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The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing an Online Learning Platform for Kids.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) It was once easy to choose which online learning platform for kids was the best. But the choice is now complicated and if one has even the slightest hesitation about any of the learning platforms available today, it would be best to keep it aside and not invest time and money in choosing it. The emergence of new options has also caused a rethink in the way the curriculum is designed.

With a little online research and a good understanding of the diverse needs of the children, parents can easily choose the right online learning platform for kids.

Here are the must-read points to consider while choosing an online learning service.

  1. Can your child learn at their pace?

Our kids don’t learn in the same way we did when we were growing up. The curriculum has moved to an online format where they are assessed and then the student receives a certificate with their scores.

This kind of pedagogical model is far too task-oriented for younger students who are just learning how to read and write. They don’t have the cognitive skills to pay attention for long periods of time, and so programs with this level of focus are not right for elementary school kids.

Research also shows that very young children need a lot of human interaction to learn. We know kids who are supervised by at least one teacher and have daily individual attention are able to learn the same material as students who are not. This is why kids in classrooms should have up to two or three teachers.

  1. The purpose

When evaluating the performance of an online learning platform, one must look at the objectives that students and parents wish to achieve from the service. You can measure the efficacy of the chosen learning platform by the results that it generates.

  1. Concepts of the educational model

Every online learning service has a unique educational model. In such cases, it is very important to know what the underlying philosophy of the learning platform is. Is it the acquisition of knowledge or the development of emotional intelligence?

  1. The quality of student support

If the learning platform is making students work only on various assignments and not to give the opportunity to be a part of a group discussion, you should check if the platform will let your kids explore their potential and express their opinions or the programs are designed only to complete projects and get rewarded.

  1. The avoidance of manipulation

Any program which ensures the education of children, but coerces them to buy premium levels or complete courses in order to get more rewards or scholarship benefits will not work. Many online platforms for kids would want to lure children to such a program as it ensures not only the money which the parents pay but also the extra marks that the students will get.

  1. The competitiveness of the course

While selecting an online learning platform for kids, a parent should always consider the quality of the educational course. There are numerous online learning service providers available, but those which are most competitive will give better results. Many platforms now focus on competitiveness based on ranking.

  1. The ability of the provider to stay ahead

Most of the online platforms are underdeveloped and are lagging behind in terms of technology and hence, they do not provide good online learning solutions. They want to offer everything they reliably can but most of the tools lack in terms of technical performance.

  1. The verification of the platform

You can look for the reputation of the company and the way it conducts itself. With most online learning platforms for kids, there is a fee to check advanced-level content. In such cases, make sure that your child gets what exactly the platform is claiming to offer. It’s important because once you make the payment, it becomes difficult to get a refund in case you the content disappoints.

  1. Course delivery

The most important component which the platform should provide is the teaching. The course delivery should not be generic but to have enough depth and students should be able to relate to the topics taught in the online course. A high-level of intimacy should be maintained between the instructor and the learner. The course should have a delivery time which allows time for the student to practice the content after the class is complete.

The curriculum delivery should be on a regular basis, so that the student is able to choose his/her learning schedule. The curriculum delivery must be flexible to accommodate changes in the course design and content.

  1. Overall support

It is very important for the teacher’s support to be there online or via video as much as possible. The teacher must be able to monitor the progress of the students in real time and should be able to record videos of the lecture to review the material. The teacher should be available for queries or help whenever needed.

  1. The classroom environment

A real-time learning environment should be created for the children in the online learning platform so that they get a taste of the real world. In this regard, the platform should have the capability to create online classrooms for the students. The virtual classroom should have the capability to allow students to interact with the teacher and explore ideas in person. The best online learning platform for kids should have the capability to create multiple learning environments for students to learn at their own pace.

  1. Comfort

Students should be comfortable in learning and interacting online with their teachers. There should be one platform for the parents to register for online learning classes for their kids. Parents should be able to log in with their username and password. Parents should be able to check the videos, question banks, etc.

  1. Technical compatibility

To be precise, a digital learning platform must be available in all possible operating systems. The platform should have the capability to run on low-end devices and have the ability to run on full-screen monitors and laptop and desktops. Some companies ask parents to purchase tablets or laptops provided by the institute. Although it makes the company look more professional, at the same time, it’s an added burden on parents.

  1. Price

In the end, the most important thing is that the learning platform should be affordable. The education technology market is growing rapidly and the product and service providers have competition. Thus, one should have a fair choice when it comes to choosing a learning platform.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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