Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Don’t Erase Me.

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Tweet ( It is becoming increasingly harder to have educated civilized debate these days. People do not know how to agree to disagree anymore. Disagreeing makes you an enemy. You can’t even disagree a little bit. You must be all in or you better be ready to fight. Relationships that took lifetimes to build are destroyed in seconds... [Read more...]

Self-Hate – A Symptom Of Colonialism.

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Tweet ( Recently, Waka Flocka Flame made come comments that may have shocked some people in our community, but the comments come as no surprise to me at all when he said, “Man, I’m not African”. Waka Flocka Flame isn’t the only rich paid house negro that’s made such degrading statement, last year other rich paid house negroes... [Read more...]

Organizing Group Trips? Here’s What You Should Know.

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Tweet ( If you’ve been selected as the trip organizer for your friends, family or classmates, you probably know the effort and time it takes to plan and meet everyone’s expectations. Creating the right itinerary for a group trip is never easy. Everyone loves a unique tour experience, so all you need to do is include activities and... [Read more...]

There is no disputing the importance of Violet Palmer.

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Tweet ( The National Basketball Association is known for being the most modern of all the American professional sports leagues in terms of racial diversity hiring. It is not surprising and expected to see men of color as NBA head coaches and assistant coaches throughout NBA franchise all over the country. In terms of front office leadership,... [Read more...]

Jerry Jones is a Good Ol Boy.

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Tweet ( The Dallas Cowboys may very well be “America’s Team” in the sense that their owner seems to be very much so invested in the same great America as Trump. Jerry Jones doesn’t care about the America his players have to live in. Cowboy stadium is a stage, and they are paid to sing and dance…I mean play. He has decided... [Read more...]

NAACP Attacking Jerry Jones Confirms Betrayal of Its People.

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Tweet ( As a black proud American, I was repulsed learning that the NAACP sent out a press release accusing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of violating his players free speech rights. In a nutshell, Jones told his employees, if you don’t stand for our national anthem, your derriere will ride the bench. I... [Read more...]

A W. Eric Croomes Comment: Will You Take a Knee for Christ?

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Tweet ( The 2017-18 NFL football season is barely a month old and already it has been swamped in controversy. The storm centers around language the President of the United States of America used when calling for league players “to be fired” for protesting during the national anthem. The president referred to these players as “sons... [Read more...]

Google Home Max: Should Audiophiles Spend $399 On This Smart Speaker?

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Tweet ( The Google Home Max features and specifications are detailed by Google and according to the company, the focus remains on sound for this product release. Without a doubt, Google could beat both Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo Plus with loud music. The technical specifications confirmed by the company reveal that Google’s Home... [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Startup.

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Tweet (’s a lot of advice available for entrepreneurs. Many guides suggest business owners that they should avoid common business mistakes when they are all set to launch their startup. Many startup entrepreneurs harm their own business in many ways blocking their business growth. Due to many reasons including lack of experience,... [Read more...]

Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality Headsets: Facts to Consider Before You Grab One.

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Tweet ( Last month, there was a lot of discussion about the Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Many people were confused about what the mixed reality is. The things became clear when Microsoft confirmed that the mixed reality headsets are just a place where virtual reality and augmented reality meet. Here’s what you should... [Read more...]

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