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Michael Jackson, Chris Brown follows his lead in 2017.

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Tweet ( When Brown broke into show business as a 16 year old he was described as the future of R&B: the next Michael Jackson, the next big thing. Brown has a smooth singing style, plenty of dance moves and good looks. However, some of the luster was removed from his career when the multimillion-selling R&B singer was charged... [Read more...]

Janet Jackson, Rihanna follows the GOAT entertainer in 2017.

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Tweet ( Style chameleon Rihanna changes her hair often, remember that time she had long dreadlocks. She teamed the long locks with a vintage Tupac shirt and leather pants. RiRi appeared to channel Janet Jackson’s famous look from the 1993 film “Poetic Justice”, which also starred Tupac. Rihanna may have surpassed Janet... [Read more...]

Sage Steele Needs To Remember She Is Black Too!

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Tweet ( Sage Steele, the bi-racial ESPN anchor is asking Black folks to be more accepting and less critical of her. Apparently the backlash from her previous statements hasn’t sat well with the entire race, and she wants us all to do better. Steele stated during a recent faith forum in Florida that the worst racism she’s received... [Read more...]

Self Sustaining Man Caves: Creating a Space You’ll Never Have to or Want to Leave.

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Tweet ( The idea of having a “man cave” in your house has been around for several years now: it’s a space that men decorate like bars or with a sports theme so they and their friends have a place to hang out. Many houses now have man caves built in, but another exciting way to get your own space is to use a shed. Whether you already... [Read more...]

The Cars that Top Black Celebrities Drive.

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Tweet ( Top black celebrities have a lot of money to spend. Some of these celebrities spend their money on amazing and hard to find cars, and ask about common questions about NYC parking tickets while others drive something more practical. Here is a list of some of the top black celebrities and the types of cars that they are known... [Read more...]

Black History Month Lessons in 2017.

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Tweet ( In asking America to focus upon the significance to African Americans of gaining an empowering public education, both historically and today, The Association for the Study of African-American Life and History has done our nation another important service. As the ASALH points out, the barriers and accomplishments that have defined... [Read more...]

Simple Advice To Help You Write Business Brochures.

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Tweet ( The business brochure always needs to be appealing and concise. It has to offer the information that is useful in regards to niche market. Many businesses do use brochures as they are great at storytelling. However, this does not mean that you can easily create a brochure that will be really effective. If you want to be sure... [Read more...]

Time To Change Your Career Direction.

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Tweet ( Are you happy with where your career is right now? Perhaps, it’s time to change things and seek out something that is more challenging, exciting or interesting to you. Don’t forget, we spend around thirty percent of our adult life in work. If you aren’t happy in your job or you’re not completely satisfied that’s a lot... [Read more...]

School Closings/Takeovers – A Systemic Targeting Of Predominantly African Neighborhoods In America.

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Tweet ( Over the past few years, there has been many school closings across the country, but the vast majority of these closings are happening in predominate African neighborhoods across the country. Back in 2010, The New York School Board voted to close about 20 schools in predominant African neighborhoods because of what they say... [Read more...]

Why African Parents Should Care about STEM in 2017.

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Tweet ( When Education Minister, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh expressed concerns over the low grades students had in science and math in Ghana this raised increased awareness for African parents that their children may not be prepared for many careers that require science and math skills. GhanaWeb General News 19/Feb/17 Dr. Prempeh understands... [Read more...]

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