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Monday, August 31, 2015

Protecting Our Troops on Social Media.

August 30, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Recent threats by ISIS and other terrorists groups highlights the inherent dangers of posting content on Social Media platforms that others can track and monitor. Having a digital presence and exposure provides notoriety, but exposes people to unintended dangers. When accessing the Internet there is a digital bridge that is created.... [Read more...]

What Can Blacks Learn From Animal Rights Groups & Michael Vick?

August 28, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Let me begin by giving a round of applause to the Pittsburg Steelers for signing my main man Michael Vick to their organization. I’m so excited about this season! Now, while strolling on Facebook a few minutes ago I quickly realized that several animal rights groups in Pittsburg are not only upset but are returning donated... [Read more...]

Things You Should Never Do When Dating Locals Abroad.

August 28, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Dating a local abroad is not the same as dating someone in your home country. To avoid disappointment and to enjoy every moment spent with your date, it is necessary to remember a few simple rules. The following is the list of things you should never do when dating a local abroad created with http://easydatenow.com/ – Ukraine... [Read more...]

Is college a waste of time and money?

August 27, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Parents you may want to keep your children from reading this post, especially if you’ve been pushing the American ideal for them to go to college so they can get a good job to have a comfortable life. Personally, I think college is a waste of money if people are just going to make themselves more employable because there’s... [Read more...]

Black Lives Matter Movement is a Disgusting Sham.

August 26, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) To be clear and succinct, the indiscriminate taking of black lives is unacceptable and must not be tolerated, and that includes—PAST, present and future. However, the insensitive and inappropriate behavior of taking the most evil and diabolical word in existence the n-word (n**ga/n**ger), putting it to music using it for monetary... [Read more...]

Rise Up And Stand Together – The Strategic Way.

August 26, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) As I write this article, I am watching Mississippi Burning on television, my heart is filled with sadness and my eyes tear up. I am not weak by any means, but I see and know the cloud of darkness that looms over the African American community in this country. I want justice probably more than any of you reading this article,... [Read more...]

No Justice for Jonathan Ferrell: Mistrial Declared in Officer’s Trial Accused of Killing FAMU Football Player.

August 25, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) It has happened again. The justice system has failed Black America again. A mistrial was declared in the case against former Charlotte-Mecklenberg police officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick. Kerrick was accused in the deadly police shooting of former FAMU football player Jonathan Ferrell back in 2013. Ferrell got into a car accident... [Read more...]

Taking the Reins of Your Financial State.

August 24, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) In order to achieve peace of mind financially, you need to take control of your financial reins. Your money issues will not resolve themselves; you need to make a conscious decision to save yourself, because your loved ones depend on you. In most cases, you do not need more money to solve your financial woes; your solution lies... [Read more...]

Beyond the Basic Job Search: Tips to Land Your Next Job.

August 20, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Most people turn to sites like Monster.com or Craigslist when they are ready to start looking for their next job. After all, these are large, popular sites that have plenty of job postings for numerous industries. The problem is that everyone else is also looking at these sites for job openings, and the competition is high. You... [Read more...]

Safety First: Careful Construction of Outdoor Shooting Ranges.

August 19, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Many people like to go out and practice their gun-shooting skills on outdoor ranges, but safety is critical. If you’re new, or even a seasoned veteran, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when you’re out on the range. Know How Your Firearm Operates One of the most obvious safety tips is to understand how your firearm... [Read more...]

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