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6 Tips For Hiring a Mortgage Broker Melbourne for a Budget Loan.

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( Are you sick and tired of looking for a favorable mortgage rate? Homebuyers soon get overwhelmed by the extensive assortment of loan products, having trouble deciding which option is the best fit for their financial requirements.

Instead of losing heart, you can hire a professional to pave your way to the most suitable loan. Hiring a mortgage broker means having a middleman on your side, prepared to negotiate the best deal with lenders on your behalf.

There is a wide range of mortgage brokers, such as Fidget Loans Melbourne, assisting clients in their home buying journey. The following tips will help you hire the best one.

Look for candidates

The initial phase of your quest for the right mortgage broker is searching for candidates. Make sure you ask the right people in your surroundings for recommendations, such as your friends and colleagues that have recently taken such a loan or your real estate agent. Don’t hesitate about contacting your realtor and asking about the most reputable professionals in your area. He/ She has an insight into the market that is vital for getting good recommendations.

Personal recommendations aren’t the only effective method of compiling a list of candidates. The internet is overwhelmed with online profiles of such brokers, equipped with the necessary information in the form of experience records, qualifications, and certifications. In case you don’t find this information credible, you can always check out the endless number of online reviews, which speak volumes about mortgage brokers’ reputation.

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Learn about their fees

Another indispensable factor to take into account is the type of commission these professionals receive from arranging a budget loan on your behalf. The largest part of brokers earns a commission from lenders, not homebuyers, which can be either upfront or trial. For instance, the upfront commission refers to a particular percentage that mortgage brokers get from the overall sum of the loan. It’s no wonder in these cases for the intermediaries to force homebuyers into applying for a large credit.

In contrast, the trailing commission refers to the loan percentage that these professionals earn until the credit is paid off. Contrary to general belief, mortgage brokers aren’t obliged to keep providing services to their clients but simply receive their commission. Read more about the justifications and ways to avoid a trailing commission.

In order not to get tricked into getting an unfavorable mortgage, look for brokers that charge an origination fee to homebuyers. In these cases, homebuyers are the ones paying for the commission, not the lenders. The approximate amount you’ll have to pay for the origination fee would cost you about one percent of the overall credit sum. Anyhow, you still need to beware of any possible attempts by the broker to persuade you into applying for a higher mortgage.

Check qualifications

Given the importance of getting a favorable mortgage loan, homebuyers are advised to hire a licensed and qualified broker. In order for these professionals to become accredited in Australia, they need to become members of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), whose membership is free of charge.

Moreover, these individuals can become licensed solely by obtaining an Australian Credit License (ACL), issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). You can either hire a license holder or a representative of an ACL holder. Keep in mind that license holders are considered more experienced and reputable, as their representatives are usually brokers that have recently entered the business.

In terms of education, these professionals are expected to be equipped with a Certificate IV and a diploma in Mortgage Broking, which can be acquired at various training organizations and institutes. The following link,, explains the path of becoming an independent mortgage broker.

Check the lender panel

Another important factor to consider is the lender panel of these consultants, referring to the number of banks they cooperate with. It’s paramount for the lender panels of candidates to be as extensive as possible, not limited to a particular number of lenders. A broker whose panel includes more than forty lenders is more worthwhile than the one whose panel has no more than ten banks.

Despite the vast number of lenders on their panels, some mortgage brokers collaborate with a limited numbers of banks. Consequently, your chances of getting a beneficial loan would be significantly reduced. Make sure you hire a professional that sends credits to various banks, not just to the ones on the top of its list.

Schedule interviews

In order to make the right decision, you are advised to have an open conversation with each candidate on your list in order to assess its knowledge and behaviour. Given the extensive assortment of loan options on the market, the ideal candidate is expected to explain the differences in layman’s terms for you to make a well-reasoned decision.

In addition, take special notice of candidates who wish to trick you into opting for a risky loan. You might be tempted with the cheap monthly payments in the course of the first years after taking the mortgage, followed by abnormally high installments in the following years till the end of its life. Although these loans seem like the perfect alternative at the time being, you’d be surprised by their unfavourable character after a few years.

Get the necessary documentation

Mortgage brokers are obliged to provide homebuyers with a copy of their credit assessment and a credit guide. The former should sum up your income, expenses, and financial goals, whereas the latter includes the commission and contact details of the professional you’ve hired. Once you’ve been provided with these documents, it’s essential to read them attentively, not put them on your desk and never open them. The oral agreement you had with your consultant should be identical to the one you got in writing.

Final word

Hire a professional to assist you in getting the best financial deal.

Your new home awaits you!

Staff Writer; Doug Short

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