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Young Black Men, and The Power of Flash Mobs!!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) We cannot police hopelessness and despair!

There are those who are angered and surprised by the violence of  urban “Flash Mobs” (quickly forming groups of young people using technology to organize), especially crowds of young Black men, descending on mostly White, affluent downtown American cities.  However, if we analyze this phenomenon, it is not so surprising.  In fact, it is highly predictable.  While there is no justification for young Black men to rob and beat people of any race, the activities of flash mobs are easily understandable in the context of recent social history and current economic conditions.

Most of these young men are poor, desperate and hopeless.  They come from broken families and broken communities.  They have been failed by their  schools and by social and faith organizations in their communities.  They  don’t have jobs and many of them will never have jobs.  They live at the  bottom rung of society.  The kind of havoc they wreak among us through “flash mobbing” is the kind of havoc they have lived with their entire young lives.  For them, there is a perverse kind of justice and sense of fairness in their ability to create flash mobs that breathe terror into the hearts of other Americans.

Predictive factors for young Black males participating in the activities of violent flash mobs in Chicago are shown by recent data:

  • This summer, 90% of young Black men in Chicago between 16 and 19 years old are unemployed.
  • Only 44% of Black males graduate with a high school diploma from Chicago public schools.
  • Only three out of 100 Black boys who start kindergarten in the Chicago Public Schools earn a bachelors degree by age 25.
  • 70% of Black children in America are born into and live in single, female-headed households that are usually impoverished.
  • Black males are 6% of Illinois’ population but they represent 60% of the state’s prison population.


The power and strength of a flash mob are in its large number of congregants and in its ability to assemble quickly and to disband equally as fast.  The word “flash” is an allusion to social media — texting, smart phones Twitter and Facebook.  Flash media, an effective tool for organizing a social cause, is the same media that brought down the government of Egypt.  Now inner-city youth are using this same media, but instead of toppling governments, they “topple” Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Old Navy, and they steal IPads and IPhones from defenseless citizens.

The message from the flash mob to us is even more threatening than the mob itself.  That message is, “You can’t control us!  You don’t scare us!  Your police don’t scare us!  Your prisons don’t scare us! We are mightier than you! We will take what you have because you have given us few other options in life for earning similar things.  And most importantly, we will take your peace of mind.  Just as we in our communities cannot ever feel secure, now neither can you!  We are more afraid of continuing to live our lives as they are than we are of you locking us up.  What do we have to lose? For once, we are more powerful than you!”

Flash mobs are not new.  In Black communities across America for the past 30 years, large groups of Black males have attacked others.   In the past few years, jobless, desperate, hopeless youth have rioted in France, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Tunisia, and Egypt in efforts eerily similar to America’s flash mobs, but on a much larger scale and with politically clear motives and demands.  These youth have taken over business districts, cities and countries and they have destroyed billions of dollars in property while toppling governments.  The same root causes for these youth riots and disturbances in Europe and Northern Africa are producing similar actions, and possibly similar politically conscious attitudes, in the youth of  Chicago, New York City, Charlotte, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and other American cities.

Politicians and the police are working under the false and dangerous assumption that  hopelessness and despair can be policed.  The police are out-numbered and out-maneuvered in this battle of minds, spirits, bodies and technology.   Even as thirty-three flash mobbers were arrested in Chicago this past week, the communities in Chicago were producing a thousand more potential flash mobbers to replace them.  When Black boys are not reading at grade level by the third grade, we are creating conditions for a flash mob.  When Black teenagers cannot find meaningful work, we are creating conditions for a flash mob.  When young Black boys do not have suitable role models and mentors, we are creating conditions for a flash mob.

The best way to deter a violent flash mob is to stop it from forming.  The best time to stop it from forming is when the potential congregants are 2 and 3 years old, not when they are 16, 20 and 30 years old.  The best weapons against flash mobs are jobs, not police with guns; education, not incarceration; and positive guidance and direction, not threats or curses.  Can flash mobs be stopped? Absolutely.  Is America working properly to stop them? Absolutely not.

Welcome to the year 2011 where ethics, sociology, economics, criminology, politics and technology cross!  The flash mobbers are trying to tell us, “You can’t stop us, but with your help, we can stop ourselves!”

Written By Phillip Jackson

Founder and Executive Director      

The Black Star Project                        
3509 South King Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60653
773.285.9600 office
312.771.1010 cell


105 Responses to “Young Black Men, and The Power of Flash Mobs!!”
  1. Emma says:

    Yes, there are ways to start reducing the problem of crime by poor blacks. To start, finding ways to address the illegitimacy rate would go a long way towards that goal.

    Any woman on public assistance receives an extra monthly stipend if she goes on long term birth control (e.g. IUDs); higher if she agrees to get sterilized.

