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So When Is Batman Arkham Legacy Actually Coming?

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( Based on WB Montreal’s cryptic tweets and voiceover artist Roger Craig Smith’s tease on Twitter, Batman Arkham Legacy was expected to be unveiled at The Game Awards. Unfortunately, nothing happened and the show has wrapped without a mention of the new Batman game. Like The Game Awards, many shows in the video game industry came and got over without giving any clue about the Batman Arkham Legacy release date.

So when is the Batman game actually coming? This is probably one of the questions Batman fans have been asking for more than two years now. The fact is, everyone is just clueless.

Did WB Montreal confirm the Batman Arkham Legacy game?

WB Games Montreal Inc. is the studio that worked on Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Batman: Arkham Origins and several other games. After a four-year-long silence, the company, in September 2019, posted a video on Twitter saying that the studio is celebrating Batman’s 80th anniversary on the Batman Day. The most interesting part of the tweet was the short video in which some symbols were highlighted. When the video surfaced online, fans started digging for clues and found that the symbols represent The Demons Head which represents a group of villains.

So, WB Montreal has not yet confirmed anything about Batman Arkham Legacy release, but the much-awaited activities on Twitter led fans to believe that it’s happening.

The next round of surprise came from the writer Scott Snyder who tweeted “wait for it” with a hashtag related to the Court of Owls, a secret society of Gotham City that appeared in DC Comics and is associated with Batman. His tweet came soon after WB Montreal’s tweet and fueled the speculations further. However, Snyder was quick to delete the tweet, but WB Montreal shared another tweet revealing the four symbols.

What to expect from Batman Arkham Legacy

Industry insiders have been talking a lot about the upcoming Batman game, and it seems there are some key details of the Batman Arkham Legacy that may turn out to be true if rumors are accurate. According to a leaker, players in the game will be able to play as Batman family members. If that happens, the characters one can expect to see in the game include Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing.

The reason why this piece of information could be a game-changer is that in the previous installations, players were mostly taking control of Batman himself. This decision has a major impact on the game’s openness and also the storyline. Opening up the game a bit more by allowing players to play as different Batman family characters can significantly increase the number of in-game objectives and can give new possible directions to the game.

Obviously, WB Montreal has not revealed anything just yet, so take all the rumors you hear about Batman Arkham Legacy with a pinch of salt. Another interesting leak suggests that the upcoming Batman game could also have the Court of Owls. The game centered around this secret society and the group of villains can bring interesting twists to the entire storyline.

Does Batman Arkham Legacy exist at all?

WB Montreal remained silent for years and then suddenly we saw some Batman-related teasers on Twitter. But WB chooses not to talk about the game, even at some of the industry’s biggest game shows that silent continued. At this point, there can be two possibilities, WB has nothing to show to people and even if they have, what they have been doing on social media lately is just a Batman game with no connection to the series in question. Or WB Montreal is just don’t want to spill beans this year.

Regardless of when the company unveils Batman Arkham Legacy, the chances are there’s something happening for the series and hopefully, the news will arrive soon.

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