Friday, January 22, 2021

Unprepared to Survive: Wake Up. .

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Tweet ( A war has been declared against us politically, economically and racially. Yet our people are not prepared. Many are asleep. Others are in denial. And yet others think they have “arrived” because of where they live, the salary they make and what they drive. The common factor? All of them are asleep and all of them... [Read more...]

Bring up Bianca Smith when talking about women breaking through in men’s sports leagues.

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Tweet ( During last year, one of the more notable stories in sports have been women who have made history leading or playing men’s sports. Prior to the beginning of 2021, Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon became the first female acting head coach in NBA history after Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich was ejected during a game... [Read more...]

The Future Developments of Downtown LA are worth Checking Out.

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Tweet ( Downtown LA is where most of the development takes place. It is tagged as a city within a city. It is lively and complex, which explains why many people love the city of Angels. Despite the pandemic and other surrounding circumstances, the development in downtown LA just doesn’t seem to stop. In this article, we are going... [Read more...]

Donald Trump Politics; Why Do I Feel Like the U.S. is on the Cusp of a Third Revolutionary War?

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Tweet ( Not only should Donald Trump be impeached for inciting an insurrection against the members of Congress and the Senate on January 6, 2021 while members were in the middle of counting electoral votes, but he should also face federal charges for “conspiracy to overthrow the United States Government,” and upend the democratic... [Read more...]

Top 5 Must Listen Hip Hop Artists.

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Tweet ( Hip hop is the largest and most listened to music genre in the world. The biggest appeal of hip hop is the large variety that it has. While which type of hip hop is the best is a discussion for another day, today I will be giving you my Top 5 artists and why you should listen to them. 5. Big Sean The fifth spot for me is usually... [Read more...]

The Republican Party’s “Kodak Moment”.

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Tweet ( Last week, I watched the Republican Party get their butts kicked because they once again totally ignored the Black vote during Georgia’s two U.S. Senate races.  I couldn’t help but think about how they were having another “Kodak moment.” For many years, a “Kodak moment” was used as a tagline in Kodak’s advertising... [Read more...]

Mr. Biden, a Long-Term Data Driven Demand Side (Consumer Spending) Plan is Better than a Short-Term One.

January 10, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( President-elect, Joe Biden is poised to launch a Covid-19 economic relief plan worth trillions of dollars. Here are some meaningful observations for all of us to consider in the run-up to Mr. Biden’s planned announcement of the details of his Covid-19 economic spending plan on Thursday. It is questionable, whether Mr. Biden,... [Read more...]

The Capitol Riot Won’t Change A Darn Thing.

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Tweet ( Three things happened within a day of each other that tell much about why the Capitol riots won’t change a darn thing. A judge in Iowa City, Iowa brazenly announced that a Trump white terrorist who plowed into a group of police abuse protesters would not serve a days’ time in jail for his deadly act. Instead, he got probation... [Read more...]

#TheNext400 – Noise versus Signals.

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Tweet ( Our country is moving in opposite directions simultaneously.  On the one hand, sweeping Senate victories in Georgia represent the further rise to power of the “coalition of the ascendant” – people of color, young people and those with college degrees.  On the other, the events at the Capitol represent a further escalation... [Read more...]

Power Couple Releasing New Music “We Are One”.

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Tweet ( The newest couple on the gospel scene, David and Tiffany Spencer, releases their new single “We Are One.” The single will be available on January 15, 2021, on all digital outlets. The release date is also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday. The song is a reminder that King’s dream can be a reality. If... [Read more...]

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