Thursday, April 9, 2020

How Does Adultery Affect Custody?

Tweet ( When adultery is part of a marriage falling apart, it may also become a factor in the divorce agreement and custody battle. As the spouse that was cheated on, you may be wondering if you can use the affair as proof of inadequate parenting. The answer, however, is not as simple as the question because several factors come into... [Read more...]

Don’t Put Uncle Sam in the Corporate Boardrooms.

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Tweet ( There is nothing worse than the government bailing out private industries. I’ve spent a career opposing corporate welfare giveaways. When an industry gets in financial trouble because of its poor business practices, the owners, shareholders and executives should bear the cost — not the taxpayers. The coronavirus crisis... [Read more...]

Donald Trump Administration Must Continue Bolstering America’s Medical Supply.

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Tweet ( The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is one of the most dangerous health crises in history. As the virus spreads across America, thousands have died, and those numbers continue to grow. With most states on mandatory lockdowns, companies have been devastated, and millions of workers become unemployed every week. President Donald Trump... [Read more...]

Building Digital Skills Across Your Organization.

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Tweet ( Having digital skills is becoming more and more important in the workplace. While not everyone is expected to write code or compose a tweet, there is certainly value to be had in ensuring your employees have the right digital skills.  The future of many businesses lies in digital, as this is where the markets are headed. Businesses... [Read more...]

The Ego of 45 is Worth American Lives.

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Tweet ( I always say petty is for children. When adults are petty there are consequences, and it can be detrimental. Those in various areas of leadership can’t afford to be petty, and they need to be mature enough to accept constructive criticism. If they aren’t doing their job, and the people are paying for that negligence there... [Read more...]

COVID-19; Where do we go from here.

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Tweet ( I’ve spent almost the last two weeks quarantined. Not going outside, not having any contact with people, in pain, hoping that all would be well. Like mana across the US, I’m presumptively positive for COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that has taken the world by storm. The reason I say presumptively is because I was... [Read more...]

MBA Dissertation writing services.

Tweet ( A dissertation is a written academic research project on a research question which a student chooses to research on. It provides and evidence of the student’s skills in the respective academic field. A dissertation is an opportunity for the student to acquire new knowledge about the chosen subject by using others’ research... [Read more...]

The Other Side Of The C-Virus That The Corporate Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You: The Racial Disparities.

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Tweet ( The C-Virus aka COVID-19 has become this massive epidemic that has negatively affected so many people not only around the world, but especially here in America which is known to other countries that hate America as “The Belly Of The Beast” So many businesses have been forced to shut down and many performances, concerts, sporting... [Read more...]

Congress, Donald Trump and The Fed Are Creating the Biggest Economic Bubble in World History.

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Tweet ( We’re living in truly extraordinary times — and no, I’m not talking about Netflix’s Tiger King documentary. I’m referring to the unprecedented actions taken by the Federal Reserve and national government to deal with the severe economic consequences of policymakers’ decision to shut down much of the U.S. economy... [Read more...]

The Democrat Party Is Talking Loud But Saying Nothing.

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Tweet ( Last week I had a very long conversation with a good friend of mine who is one of the top Black Democrat operatives in the country.  They operate at the highest levels of the national Democrat Party. She said to me that she is constantly amazed that the Republican Party does not make a serious effort to cultivate substantive... [Read more...]

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