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The Truth of Genesis: A Challenge to the Pope!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Previously, there was an article that was named “Herman Cummings Challenges the Whole World”.  It related to the twin exposal articles, which identified the false and foolish doctrines of both young & old Earth Creationism.  I challenged all creationist groups around the world to come together, learn the truth of scripture, and unite in the fight against the false scientific conclusion of the evolution theory.  

No one accepted the challenge.  Therefore, my next article issued an “Indigenous Galactic Network Challenge”, proclaiming the coming end of  the monopoly of the evolution theory in our human culture.  Since none of the creationist groups wanted to repent, and forsake their false teachings, I decided to “launch out into battle” without them, inviting the world of evolution to a public “face-off”, armed only with the truth of God’s Written Word.  No evolutionist entity accepted my challenge.

Afterwards, there was a challenge to La Sierra University, after they were in the news concerning their curriculum.  They were supposed to be associated with the Seventh Day Adventists, but they were apparently only teaching evolution in their biology classes. 

I first had written to them in April 2010, and no one responded.  I now wrote to them a year later (the admin office and 15 science professors), once again challenging them to host the presentation named the “Observations of Moses”, which removes the confusion between what Moses saw and what science has discovered.  It was an opportunity for them to again get into “good standing” with their parent organization. 

I received only one “weak” response.  They refused the challenge, along with Texas Tech University, whom I had forwarded the same letter.

Next, I issued a challenge to the Jews, in both America and Israel.
Over a year ago, in February 2010, I sent the presentation to the Sanhedrin in Israel.  I had told them that their planned Temple sacrifices would be a just a big joke if they didn’t believe the scriptures.  In fact, my exact words were “If you, and the rest of the Sanhedrin, do not embrace the historical truth of Genesis, and refuse to correctly convey that truth to the nation of Israel (and the rest of the world), the Sanhedrin is unfit to govern and judge the people.  You are no better than a glorified council of the ungodly, denying the truth of Moses and the Prophets.  Do you want legitimacy, both at home and abroad? Then stop hiding under the bed of ignorance, and resolve this issue.”

So, they asked for the presentation, and it “blew them away”.  They thought it was impossible to reconcile the literal reading of Genesis chapter one with scientific reality.  Yet there is was, right in their lap.

But after they calmed down, and saw if they now embraced the truth, that they would now have to admit that the venerated rabbi patriarchs of yesteryear did not understand the scriptures, and were misleading the people.   So in order to “save the dead”, they’d have to let the living “die in ignorance”.  So they tabled the issue.

Now, coming back to the present,  I issued a another challenge (“Who Do You Believe…, Darwin or Moses?”) to rabbis & Jewish organizations, and sent it to synagogues and Jewish publications, both in the USA and Israel. 

I got one response…, from a rabbi who said to “take me off your mailing list”.  I wrote back and said “Why?  Because you don’t believe in God?”.

It is actually embarrassing that “God’s Chosen People” fail to even consider that Bereshit is literally true.  It is so sad, that the leadership of the Jews is so cynical of the sacred scriptures.   In Exodus 32:9, it says “And the LORD said unto Moses, I have seen this people, and, behold, it is a stiffnecked people:”.  Can you imagine being married to such a spouse?  It’s no wonder the Jews are now a widow.
So, who is there left to challenge?  I’ve already written the White House, Congress, US Dept. of Education, every state Governor, state legislature, and state boards of education, along with state science education organizations.   Let’s not forget the colleges, universities, seminaries, various local school boards, high schools, middle schools, churches, synagogues,…and the list goes on.

Well, it seems that the Vatican tries to tell the people to believe the Holy Scriptures, but not to believe in them literally.  What?  In 1st Corinthians 14:8, is says “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”.  In the game of basketball, there is what’s called a “double dribble”.

So, now leaving the region of our “network of galaxies”, I offer this Universal Challenge!!  The word “Catholic”, basically means universal. 

So it’s only fitting that the Vatican (the Pope) should be the object of this challenge.  The leadership of the Jews failed (or were too scared) to accept my earlier taunt.  I now publically announce this new ultimatum.  “Yea, let God’s (Written Word) be true, but every man a liar;”.  
To Pope Benedict XVI, in Vatican City.  Come to America, where mankind first learned the truth of motorized flight.  Leave the confounds of the Holy See, and visit the USA, where mankind first learned of the truth of our Moon, and bought back rock samples from an alien world for all mankind to view.  Now, amend your schedule, and journey to “the fruited plain”.  Let God mend your every flaw. Confirm thy soul, in self control…, thy liberty in (God’s) Law. 
Come to America, and see for yourself, that the Word of Genesis is literally true, and the conclusions of science (and doctrines of current Creationism) are false.  Come and see the “Observations of Moses”, and you can then declare to all the people, that God created all, and that repentance is in order. 

Written By Herman Cummings

You may also purchase this writer book which is entitled; Moses Didn’t Write About Creation.

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