    Another possibility is to pass a law stating that any woman who has children outside of marriage is ineligible for public assistance. This would probably harm the welfare of poor children in the short term, but improve it in the long term, as women start getting the message that they should make sure they are financially capable of supporting a child. (As an alternative to marriage, you could state the a woman whose income is under the poverty line at the time of her pregnancy is ineligible for assistance.) In this approach, illegitimacy rates would dramatically drop. In a few years, the caseloads of child welfare workers would probably drop, and in ten to fifteen years after such a plan is implemented, you would probably see a drop in crime.

    If one or the other of these ideas were to be implemented, it should probably be paired with incentives directed towards men, such as campaigns to promote condom use, and financial incentives to get sterilized and to marry the mothers of their children if they desire children.

  2. Unamused says:

    I very much look forward to the day when whites — civilized people — finally get sick of this, and start gunning down these feral “youths” in the streets. It is, I think, a reasonable solution to the problem of wild animals running amok (albeit wild animals that can dress themselves in jerseys, saggy pants, and backwards baseball caps).

  3. Elizabeth Mehan Calter says:

    By E. M. Calter
    The Law of Self-preservation may well be at the root of random muggings, rapes, murders, massacres & or suicides. Preparation is the key & doing the homework ahead of time makes possible abortion of the stress/crime encounter.
    When confronted by would-be criminals, unprepared intended-victims feel physically and/or psychologically threatened. When their conscious ego is threatened, bruised and/or punctured due to fear and/or danger, a window opens to the unconscious & exposes a negative energy pocket, which projects, absorbs and/or mirrors negative self-images to others.
    Ironically, the Law of Self-preservation innately compels the would-be criminal to destroy the negative self-image mirrored by the unprepared intended-victim. Is this the answer to the heart-felt question WHY when senseless carnage takes place? The below mentioned wording/programming generates the alpha wave shield of positive energy that can be imbedded on a subliminal level and coupled with the triggering mechanism of the conscious ego being threatened, bruised and/or punctured due to fear and/or danger.
    We share one universal mind, one humanity and one planet.
    Therefore, what we do to another, we in turn do to ourselves.
    And what we do to ourselves, we in turn do to others (this wording aids in preventing suicide).
    Had our circumstances in life been reversed,
    Then our positions now too, would be reversed.
    Let us have only love, compassion and understanding for one another,
    for we are all a part of each other.
    This process when activated subliminally by the triggering mechanism of the conscious ego being threatened, bruised and or punctured, then mirrors a positive self-esteem self-image to others, thus aborting the stress/crime encounter.
    Call 215-338-6447 or 1-800-564-4096 for free cassette tape and process description.

  4. Calvin says:

    Sorry for posting twice but I just wanted to add that I hate all gangsters of whatever race and want them to be utterly destroyed. I pray that God will show us all the way to purge our country from the evildoers. Otherwise we are all going to hell on earth. In fact, aren’t we already there in many ways?

    Also, I value a good black man more than a bad white man, just to make that clear. It’s the criminals I hate, not the race.

    By the way, I am a very poor white person who works hard just to feed and house myself. You don’t see me going out and robbing people or stealing things. If I wanted to, I have the intelligence to be a very successful criminal. But I have something these hoodlums don’t have — a conscience.

  5. Calvin says:

    So you think the acts of the flash mobs are “easily understandable”. Will you also easily understand when whites wake up and start gunning these criminal scum down? If the police won’t protect innocent people, then you can be sure we will protect ourselves. I am acquiring a concealed weapons permit and I assure you that I won’t hesitate to shoot to kill anyone who threatens my life. And let me also assure any young black readers that far from being intimidated by a gang of wild criminals, I see it as an opportunity to kill more of the enemy. Make no mistake about it, all violent crminals are enemies of society and sooner or later society will wake up and exterminate them as a class. Of course I will only aim at the criminals. Honest black people have nothing to fear.

  6. Pud says:

    These flash mobs are bacteria in the bloodstream of American society. When the infection gets too bad, American society will take antibiotics.

  7. Bubba says:

    What a bunch of lame excuses, notice how it is NEVER the criminals fault. Look, its pretty simple, people who rob, rape, and murder others do it because they love to rob, rape, and murder. It has nothing to do with poverty, broken families, or failure of government programs, these people just enjoy hurting others. Stop making excuses, there is no excuse.

  8. Mike says:

    I like how people are so poor they resort to these tactics, yet have access to social media.

  9. Jane says:

    I always find it amusing at how proficient African Americans are at re-inventing things by adding violence to them. In this case the phenomenon of spontaneously bursting into a crowd of dance or song was reinvented into a spontaneous robbery and aggravated assault on whomever is at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the African American way – a celebration of primal and antisocial behavior

  10. Tommy says:

    Enough with the excuses! These kids are demonic and cruel, with no sense of right or wrong. Most of them are a product of a welfare system that has been taken advantaged of for decades. Stop blaming the system! They are raised on the idea that “white” people are evil and that they can rob, beat and kill them for a sick form of “justice”. They seem to be attacking whites mostly, but lately I am hearing reports of Hispanics and Asians getting beat too. Probably blacks will eventually get it as well.

