    Go to school, learn, respect others, stop having babies, stop depending on the government and stop blaming other people for the problems you cause.

  34. Jimmy Dean says:

    Is it just me or is it odd that all this “flash mob” stuff started the same summer that planet of the apes was released?

  35. Fletch says:

    That is the most apologetic, blame casting thing I have read in quite some time. These kids still know right from wrong and all footage I have seen does not depict a yearning to be free and succeed; this is fun for them. They are laughing and enjoying themselves as they beat and rob people, usually white. So you can blame their schools, even though we have never put more money into education than we do now. You can blame the single parent household, though none of that is society’s doing, and entitlement programs and “leg up” programs have never been higher. Blame everyone except for the people perpetrating the crimes. Sorry, I am getting to the point where I say “eff em.” They live in a world without a concept of reward or consequence – prison doesn’t phase them. This isn’t a recent problem folks, it’s just a new twist on the same old story.

  36. Smith says:

    The government–any government–cannot make positive changes without help from those concerned on the local level. Indeed, I do not expect the government to oversee the education and welfare of my children because that’s my responsibility as their parent. Where are the parents here? This article leaves the government as the being responsible for these kids when it should be and must be the parents. Seventy percent of children are being born into female-headed households? Where are the fathers? Why are the men abandoning their partners and children? Why are these women being so irresponsible as to ally themselves with men who will not support them and bear children they cannot raise properly? This is not the government’s fault. The black community must open its eyes to the rot that is systemic its urban culture. To blame it on anyone else is to play the victim and then change becomes impossible because it will always depend on someone else who isn’t doing enough.

  37. Judy says:

    oh, and one more thing…i can guarantee you that these kids listen to rap music. A type of music that encourage crime and violent behavior. One wonders why they live in such a violent encouraged society. It’s not only encourage and approved, it’s sickening.

  38. Judy says:

    How can they afford a phone service that let’s them tweet and update facebook? How do they afford the bus or train ride to the “tweeted” event? Does that sound poor? I personally find my phone bill and transportation costs high in Atlanta—so I live without a cell phone and I try to save my money for transportation to work. Excuses excuses.

  39. Kelly says:

    Someone told me to google “flash mob blacks” to see evidence of a trend of which I had been ignorant due to a fairly busy time personally and professionally. Among the top results, I saw some links to actual news accounts of such incidents. I saw, mostly, links to what I presume to be right-wing websites with a predictable frustrations about the media obscuring the strong relationship between Americans of African descent and the more violent or illegal activity of some mobs.

    And I saw this post. As someone who has been an avid student of race issues in our society for some twenty years, I clicked through. (I’ve been to this blog before and have enjoyed the forum.)

    I do not take issue with the harsh realities presented in this piece–it is true that this society botched things when we didn’t do the forty-acres-and-a-mule thing, and the disparities along racial and class lines sadly persist. I tend to base my understanding of the criminal behavior of any group that is disadvantaged on the bases of race and class on the history we cannot escape. Of course the trends of poverty and diminished education, etc., are related to our rich and shameful history of racism and classism. When something like the LA Riots happened, I was the first to explain what led to the boiling point in the terms that are used in this post.

    I would caution those, however, who jump up with the same mantra we’ve all heard about how society fails [blacks] systemically, so what do you expect to happen. That dog won’t hunt in current political discourse. Anyone with racial or class prejudice will immediately tune it out. (As some of the chest-beating, knee-jerk, unenlightened comments to this post indicate, the mouth-breathers are ready to draw their guns and shoot anyone who doesn’t have an NRA membership as soon as they hear anything that sounds like a pat excuse.) While it is easy to see how someone can be driven to desperation when he comes from a history of being treated as lesser individually and on the community level, I’d hesitate to defend teenagers taking a convenience store by storm to rob them of cupcakes, chips, and sodas with such rhetoric.

    The brush in this post is, I believe, too broad to include recent flash mob incidents here among the happenings in Egypt and others with “politically clear motives and demands.” It’s a stretch for the purpose of writing an article. This is all but conceded with the mention of “possibly similar politically conscious attitudes.” What we have is kids misbehaving. Organizing to rob a store is not the same as the truly revolutionary (and well considered, well organized) happenings in other countries. These youth do a disservice to the larger cause, as do those who would basically defend them by putting them in the same light as these larger movements. Random acts of theft and violence are nowhere near the road to social justice. Systemic causes may be explanations, even justifications for individuals’ misguided and wasteful actions, but they do not confer the mantle of freedom fighter to anyone so bold as to steal a twinkie.

  40. KELLY says:

    Always pointing out why the poor black man behaves the way he does and making excuses for him. How about an article pointing out all the damage they do and how despicable their actions are and what a drain they are on society. How about intelligent black men speaking out about the shame these people bring to themselves and their race. Interesting how they have cell phones and access to the internet. But no job and no money for food. Anyone who takes a shower, shows up on time and does what they are told can GET AND KEEP A JOB!! Until we accept and talk about the FACT that blacks commit a disproportional number of crimes and stop making excuses for them nothing will change.

