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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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5 New Technologies to Look Forward To.

Tweet ( Technologies are rapidly evolving and growing in today’s fast-paced world. As these technologies appear, they are quickly replaced by even larger dreams and greater attempts to do the impossible. While it was once believed that man was not meant to fly, it is now thought anything we put our collective mind, time, and money... [Read more...]

5 Steps to Understanding Ol Racial Bias.

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Tweet ( The racial discord that has gripped the nation in cities from Ferguson to Cleveland has resurrected an old term. People are once again talking about “bias.” Bias in policing, economic and health disparities and social policy are topical in the media, corporate dining halls and on college campuses. Yet, a review of... [Read more...]

So the Ol GOP Must Embrace Evil to Survive. Really?

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Tweet ( A black liberal columnist made the point in his article that the future of the GOP rests on it getting rid of its conservatives. Then, the GOP can modernize; attract more young voters of color by embracing open borders, amnesty, abortion and all the other filth coming out of the Democratic Party. Embracing... [Read more...]

Liberals Respect Ol Me.

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Tweet ( During the early years of the Reagan administration, a Washington news conference was held for me for my first book, “The State Against Blacks.” Before making summary statements about the book, I offered the reporters assembled that they could treat me like a white person. They could ask me hard, pressing questions.... [Read more...]

The Ole Waco Biker Riot and the Lexicon of Racism.

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Tweet ( Question: When men (and a few women) belonging to gangs known to law enforcement agencies for criminal behavior explode in a rampage – using guns, knives, clubs, and chains in trying to kill each other, and police officers, too, that leaves nine dead, nearly 200 injured and hundreds arrested, is that a “riot?” Answer:... [Read more...]

The LeBron James “Success Factor”.

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Tweet ( I believe we can all learn a lesson by following the LeBron James “Success Factor.” He is a man with a plan and delivers on the WOW every time. His greatness is demonstrated in his ability to focus on essential goals to achieve results that many of us only dream about. Not only has LeBron worked extremely hard and long to... [Read more...]

A Response to ‘Ol Black People Are Protesting the Wrong Way’.

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Tweet ( At first glance, the title “Black People Are Protesting the Wrong Way” is click-baity (reminiscent of a highly problematic piece published in CNN called ‘Lord of the Flies’ comes to Baltimore). It begs many questions about who is protesting (not just Black people), why they are protesting, and how do we... [Read more...]

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Black politicians: A Right Cross and a Left Hook.

May 25, 2015 by  
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Tweet ( For the past fifty years most of our conversation and efforts have been centered on politics. Reminiscent of Reconstruction, when Blacks occupied political offices for the first time, many of our politicians are just figureheads, toothless tigers, and lackeys for the establishment. Many of them are simply “employed” and are... [Read more...]

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