    Enough of these stupid, sycophantic, guilt ridden white people that are always supporting these ridiculous excuses for this violent behavior. Morons of your kind are only enabling this insanity!

    For the average citizen; now would be the time to take up arms. Just a handgun would do. Get a license, take a class,learn to feel confident with it. You’ll never know, it might just save the lives of you and your children.

  11. Lavard says:

    If it is because they are poor. Why aren’t poor white trailer living people not flash mobbing black americans? They are more poor white people than black people in the USA. Yet 50% of the inmates are black???

  12. Texreiver says:

    Do you know why we don’t have Flash Mobs in Texas?

    Can you say “Joe Horn”?

    Generous self-defense justifications for homicide can have a profound impact on social dynamics.

    When you don’t know which citizen may be carrying a .357 mag, white or black, male or female, young or old, and the self-defense law allows the victim to shoot the perpetrator in the back and kill them for stealing the victim’s moveable property [Texas Penal Code §§ 9.42-43], then that has a tendency to change the cost-benefit analysis of bad behavior. Guess how many rednecks I know itching for the opportunity to kill a n***er for free.

    Jackson, keep up the good work feeding justification to these flash mobs and emboldening them to do more violence. “Is America working properly to stop them? Absolutely not.” Of course we are. And, eventually, thanks in part to you, some black teenager is going to stop a bullet with his head. That’s a result of our working properly to stop them. Congratulations. And, a heartfelt “Thank You” to the Flash Mobsters for providing the impetus to even more gun-friendly and self-defense legislation.

  13. Gorbachev says:

    All of the problems faced by blacks – resulting from racism alone, apparently – aren’t unique. What’s unique is the level of criminality in the black population. It’s far and away much worse than anything in the most poverty-stricken, uneducated, socially fractured population anywhere else in the US.

    It may be politically correct to blame slavery or racism or whatever, but it’s utterly unhelpful. Jews faced savage discrimination, and never fell to this level of behavior. Teen moms? Then why the hell are teens having babies without the presence of fathers? Whites had children as teens for thousands of years, and didn’t have these social problems. Give me a break.

    Black American culture is poisoned with self-obsessed entitlement. It’s a culture of “We’re not responsible for anything we ever do.”

    Immigrants all see this. Go talk to them. They often suffer worse discrimination, and yet don’t respond like this. The Hispanic communities are treated often far worse, and don’t respond like this. They have lots of single-parenthood, too.

    Nobody is calling for the extermination of blacks. Nobody is calling for trucks of KKK gang members to round up blacks and hang them.

    But have a look at urban America. The nexus of crime, decay, economic collapse and socially-approved and entrenched bad attitudes is in all cases the urban black community. As McWhorter pointed out, blacks from well-off families perform *worse* than the poorest, least advantaged white and Asian students.

    Face it: PC or not, the fact remains that black America has a vast number of self-inflicted problems. They get worse every generation.

    Nobody made blacks ditch their men. Feminists tell us that men are unnecessary. Men serve no purpose. Black women advance while the men stay behind. This is the result of white racism? More likely the paternalistic delusions of white feminists who knew what was better for black women than black women. This is what you get when you repeat the message that fathers aren’t critical to the success and happiness of families and, incidentally, of women. The male response – that women and families aren’t critical to the success and happiness of men – is just as bad, but it’s only marginal. The “feminist utopia” of powerful, economically productive women and shiftless men already exists – it’s called black America. Everybody loving it yet?

    Have some pity on blacks and start treating them like mature human beings. It means not tolerating their outrageously bad behavior any more than we’d tolerate it from any other community. And there’s orders of magnitude more bad behavior

    Blacks are human, too. Treat them with respect: stop indulging this outrageously antisocial behavior.

    Slavery is no loner an excuse. When black Africans, by and large, outperform most other people in America in college education and economic performance, then you know the game is up.

    Bad memories? Too bad. Grow up. We’ve been sitting at the table for a while; we’re not being pissy about it any more; either come join us or get lost.

    And if not – then at some point we’ll have to start seriously thinking about self-defense. The perceived or invented reason for this bad behavior becomes irrelevant. Only the fact of the social pathology is relevant.

    These random-assault black flash mobs are impressive examples of group violence and social behavior – for hyenas or gorillas, not for homo sapiens. I’m not impressed with it. There’s nothing noble or tough or ideological about how these creatures respond to their perceived difficulties. They’re not making ideological statements. They’re just wild teenagers with no respect for life or anything and by the way–

    they’re the single most racist people in the country. If you listen to them, if you judge by actions, then it’s obvious that their actions are the result of deeply embedded, vicious racism that makes KKK members look like philosophers of the human condition. They say things that put the lie to the “poor, oppressed minority of noble imperialist resisters” myth.

