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kYmberly Keeton; Message to the Revolution: Gil Scott-Heron, The Poet…

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Tweet ( I will never forget when I heard the political poem, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, performed at The Arlington Museum of Art, in Arlington, Texas. I was so enamored, attentive, and wanted to know if the poet on the stage was the author of the powerful words. I later found out who wrote the famous lyrics. The originator... [Read more...]

Leave These Sorry Ass Men Alone…

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Tweet ( There is probably nothing that drives me to anger more than hearing stories of abused children. It is the one exception that I make to my opposition to capital punishment, making an allowance for those who murder children; a difficult deviation from my stand against the death penalty that is driven by my faith. There is just... [Read more...]

Mike Ramey; “Hail The HBCU Graduates And All!” Speech…

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Tweet ( Once a year, I like dedicating a column to the young brothers who are going to step forward into the adult ranks with their diplomas and degrees…tassel flip included. Sadly, high schools, colleges and universities no longer honor their graduates with speeches from ‘real’ folk. As exampled by a recent glaring error from... [Read more...]

Mike Ramey; Gang Bangers VS. The Modern ChurchColors, Signs, & Worship Of Trouble…

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Tweet ( As I sat down to write this column a few years back, I remembered that I paused to reflect upon an exhausting week. First, my wife informed me that the teenaged son of a dear family friend sat locked up in our county juvenile detention center. His crime? Hanging out with ‘a buddy’ who had been engaging in a drug transaction…and... [Read more...]

Dr. Boyce Watkins; Psychology Today Apologizes for Calling Black Women Ugly: Sorry, but the Apology Is Not Accepted…

May 28, 2011 by  
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Tweet ( Well, they’ve finally broken down and done what they needed to do last week.  After tremendous public scrutiny, Psychology Today has issued an apology for the shocking article published on their site which claimed that black women are uglier than women from other races.  The article, written by Satoshi Kanazawa, an... [Read more...]

The Best Gift for Your Child: Romance for Your Wife…

Tweet ( You love your children; you deeply desire to see them grow up healthy and happy. But what is the most important thing you can give your children to help them grow up feeling loved, nurtured, self-confident and at peace? There are many good answers here, such as providing a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood; making great... [Read more...]

Wisdom from Real Dads…

Tweet ( Do you want some expert fathering advice? Let’s turn to the real experts out there—the dads in the trenches. We put out a question to dads on our weekly e-mail. It’s a question we also ask to men who are being considered for Father of the Year in several cities across the country. The question is, “What advice would... [Read more...]

Our President, Congress, Senators and Wall Street: The True Sodomites…

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Tweet ( Now I am no biblical scholar, but I can admit to reading the Bible as well as the teachings of Buddha from cover to cover. The reason I am writing this is based on what I isolated in a post last week regarding the West-Obama narrative. Now I basically pounced on Black and Africana studies for two reasons, first it is not an area... [Read more...]

Sorry Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson; Make Noise If You Want To…

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Tweet ( Time and circumstances has a way of changing your opinion about people. There was a time not too long ago when black people in my generation shook their heads at people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They always seem to be raising hell for petty issues and playing the race card when we were trying to move past that. The... [Read more...]

Understanding retirement plans, Yes 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth, TSP, and 457 plans…

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Tweet ( You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrases 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth, TSP, and 457 plans. Do you know what they mean? Are these the latest Levi Blue Jeans? Are these the new and approved Mazda, Honda, Lexus series? If you’re having a difficult time sorting out the “alphabet soup” of retirement plans, don’t feel ashamed. While... [Read more...]

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