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Sunday, March 29, 2015

ESPN Stephen A. Smith’s GOP Delusion Is Nothing New.

March 27, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) ESPN host Stephen A. Smith has gotten quite a reputation for being a controversial tell-it-like-he-sees-it guy. That’s fine in sports punditry. He’s an ex-jock, and in that world pretty much any inanity will fly. But when Smith pursed his lips and ventured outside sportsdom to quip that blacks should vote GOP at least... [Read more...]

A Trip to London You Will Never Forget.

Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) London is one of those cities that absolutely blows you away the first time you visit. You will not be able to believe all of the vibrant energy that the city produces. No matter what corner of the city you find yourself in, there is always something going on that is new and exciting. The largest city in England has more tourist... [Read more...]

Women Believe In Your Man.

March 24, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Today as a veteran family and relationship counselor, mediator and life coach, I see all kinds of things you would not believe – or maybe you would, What I see all too often from African American women (and my next article will speak about men) is the lack of support they provide for the African American man of their choice.... [Read more...]

No One Wins In Bullying.

March 23, 2015 by  
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Tweet (No One Wins In Bullying ) Bullying, harassment and violence has understandably created a need for clarification on what bullying is and a priority to stop it. The personal accounts of bullying and cyberbullying, hospital records, police reports, investigations by the State Attorney’s Office and videos taken of violence inflicted by teens in... [Read more...]

12 Proactive Keys To Getting Better Grades.

March 23, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) All of us are students in life and we will be for the rest of our lives. We are always learning (or we should be). We are always making mistakes, the necessary ones and the avoidable one. But today our academic system in this country is far below what it should be. There is no simple single solution because the problem is complex,... [Read more...]

The role of social media in accelerating a revolution.

March 23, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Working toward your degree in public administration today means that you have real time access to important examples of the challenges and rewards associated with modern public leadership. Protests and uprisings across the world offer insight into the changing relationship between leaders and the public worldwide. There is no... [Read more...]

Book Release; When The Police Kill Your Son – A Mother’s Story.

March 16, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) I was introduced to Kathy Oliver, an African-American, at a Jamaican social club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It came out during our conversation that she was introduced to Jamaican culture by her significant other, a Rastafarian named Martin. She remarked that she had written a book about the death of her son at the hands of... [Read more...]

Black Men & Women: A Regal State of Mind.

March 16, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) We as women must make a simple decision are we, or are we not, bitches and whores. I totally agree with the concept that Black men ought not call us such things, and they should respect Black women. Having gotten that out the way I do feel it’s time to take a hard look at ourselves as Black women. Sisters can no longer ask... [Read more...]

Ole Oklahoma University Student’s Misplaced Outrage.

March 16, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) My fellow Americans, please forgive me for not being able to feign any anger at Parker Rice and Levi Pettit.  Rice and Pettit were two of the University of Oklahoma (OU) students and members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity who were caught on video tape making racially tinged comments about Blacks and lynching. As... [Read more...]

Ole Racist Video Casts Ugly Glare on Colleges’ Blind Eyes to Frat Racism.

March 13, 2015 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) Five years before the racist video by the disgraced Oklahoma University fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon ignited a firestorm of student and public rage, hundreds of students and faculty members were up in arms over the “Compton Cook Out” at the University of California, San Diego and several other UC campuses. The protests... [Read more...]

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