    These kids have an enduring contempt and hatred for everyone who isn’t black, including Asians. They happily kill Korean store owners and beat up old women. Whatever the reason, by this stage in their lives, they’re dangerous and uninterested in anything but high times and booty.

    No more excuses.

  14. Ms. Lily White says:

    Mr. Jackson has done an excellent job of confusing excuses with rational arguments.

    Excuses do not win debates or solve problems.

  15. Booyahkasha says:

    Let’s can the racism. Not all people of color are doing this, so calling it a “negroid” problem or using worse language is not only unacceptable and unfair.

    But ya know what? These punks WILL get shot. The nightmare scenario I envisage is that the “flash mob” of “if they’re not going to give us (stuff) for free, let’s take it!” will encounter the other “flash mob” which says “let’s hang some of these (word deleted)s, and maybe the rest of them will reconsider!”

    Ya tried electing Obama, but he hasn’t got all that money to hand out like we all thought. Time to get to WORK, y’all.

  16. Gorbachev says:

    The author says:
    We will take what you have because you have given us few other options in life for earning similar things. And most importantly, we will take your peace of mind. Just as we in our communities cannot ever feel secure, now neither can you!

    It wasn’t anyone else’s job to *GIVE* these things to the black community.

    That sense of “we’re owed – we don’t need to do anything, you need to give it to us, and forget us working for it” is so ingrained in black America, there’s no chance these “youth” can be fixed.

    The rest of America got these opportunities by dint of extremely hard work. Ask Asian immigrants how they got it – even in the teeth of terrible racism. Or Jews.

    Give me a break. The author is just excusing black America again. Yet more excuses, yet more “gimme gimme gimme” without actually earning it.

    Grow up. Don’t have kids without fathers. Don’t commit endless crimes and expect to get away with it. Why not try cracking a book now and then. Black America is one of the most illiterate cultures in America, and we’re not known for being intellectually sharp.

    Blacks have to forget this “The Whole World Owes Us” mentality.

    Every single problem mentioned is wholly the responsibility and result of the black community.

    I say the solution to these flash mobs: Permits and conceal and carry, with the clearly articulated right to use. After a few self-defence killings, these mobs will stop.

    Right now, 76-year-old Asian guys get beaten to death, white people get pushed, shoved and beaten, stores get robbed – because we’re not allowed to defend ourselves from a massive underclass of barely human animals.

    This is what it comes down to: Do law-abiding citizens (including blacks) have the right to stop waves of savage criminals, or do we sit around like sheep?

    Screw whining about it. What we need are empowered citizens. When this happens, empowered citizens should be able to render justice.

    “Black youth” put themselves outside the law. That’s how to treat them.

    They’re not crying out for help. They’re exercising anarchy because nobody will stand up to them.

    This is no more the fault of non-blacks than anything else. It’s 100% the fault of the perpatrators and the communities that nurse these sociopathic nightmares.

  17. Tom says:

    “The best way to deter a violent flash mob is to stop it from forming. The best time to stop it from forming is when the potential congregants are 2 and 3 years old, not when they are 16, 20 and 30 years old.”

    Actually, the best way to stop it from forming is to stop 14 and 15-year-old girls from having babies when they can’t even provide for themselves. While you’re at it, stop 16 to 45-year-old unmarried, unemployable women from having babies when they can’t even provide for themselves. If you can’t understand that, it doesn’t matter.
    It doesn’t matter, because the money is not going to be there to pay for the Section 8 vouchers, LINK Cards, “free” health care, cell phones, “free” education, etc. The City, State, and Country are going bankrupt, and soon there will be no more money for all of the unmarried, unemployable, illiterate young women who are having more children than dual-income working-class couples can afford.

  18. your kidding says:

    “Most of these young men are poor, desperate and hopeless”


    1) Everything in their lives since birth have been paid for by the “white man,” hard working blacks, and every other group.

    2) All of these kids have new sneakers, cellphones, computers, cable tv

    3) Most of these kids live in major metropolitan areas with access to museums, culture and democratic/liberal politics.

    4) Oppression? My ancestors, the Italians, were also lynched across the US, and as little as a century ago (look it up). Why am I not going around in groups beating people. Every ethnic group and race has been enslaved, raped, stepped on… but only blacks get a free ride?

    5) This author is a creep and should be fired for justifying and possibly inciting violence.

  19. bmo says:

    Wow I’ve never even heard of this its new to me. This is completely unacceptable. Nothing will ever rationalize violence mindless violence. I don’t care what your situation is. When you decide to harm another person there is no excuse. There are alot of people doing bad and they don’t choose this route. Violence is never an acceptable form of protest. I don’t blame whoever the victims are for arming themselves.Like jamal says we can’t go back into time and correct these peoples problems.

