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Thursday, May 25, 2017

HBCU Graduates Head To Washington, D.C.

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Tweet ( Summer internships are one important way that students can explore passions they want to pursue as a profession. They are exposed to a form of learning that goes beyond the books and may be the best chance they have to ensure they are making a wise investment. I am a strong believer in the notion that, in order to have your... [Read more...]

The Crisis In Minority-Owned Businesses (And What To Do About It).

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Tweet ( A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by definition is a business owned by an American citizen who belongs to an ethnic minority. It provides products or service in high demand by that minority group. Ethnic groups include African Americans and Native Americans. They include West Asian Americans from places like India or Pakistan;... [Read more...]

Peace, Live So Freely.

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Tweet ( Millions of people love Apple computers and wouldn’t be caught using a PC. By contrast, there are many millions of PC users who feel the same way about Apple computers. Many men like double-breasted suits, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Some people swear by Cadillac cars, but my favorite is Mercedes-Benz. Despite... [Read more...]

Forex Trading Terminology.

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Tweet ( The Forex market has a unique set of terms. Before you can fully understand how to trade in this market, you need to understand the terminology surrounding it. Ask – This is the lowest price at which the broker will sell to you. Bid – This is the highest price a broker will pay. Exchange Rate – The value of... [Read more...]

The Benefits of Writing from Home.

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Tweet ( Freelance writing has become a huge industry thanks to how easy the internet has made it to communicate with people from around the world at very little cost. What many people wonder, though, is if it is right for them? They may be worried about a lot of different factors, particularly finding the work in the first place, but... [Read more...]

Susan Rice And The New Black Woman!

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Tweet ( THE black woman today is a totally different woman than the one I knew as a child, the most prominent black women we knew were CORRETTA SCOTT KING , SHIRLEY CHISHOLM and the most radical would have been ANGELA DAVIS but today’s black woman has made the mistake of joining the establishment instead of fighting it and it... [Read more...]

Freedom Of Speech is no more in Colleges.

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Tweet ( Intolerance, at times exploding into violence, is spreading throughout our society. And it’s coming from the political left. It’s happening on college campuses. Most recently, students walked out on Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement address at Notre Dame University. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos... [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Privilege Prevents Damage Control.

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Tweet ( The current administration is in a whirlwind of confusion and chaos. Only those that choose to be blind would deny such. However, some would argue there is much to learn from Trump, and the foolishness he has rained on the White House. The man has no word, character, nor integrity. He has committed acts that qualify him for... [Read more...]

Four Attributes of the Wellness Loop.

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Tweet ( How do we respond to change and challenge? What’s the best way to handle anger? What to do about difficult people? The answer: handle it as ‘well’ as we can. Someone much wiser than me once said life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we respond. Wellness is defined by the National Wellness Institute... [Read more...]

Jeff Sessions Supports Mandatory Minimums.

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Tweet ( There is no question about where Jeff Sessions stands regarding nonviolent offenders…or should we say nonviolent offenders that are minorities. He is a threat to black and brown people. We won’t receive justice on his watch. The current Attorney General is one whom Coretta Scott King warned us about, and he’s a known liar.... [Read more...]

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