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It’s a Man Thing.

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Tweet ( Over the length and breadth of this land there are many black men who inspire youth. They are professional athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and even to those of us who punch the clock every day. Believe it or not, youngins don’t just want to be rich, they aspire to be as resilient in their quest for success as we are. So,... [Read more...]

Real Talk; Why Black Men find it Harder to Settle DOWN!

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Tweet ( In our society, we are given precise and clearly defined roles of men and women in relationships. So why it is that many black women are finding it so hard to find and establish positive, long-lasting relationships with black men? Is it that black men as a group no longer value family and healthy relationships? Many of my female... [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why You Are Not In Your Child’s Life and What to Do About It.

Tweet ( To be a dad is one of the greatest feelings in the world. To know that you are shaping the life of a human being in untold ways is phenomenal. As a single-dad life coach, I occasionally come across other dads who do not know the above feeling because they are absent from their child’s life. It’s no secret that a large majority... [Read more...]

A Lesson For All: Becoming Righteous And Using That Power For Good.

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Tweet ( Everyone deserves to feel righteous. To be doing good and having a good impact. There’s no doubt about that. But there’s no denying that black people in today’s society have a much harder time of getting to that stage. Systematically and personally faced with barriers to education, employment, families, and beyond. What... [Read more...]

How Black Men Know When to Call It Quits!

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Tweet ( Relationships can be challenging but it is important to understand when one has run its course and is not in the best interest of the individuals involved. I am in no way advocating taking the easy way out. But I do believe we must understand unnecessary drama, disrespect, and conflict are unhealthy connotations when it comes... [Read more...]

No Fight, No Foul: Secret Confessions of a Confident Young Black Male.

Tweet ( Admittedly, I’m not a fan of statistics. So, when I read information about young Black men, I wince at the criticism that follows. Thus, I placed myself in the role of a confident, albeit slightly exacerbated male, and wrote the following commentary, as a tribute to African-American men who don’t make headlines, for all... [Read more...]

Cultivating Right Relationships.

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Tweet ( We live in a relationship reality; each day of our lives is shaped by it. Much of who we are – for better or worse – stems from a relationship, whether personal or interpersonal. Our first relationship is with Divinity, God. Absent a relationship with a Higher Power, we are merely a mass of dangling human protoplasm. If... [Read more...]

The Dont’s Of Divorce.

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Tweet ( They say a man is never truly happy until he’s married. And then it’s too late! However much you agree with that statement, more marriages are ending in divorce these days, and yours might be among them. This is going to be a very difficult time, possibly the most emotionally trying period of your life! Due to this, it’s... [Read more...]

Boundaries are Necessary.

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Tweet ( It is good quality to be open, free and honest. However, sometimes the biggest hearts incur great amounts of emotional pain. Sometimes this can be traced back to a lack of boundaries. There are certain things that should be known by you, and you alone. Some thought and experiences should be personal. We live in a time whereby... [Read more...]

Jumping Back Into The Sea: Dating Advice For Men.

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Tweet ( Getting back into the dating scene after so long comes with its fair share of stress and constant self doubt. Along with the pressure of actually going on a date, you feel you have to be incredibly charming or you won’t get anywhere. With the minefield that is dating, I have compiled a simple cheat sheet to help you out. What... [Read more...]

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