    And lets not make them out to be some kind of victim, I doubt it if all of these people had single paretns, came from a broken home and their teachers said “you are dumb so I’m not going to help you” then they lost their job and couldn’t get another one then the church decided not to take them in etc…

    Get serious these are just some bad ass kids and ignorant adults that need an ass whipping and good sound ass whipping. instead they gonna end up getting shot and killed because they can’t control themselves when faced with adversity. Can’t say I feel sorry for them because they asking for whatever they get.

    Please bro don’t ever try and justify this kind of ignorance its exactly why we are where we are. Because these kind of articles make it seem like its ok to do this kind of dumb stuff and it makes it seem like they are the victim. As soon as you decide to do something like this no matter your past your victim card is revoked BIG TIME. IGNORANCE

  20. Jason says:

    In addition, the author seems to be almost proud of the “Young Black Men, Power of Mobs.” As if this is the result of years of institutionalized racism and now the black youth is standing up against it. These are large groups of cowardly punks, Phillip Jackson. If you are proud of these “Young Black Men” (some of the attackers have been young black women), keep in mind that they have been attacking young women and elderly people…in groups of 30 or more. If these teens ever get the courage to attack people other than helpless victims who can’t defend themselves, we’ll see how far that “We are mightier than you” attitude takes them.

  21. Jason says:

    I agree completely with the poster “Jamal” from June 13th. If there are no serious consequences to these actions, they will continue and get worse and worse. The article compares these American cities to several socialist/communist countries…and that is where we are headed because of our policies and values. These kids are doing this because they know they can get away with it. They have not been taught how to be responsible members of a community and this is the result. It’s only a matter of time before they attack the wrong person and are met with real consequence. These are violent acts, lets not forget about that. Dozens of teenagers willing to steal and violently attack strangers should be treated as such. The quote “The police are out-numbered and out-maneuvered in this battle of minds, spirits, bodies and technology” is utter nonsense. “Battle of minds, spirits, bodies and technology?” There is no battle. It is mindless assault on innocent people. You think that offering these kids a job is going to change that mentality?

  22. Dane says:

    How are we supposed to compete when our global economy is bringing us down to their playing field? We’rea all kind of in the same boat, concerning jobs. I’m a carpenter and my industry is suffering a 25%+ unemployment rate- me included, but 90% unemployment for 16-!9 yo black youth in chicago is a small army that is brimming for attention and cannot be ignored. Flash mob that group and demand answers from your leaders. Get the ball on social injustice rolling with the power of uniting for good.

  23. Dane says:

    My take is that as soon as blacks achieved civil rights, the country’s leaders allow an influx of umteen million undocumented immigrants. Basically, the black man got skipped for his roll in climbing the ladder when they replced with cheaper labor. As a white male, eleventh grade dropout- withsome college exp, I’m beginning to think its more about class than race. The reading by third grade is the best stressed issue in the article. It would be amazing if flash mobs formed for expressing social injustices that can trully effect change, that’s my hope.

  24. Mark says:

    You did a great job writing this. While not condoning the act, you have explained its causes and how to fix it. Bringing back the millions of jobs that have been outsourced would be one good start.

  25. Apaul says:

    thank you for this piece. sorry most commenters have missed your point, but I and others greatly appreciate you laying out the contextual situation around this issue and not providing the knee-jerk reactions given by almost everyone else in the media.

  26. Dan says:

    I find it funny that the author commented below and said “I thank your readers for their responses. It helps me to see what I am up against. Now I see that I will have to work as hard to save them (your angry readers) from their hate and anger as I am working to save the young Black flash mobbers from theirs. I don’t know which is worse. Let me get back to work.”

    About 90% of the comments on this board disagree with the article and the author.

    We don’t need your help Phil. It looks like you might be the one who needs help. If 90% of the population disagrees with you, YOU are the one with the problem.

  27. Margo Rose says:

    I am so surprised and saddened by some of the unproductive and aggressive comments being made here. Wow. Can’t we use the opportunity to discuss important topics like these to improve the quality of life we all share?

  28. Joer says:

    Blacks have trampled over whites for years now due to media stereotypes of us being afraid if our own shadow. What these savages fail to realize however it’s that the msn who is in the right will always wins the war. These youth have caught everyone unawares with a creative scheme but this technology it’s young and will evolve for the god of the people – not a collection of ingrates. My mother was an immigrant to this country with nothing and my father was severely handicapped in his prime. Neither of them ever asked for handouts or robbed anyone, and not do I as I learned from them the value of hard work and frugality. That said, try taking the livelihood of an entire race and see if it stacks up to the problem solving and innovation that have eluded the majority of the afro american population since they were brought here. I love blacks but i’ll delight in crushing an onrushing roach of any shade.

  29. Buzz Kilowatt says:

    The black community will never improve its lot in life by blaming others for their own failures. This article is rife with blame: schools have failed us; there are no jobs for us; we come from single parent poor homes, and on and on.

