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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Abortion, Murder and Planned Parenthood.

March 8, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Today, since Rowe v Wade, there have been millions of abortions and millions of African American children will never join our decreasing population. While there are parents eager and ready to adopt, irresponsible or promiscuous women kill unborn children in the womb every day. Cowards have to call it abortion of a fetus because... [Read more...]

Donald Trump Tight.

March 6, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Damn, I love playing Spades and Bid-Whist. I love the games even more when I’m Trump-Tight. I control the board; in fact, the room and the board…of a whole lot of people. And a whole lot of money. Up front money; behind the back money; even kick back into the campaign money. I’m thinking about voting RED, too.... [Read more...]

Wake Up Flint Michigan: Massah’s Water Bad.

March 2, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( People and governments do what we let the door get away with. Here we go again with a bunch of African Americans (and others) whining and crying about how the government did not take care of them and do what it was supposed to do. Just as the world witnessed what happened in New Orleans, have we not learned anything people? What... [Read more...]

Dream Without Limits.

Tweet ( It is beautiful that we see campaigns like “Because of Them We Can”. When I was a little girl growing up we had not publically arrived at that place.  Children were taught what they could accomplish from parents, teachers and community members. Sometimes there were those that told us our career options were limited.  As... [Read more...]

Four Attitudes Every Single Dad Must Have When Dealing with a Hostile Co-Parent.

February 21, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( One of the most difficult jobs in the world is co-parenting. Whether it is because of divorce, separation or simply being single, two adults must find a way to common ground in order to contribute to the upbringing of well-adjusted human being. Unfortunately, not every co-parenting relationship contains two willing adults. For... [Read more...]

Physically Free, Economically Enslaved.

February 20, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( Consumerism and worship of material goods has been a grave hinderance to the progression of African Americans. Modern leaders fail to speak of this problem due to their own addiction to materialism. Our greatest leaders Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Stockily Carmichael and Fred Hampton were paupers, focusing on the... [Read more...]

3 Ways that the Internet Makes Finding the Right Partner a Little Easier.

February 18, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( It seems like just a few short years ago that “online dating” seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. But today, everybody knows a couple that met online or has a friend who loves using various dating services online to meet new people. But some people still haven’t taken the plunge into the wide world of online dating.... [Read more...]

Why “Black Lives Matter” Is Dangerous.

February 18, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( The leaders and founders of the “Black Lives Matter (BLM)” movement are dangerous because they are angry people who are reacting emotionally instead of responding based on intellect and clear cut strategic planning. There approach is obvious and expected – and what is expected can be prepared for then neutralized.... [Read more...]

Changing Course in Black America.

February 18, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( As 2016 gets underway, I am perturbed to find out that there has been over 100 injuries and 17 (and counting) murders in Chiraq (Chicago). What gives? Didn’t Spike Lee just make a movie to bring attention to the crisis there? What happened? I feel that there’s some tainted wisdom in the hearts and minds of Black America,... [Read more...]

Unsung African American Heroes.

February 16, 2016 by  
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Tweet ( This Valentine’s Day 2016 I participated in a 1.7 mile “Love Walk” in Atlanta to stand up against “black on black” crime, organized by Rev. Ben Stellmacher and Sunshine Lewis. The weather was cold and the streets were hard yet hundreds of people came out to participate because they are tired of “black... [Read more...]

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