  41. John says:

    Why are white, hispanic, asian, etc kids in the same third grade as the black kids reading just fine? How are the schools “failing” black children only? You are implying that there is some great conspiracy going on that is enabling all students but blacks an education in the same classroom. How is this possible?

  42. TGGP says:

    If your theory was right, the Jim Crow south should have featured more riots from hopeless people. Instead during the 60s/70s it was northern (plus Californian) cities, often under relatively progressive administrations. Where can you give me an example of some place stopping such mobs with your recommendations? Recommend those things because they are simply good, not because of some “halo effect” where they will cure additional ills.

  43. Dennis says:

    We cannot police hopelessness and despair!

    No, but we sure can police crime–and put people behind bars. You can slather all the lipstick you want on this pig, but once people decide they’ve had enough, they will consent to–nay, clamor for–a harsh crackdown. And they will be justified–to the very extent you, my brother, increase the violence. The degradation of civil liberties and rights that this crackdown represents? That’s on you too. Nice going, G.

  44. clara says:

    Since these groups are attack people based on race they should be charged under hate crimes laws. If the police cant control these ‘poor destitute’ youths then get the national guard to put up check points in their neighborhoods, and have a heavier police pressence in the good neighborhoods. As for educating the current youth, good luck a large percentage dont want to learn anyway. They attack rob the very people who are trying to educate them so they can be employed, or have the opportunity for an education. Fact of life and property values, whites move into a neighborhood, the values of homes goes up, the samething happens when asians, indians, and gays move into a neighborhood. The opposite happens when a neighborhood goes ghetto because how the community behaves itself. In short, those poor youth are their own worse enemy.

  45. Buck says:

    Finally the news outlets are reporting the objective truth of the flash mobs, tge violent ones are compromised of all blacks. Mixed race or primarily white flash mobs get together and do the robot dance, while the blacks violently attack people. I can’t wait to see one of these flash mobs pick on a concealed carry holder. Can you say flash mob swiss cheese?

  46. Thomas Paine says:

    After decades of reverse discrimination,so called “affirmative action and other marxist drivel , we find ourselves at the point that we must defend western civilisation! Defend it we shall in every nation in which we reside! Ghandi made a snide remark in referance to Western Civilisation as many of the multi cult-i globalist scum like to do. I’d remind both that Ghandis theories of non violence would have floated down the Ganges with his bloated and beheaded corpse had the Japanese taken India as they intended! And exactly WHO was to thank for their not taking India? Hmmmmmmnnn?? Multiculturalist mumbo jumbo designed to destroy our societal fabric and the future of our children must be met with violent resistance when it seeks to do us harm! Just look at South Africa or Zimbabwe if you want to see where we are heading! As a former ‘hardside’ combat veteran, po’ black folk think they will attack me or my family?:-) I roll in full battle rattle with an AK and 12 magazines, and a Glock with 4 mags,back up piece in a pocket holster etc! 🙂 there are hundreds of thousands of us vets now and we have no problem dropping a s*it head no matter what race they happen to be!Remember All enemies foreign and domestic! The second American Revolution is coming hard and fast. BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH! Flash mob?, global government,?Gun control?Don’t support the US Constitution? Then GET OUT! Otherwise you will be a valid target! So go ahead and keep calling us racists and spouting regurgitated leftist nonsense crap! See what it gets you.

  47. Louie Lou says:

    I believe that these “flash mobs with teens” will reduce when school starts. These kids are obviously bored. When school starts the “mayhem” will reduce dramatically mainly due that these kids become preoccupied with:: assignments, dating, family, work, dating and exams. He/she feels abandoned and to be honest they are. They have become abandoned by the mere parents that made them. If you want the violence to reduce then PARENTS get involve!!!!!!

  48. james says:

    I cordially invite the “flashmobs” to come on over to my house. I got somethin’ fo’ ya’. This country is full of stories of the downtrodden who’ve picked themselves up and made their history an asset, not an excuse. We’re the refuse of the whole world, and we’ve made gold. If you want to blame someone for your misfortune, blame those who brought you into this world and abandoned you or mistreated you.Don’t blame people who had nothing to do with you. Don’t you think white people are concerned with raising their own kids? Why do they have a responsibility to raise you too? Do your parents have a responsibility to their kids then? white people are busy with their own lives, they don’t spend time trying to figure out how to keep you down. They don’t care that much about you, the same as you don’t care that much about them. As for no opportunity in America, Obama has been no blessing to black people, but their is just as much opportunity for blacks and whites today, not so in the past, but today their is, You have to go out and find it though, the same as everybody else. If you’re xenophobic, that’s your cross to carry, I’ve got my own challenges. You address yours and i’ll address mine, nobody owes you any more than you owe everybody else.

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