    Who forced you to marry out of wedlock? Who failed to instill the values of hard work, education, personal responsibility & integrity? Who didn’t show up for PTA conferences? Who didn’t insist that their children learn to read? Who didn’t discipline their children for playing hooky, petty crimes, poor conduct, and so forth?

    Why should there be jobs for people who lack education, motivation, a professional appearance, & experience? Who owes this to you . . . when you won’t meet anyone half way?

    Flash mobs. High crime rates. Failure to thrive. You have brought it upon yourselves, and the taxpayers who have “supported” this nonsense are fed up. Grow up. Man up. And start taking responsibility for your own actions!

  30. I thank all who responded to my editorial, “The Power of Flash Mobs”. It obviously has stimulated discussion on this issue and other issues that are important to America.

    It seems that some people are taking portions of this editorial as a justification for unjustifiable behavior. No one has the right to do hurt other people whether it is Black on White or White on Black or Asian on Latino, or Latino on Native American.

    If you read this article as a justification for violence or if you think this article supports wanton, random violence, that is something you brought to this article with you for which you must take responsibility.

    This article is an explanation of why these “flash mob” behaviors are taking place. Explaining behavior is not supporting behavior. Rather than simply disagree with my explanation, most of the comments have taken to name-calling and threats of violence. That was not my intention. My intention was opening minds and solving problems. It seems as if I am on the wrong planet or at the very least in the wrong country for those kinds of positive, humanistic motives.

    That being the case, there is very little difference between young Black boys who perform random acts of violence in downtown Chicago for social and economic reasons and, I believe, young and middle-aged White men who threaten specific acts of violence for philosophical and ideological reasons. They are both wrong. They should both be treated the same.

    There are some racist people in America who have been waiting for reasons to “lynch or kill young Black men”. And with the flash mobbing issue, they now have their reason to kill a young Black man. Now it is justified. They are as dangerous or maybe are more dangerous than the flash mobbers.

    I have probably done more to stop young Black males from committing crimes then 1,000 of your angriest readers will ever be able to with their shotguns and machine guns (see comments above). Even with their threats and curses, I will continue my work.

    I thank your readers for their responses. It helps me to see what I am up against. Now I see that I will have to work as hard to save them (your angry readers) from their hate and anger as I am working to save the young Black flash mobbers from theirs.

    I don’t know which is worse. Let me get back to work.

    Phillip Jackson

  31. Susan says:

    I certainly hope no one is suggesting more welfare-give-away programs as a means to solve these problems. While there are many ‘white’ Americans who can be added to this list, we do agree this is predominately a ‘black’ problem, unfortunately. The liberal give-away programs is what created this monster……..I dare say, I do not see any solutions to this problem at this time due to the fact our gov’t wants to continue and increase these demeaning entitlement programs. We have only to look at what happened in New Orleans with Katrina. This was predominately a ‘black’ problem; the root of most of the violence and outcry. Have we seen a display of such in the recent floods, tornadoes, fires, etc? No, we have not. We all know why. This is merely a sign of the times; yes, a trite statement but a never more truer statement. Folks, we are reaping what we have sewn and there is more to come. I don’t like this, I am not a racist but I can look at the over-all facts……….this is a problem that is not going to go away. Next our gov’t will call for martial law to curb the disruptions in this otherwise peaceful country. HA!

  32. Robert Kelso says:

    I am not a racist. I AM, however a realist. This is street punk, criminal, thug behavior, plain and simple. It will result in an increase violence on both sides of the aisle. Our country is currently in a severe economic downturn.

    There are plenty of people of all races and walks of life that are out of work, and under serious financial stress.


    Knock this thug activity off before more people get hurt.

    Being out of work is NOT an excuse to rob and riot.

  33. Staff says:

    Lets keep is clean here, as one is able to voice thy opinion… Other then that all racist comments shall be deleted…


  34. nigbone says:

    I don’t think the black youths involved in these flash mobs are making any kind of social injustice statement; they have merely found a way to function according to their base instincts without fear of retaliation. the breakdown of civilization occurs when we excuse or justify anti-social behavior of any group. there are behavioral norms and mores that our civilized society must maintain and the violence of these youths must be met by force. reason and compassion have no place in this discussion and i am appalled at the conclusions drawn by the author. would it be okay for groups of whites to begin rampaging thru black areas robbing? it wasn’t right years ago and it still isn’t right today.

  35. PCT says:

    Just be glad I’m not in office, and trust me, any flashmobs of negroids, will be dealt with by the National Guard to put down the problem. Negroes are in fact, a problematic and invasive specie that should have been returned to the point of origin, had Abe Lincoln lived through his second term, as it should. That same subspecie, has to many negative aspects and points to even be considered part of any normal human society.

