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How To Be a Good Brother…

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( Some of us are born to be big brothers or the eldest among the siblings. Some are born the youngest. Some are born the proverbial middle child. Regardless of birth order, being a brother often entails a big responsibility, especially if you are the eldest. Most of the time, you should set good examples.  Unfortunately, even if you always want to set aside time to show that you care about your siblings, there are just some things that are preventing you from doing so. There are ways of showing that you care, though, even if you may not be the touchy-feely type. You can also show affection in other ways. Investing in gifts for brothers can tighten the bond. It will definitely get you in the good-books!

Here are some ways by which you can be a good brother, whether to your younger or older siblings.

Be open to your siblings. Always tell them what you feel for them. If you care about them, let them know it. Many tend to be shy and are unable to tell loved ones about how important they are. This is important because siblings are often the ones who help when things go wrong. Show them you love them and tell them that you are appreciative of what they do for you. Again, if you’re not the verbal type, then maybe you can show you care in different ways, like giving them small gifts, accompanying them to the movies, the park or the mall.

If your sister or brother has his or her own children, offer to watch your nieces and nephews. Aside from showing you’re a good brother, show them how dependable you are and that you can be a good uncle at the same time. Being a great uncle is tantamount to saying that you are a responsible brother.

1. Give time for your family. Aside from your brother and sister, give time also for your parents. Time is the best gift that you could offer to make the people around you feel that they are important in your life. It is also something that you can never get back so make sure you use it wisely.

2. Don’t show or do bad habits that your siblings can see or end up knowing. They might end up trying these out as well. Remember, you are someone they always look up to.

3. Be a role model.  Be someone that they can depend and count on. Show to them that you are a role model, someone who gets good grades, someone who has a good job or someone who does good to others. They will see that if it’s cool for you, then it should be cool for them, too.

4. Be an adviser. If some of your siblings have encountered problems in life, offer your shoulder to cry on. As much as possible, guide them and help them find different solutions to their problems.

5. Always offer a helping hand. Help your siblings with anything, be it physical work, help with homework, or sometimes even financial help. Help out in any way possible.

Being a good brother plays a big role in how you relate with your siblings and parents. Always remember that when the time comes that your parents are too old to take care of you, or pass away, brothers often carry the burden of the parents, acting as second parents. So never become too busy for your brothers and sisters, because someday they will look upon you for strength and courage.

Written By Yael Woods


2 Responses to “How To Be a Good Brother…”
  1. Gary says:

    Although Ravi states that he is thankful for your ‘responce’, I on the other hand, am not. I found this article appalling, and downright false. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m furious at you, Yael. Shame. I am awaiting your response.

    -Gary Winthorpe

  2. ravi says:

    thanks for your responce

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