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Can Black Conservatives Revive A Dying Philosophy??

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Conservatism is a dead philosophy, at least to these jaundiced eyes. Another zombie is Liberalism but it at least has enough visual diversity to lend it the illusion of broad appeal. Both have become burdens that have outlived their usefulness despite herculean efforts by supporters. Somewhere amid rhetorical grunts and political sweat stand Enzi100Black folks, some of whom self-identify as conservatives; others as liberal  and still more stating I’m just here wondering what’s going on. While not a conservative ( I’m an individualist ) I find conservatives the more palatable choice of the two conceptual corpses.

That said, I’ve found conservatism too often an escapist fantasy for good ol days that weren’t too good. While those days had their good points, escapists too often soft pedal issues like past era’s American Apartheid, a worldclass non starter in zip codes like mine. Paint said escapists Black and the drama comes to radioactive boil within the Black community. While Black conservatives strenuously claim the contrary, liberal critics label them apologists.  UN-liberal ones like myself do the same upon heated occasion. Amening a dead philosophy does little to build support among your highly skeptical demographic. I’ve found that protecting little old ladies in the inner city; donating thousands to Black collegians or helping folks in civil rights trouble speaks better about my value system than courting Black folks to follow behind the nation’s “conservative” party, the Republicans. So long as people know I’m a brother they can turn to when safety’s an issue is outreach enough. Saving Black lives, not racking up elephant notches on my belt is the top priority.
My hope is Black conservatives will emerge as a brand consonant with yet independent of its mainstream counterpart. We need popularization of two parent households; community security in both the physical and fiscal sense and representation on both sides of the aisle. If Black Conservatives can serve this function more power to them. Black nationalists and well intentioned liberal-to-moderate types are often the only faces the ‘Hood sees regularly. Black conservatives can become a powerful counterbalance to the death culture being shoved down inner city throats, if saving the inner city is truly their priority? I’ve fought urban, suburban, rural crime and hopelessness for most of my life. I’m as leery of the authorities as the next brother but refuse to abdicate my role as a citizen to engage them when needed.
Jobs NOT Jail! ” was my slogan during a past run for city council. I wasn’t offering handouts but I was saying chronic unemployment ( for either individual or institutional reasons ) contributes to the chaos within the inner city. Black conservatives will find the streets are the natural battleground for anyone seeking to improve Black odds. When my event security company wasn’t DOA I was able to employ up to 10 men and women at a clip. While not a game changer compared to local misery index stats, it was at least doing what I could within my own sphere. Workers child support was paid from some of those earnings; utility bills satisfied; probation fees met and groceries purchased. My party affiliation and ideology were secondary to what was delivered.
Can Black conservatives revive what I consider a dying philosophy? I hope so. Otherwise they’re simply whistling Dixie while the good ship Conservatism goes down for the last time. Not that Liberalism isn’t flatlined either. I give Black conservatives credit for at least realizing what Grand Ma preached was worth remembering.

Written By Nadra Enzi

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