  36. Tremley says:

    Who else is getting sick of these spooks mugging,carjacking,shooting,raping, ect… to us whites!
    and all they say is “gibs meh dat” Dat beez raysiss”

    We tried to civilize them, buts it’s not working!The USA would be 5oo years advanced in thechnology if 40% of our tax money didn’t go to 13% of the population!

  37. Olen says:

    I am a middle class white male. These comments are, with few exception, coming from places of ignorance and unexamined privilege, even that of the immigrant, whose experience cannot be compared to the specific history of the descendants of African-American enslavement. Yes, the legacy of slavery, even today, is a contributing factor. Its historical residue remains. This article is not a defense of ANY behavior. It’s simply seeking to enlighten oblivious people to the larger picture and historical and social circumstances that have led to – as frequently reiterated – the CONDITIONS that have produced this phenomenon. What are the social and historical circumstances that have led to your ignorance?


    You guys really need to switch to decaf……Everyone hates a know it all, but you know what know it all’s hate…..fake ones.

    I’ll be damned if my town turns into a replay of “Black Hawk Down”.
    This will never happen, also your photo looks like Sierra Leone or Somalia. It really does nothing to help your cause.

    No reason on earth will justify letting my town turn into a third world garbage heap. I dont care about the reasons you have. Ask a WW2 veteran his opinion…. He fought for this???? He’ll laugh you out of the room and say “YOURE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH THEN.” or worse.

    The ten percent of hard working blacks are getting dragged down by the other ninety percent. ARGUE ALL YOU LIKE.

  39. Enjoy your Frankenstein says:

    To the writer of this article….

    You are truly a pinhead…. Quit your job, don’t pour gas on this.

    Is there a flash mob at a library? Nope, a very high number can’t read, most have less than a IQ of 85 (basically dependent retards). They are complete social cripples, and have zero skills. No initiative to learn or function in any societal capacity. They are delusional thinking you can spin this into a positive. Your just going to get a public outcry that will bring a scorched earth policy on blacks. Basically condoning this and asking that the public throws the baby out with the bath water. Black power equals beating and victimizing grandmothers? The public will smash this with a sledgehammer. Zero sympathy.

    This will not end well, with moronic articles like this. If I was your supervisor, I’d fire you for writing this. This is indirectly going to stuff more blacks in prison, increase heartbroken mothers, and a cruel response from the working public. Enjoy

  40. Alabama Patriot says:

    Civilized America is approaching saturation with this type of nonsense. There will be armed revolt in the streets, because if we wanted to coddle up to barbarians, we’d have more Moooozlems. Oh, that’s right; we do!

    Kill ’em all

  41. Dan says:

    You sound like you are defending these criminals. There are poor people of all races, and you only see blacks doing these Thug Mobs. They stole an IPOD from a guy on the red line, and the guy had cerebal palsy and tourettes syndrome. They stole from a 68 year old Doctor who was sitting on a park bench.

    Furthermore, some of the kids caught have 60 dollar Hollister and Ambercrombie shirts on. I couldn’t ever wear those as a kid, because my folks couldn’t afford them….

    The solution is beat the crap out of these kids, arrest them, and keep them in jail for as long as possible, because when they get out, they aren’t going to amount to anything.

  42. Margo Rose says:

    What if we encourage concerned and inspired citizens to create the fun, beneficial types of “flash mobs”? It is about the community-loving people maintaining control of the streets and showing OUR power. A “counter-trend”.

    Maybe “Trash Mobs” who convene to clean up public areas?
    How about “Laugh Mobs” coming together to tell jokes?
    Can any of your readers think of other examples we can try?

  43. fu says:

    Line them up and kill them in the streets with machine guns. Then this shit will stop.

  44. Margo Rose says:

    I live in California and this is the first I have heard of “flash mobs” who have the intention of crime or violence. Many other types of “flash mobs” are happening also. People are meeting to have dance jams, or singing in a restaurant…things like that.

    These can be really fun to be part of. The process of a bunch of strangers showing up at a time and place with a shared intention is powerful. Rather then try to fight the desire people have to be part of a “flash mob”, can we somehow shift more of them to creative rather then destructive activities?

  45. Robert says:

    And this is exactly why whites are arming themselves to the max. Riot shotguns are meant exactly for this attitude! Lock and load America! We are free because we fight to remain free, from oppression of any nature.

  46. Jamal says:

    First off, let me just mention that I am a young (mid-twenties) black professional living in the Gold Coast area which has been so heavily targeted by these flash mobs. Every time I walk outside I am constantly on the lookout for groups of teenagers, partly out of fear of being attacked, and partly out of the desire to be prepared, whether to run away or fight back if need be. I feel threatened not just by my own people but by all groups of teenagers. For me this is not a race issue, as I have not taken comfort in knowing that up to this point only white people have been victim to these crimes… soon enough there will be cases of it happening to blacks, whether by other blacks or some other ethnic group.

