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Monday, August 31, 2015

Celebrating Ole W.E.B. Du Bois: A Towering Figure Who Died 52 Years Ago.

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Tweet ( On August 28, 1963, as more than 200,000 Americans assembled at the Lincoln Memorial for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Roy Wilkins, the longtime head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), addressed the crowd. Toward the end of his remarks, Wilkins announced that Du Bois, who... [Read more...]

Cornell Batie helps keep jazz alive for Detroit and the world.

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Tweet ( Jazz has been called America’s one true original art form, and without the monumental contributions of African American men this gift to the world would not have been possible. From Jelly Roll Morton, the music’s first great composer, to the incomparable Louis Armstrong, the music’s first great soloist, the black man’s... [Read more...]

Black Man Pulled Over for Staring at White Officer.

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Tweet ( I once saw a meme on Facebook that said “no hoodies, no loud music, no swimming, no breathing, no praying.” The meme was posted in the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting and referenced all the senseless ways in which Black lives have been taken. Trayvon Martin had a hoodie on which made him look like a thug.... [Read more...]

Ol Black Business Stats.

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Tweet ( Numbers don’t lie, but some people who use them do. Taken every five years and published in phases over a period of two or three years, the Economic Census relative to Black owned business ownership has finally been released. It contains information captured in 2012 on Black businesses and those owned by others; it also contains... [Read more...]

When Men Hurt: Top Ways to Ease Your Aching Back.

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Tweet ( Men suffer from many back problems that cause them undue pain. If you’re one of those men, here’s what’s likely causing you so much trouble, and what you can do for prevention. Your Poor Posture Is Killing Your Back If you slouch, you’re undoubtedly causing a lot of strain in your low back. Rounding your upper back, the... [Read more...]

Does The Church Of Today Lack Power?

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Tweet ( Today one could argue that there are at least two churches on every major street in every major city in this country. There are denominations then sub-denominations within them. There are church organizations like the National Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Association. There are ministries in shopping malls, meeting... [Read more...]

Protecting Our Troops on Social Media.

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Tweet ( Recent threats by ISIS and other terrorists groups highlights the inherent dangers of posting content on Social Media platforms that others can track and monitor. Having a digital presence and exposure provides notoriety, but exposes people to unintended dangers. When accessing the Internet there is a digital bridge that is created.... [Read more...]

Celebrity Romance: The One Sided Relationship Too Many Americans Have.

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Tweet ( Throughout history man has worshipped everything from the sun, mountains, and mice. Since America’s inception, Christianity has been the leading religion of the land. Though recently, Christian denominations have suffered great declines in membership. Numerous ex-members are instead finding solace with what they believe is... [Read more...]

New Orleans: The Thoughts of One Native.

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Tweet ( I am from New Orleans. I was born in 1981, and I love my city unconditionally. On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina threatened to destroy the city I love so dearly for all time. It was not unreasonable to question whether the city could bounce back. The response defied the minds of many that some could be so thoughtful and giving,... [Read more...]

What Can Blacks Learn From Animal Rights Groups & Michael Vick?

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Tweet ( Let me begin by giving a round of applause to the Pittsburg Steelers for signing my main man Michael Vick to their organization. I’m so excited about this season! Now, while strolling on Facebook a few minutes ago I quickly realized that several animal rights groups in Pittsburg are not only upset but are returning donated... [Read more...]

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