    I concur that the best way to deter a violent flash mob is to stop it from forming, but we cannot go back into the past and correct the upbringing of those who are committing these acts today, so how do we deter them NOW? How can you provide a sense of security to a community that is unused to such violence occurring in their neighborhood? While the increased policing of high potential crime areas does not produce a lasting effect, it does provide an immediate sense of security to everyone while other methods of prevention can be enacted. Those of us that live, frequent, or even plan to visit these areas need solutions for right now, not 15 years down the line.

    Jobs would be one solution, but we are still at a point where qualified, or even vastly over-qualified, Americans are having an extremely hard time finding ANY work at all. Also, thinking back to my teenage days, a job was the last thing I wanted. I wanted to enjoy the summer with my friends, not work it away. I was extremely fortunate growing up, but I believe that the thought of enjoying the summer with your friends not working is the same for all teenagers of all socioeconomic backgrounds…

    Education plays a big part in the flash-mobbing, but even “educated” teenagers fall victim to their peers. If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you follow and do the same? Perhaps if you were still a teenager you would. As adults we forget about the pressures of being a teenager, not to mention how that pressure has intensified over the years due to technology. Instant communication, constant connection, and the “sharing” of ideas with those both inside and outside your social-group are things that have come into being in only the past decade. These things make all those decisions that you made as a teenager quite a bit harder… When one of your friends posts something on your Facebook wall, others immediately see it, watch/monitor your response and can (and will) call you out on it if that response is deemed “not cool”.

    The flash mobbers of Chicago and other American cities are NOT telling us “You can’t stop us, but with your help, we can stop ourselves!”, not even close. Teenagers are not thinking about their socioeconomic background and their justification for committing acts as being a form on entitlement that deserved because of their upbringing. Teenagers are doing these things because their peers perceive such action as ‘cool’ or ‘bad-ass’, think they can get something out of it whether it’s material (i.e. iPhones/iPads) or immaterial (i.e. respect from their peers), and because they think they can get away with it. They’re telling us “We don’t care, we can do whatever we want because we can, and nothing can stop us”.

    In my opinion the problem is with the community. We as Americans, and more specifically blacks, are glamorizing the lives of characters and individuals who are rebellious, against the law (not out of the need or desire to correct the injustices of society, but just because they want to be), and just plain ‘bad-ass’. Thanks to movies like Scarface, a well educated individual (for example, myself) fantasizes about being a drug kingpin. Along with the glamorization of what should be unsavory people in society, our focus on the education of our youth is severely lacking. Even if parents lack formal education themselves they can still support their kids but encouraging and promoting learning. There are parents out there that live in the ghetto with barely a middle school education themselves that have kids who are intelligent, eager, willing and more than ready to learn. While your economic status does correlate to your level of education I believe that the foundation created by parents or people in the community for learning is an better indicator for success. Parents need to want their kids to do better in life then they have. A community that teaches, strongly emphasizes, and celebrates the value of education is one that will produce successful individuals that will go on to do great things for society. Such a community will not produce teenagers that commit such acts flash mobbing. The future of America (black, white, hispanic, whatever) truely does rest with the youth, when will we realize that?

  47. Frank says:

    Oldpuppymax said:

    ” Rather than whine about the lack of jobs or fathers, start voting for conservatives who create employment rather then liberals who create welfare and dependence.”

    Oldpuppy is an old fart! Typical redneck conservative nosie. The fact remains that there is still racial discrimination at every level in America. Tell that crap to the many black americans who have advanced college degrees and are excluded from opportunites all the time, and if they want to open a business the banks slam the door shut in their face no matter how good their credit is. Voting for conservative would have made a bad situation worse!!!

  48. henry belk says:

    Look into the difference between “excuse/justification/rationalization” vs “reasoning”.. then re-write the article so your flash mob buddies don’t continue crowding cook county jails..

  49. David Zuma says:

    I am an emigrated to this country.

    I have been harassed due and had to put up with ignorance and prejudicial treatment in and out of the work place. The economy has hit my family hard too. We are scrapping by below the poverty line but you don’t see me acting out. No I am trying to do something positive, with my time.

    This is hooliganism. And your defense of it seems disingenuous.

  50. Oldpuppymax says:

    Well it’s certainly heartening to know there are no poor white children, none who do not finish school and none from broken homes. As one seems to never hear of white flash mobs, that seems the only conclusion which can be drawn. The trillions taken from taxpayers over the past 60 years or so and given to blacks for everything from welfare to food stamps to free housing have apparently not been sufficient. If only the left had managed to steal MORE trillions, things would no doubt be just fine.

    When will those who make up the “staff” which wrote this article understand that the Democrats you so fervently support have worked very hard to make CERTAIN blacks remain poor, ignorant and dependent upon Big Brother. Only them will they remain dependable Democrat voters…in other words, “acceptable” blacks. Rather than whine about the lack of jobs or fathers, start voting for conservatives who create employment rather then liberals who create welfare and dependence.

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