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Donald Trump’s Not About America First – He’s Abour Trump First.

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Donald Trump claims to believe in “America First” when it comes to dealing with our allies and the world at large. But that’s far from the case. Trump believes, and he’s always believed, in “Trump First”. No clearer evidence of that is currently on display than his handling of the situation between Turkey (where Trump has lucrative business interests), and one of America’s closest allies, the Kurds, on the Syrian border.


The Kurds are fierce fighters and have lost over 11,000 men fighting alongside America against Terrorist in the Middle East, but there’s also an animosity between Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, the President of Turkey, who is also an American ally. Recently, after a simple phone conversation between Erdogan and Trump, in the middle of the night Trump abruptly announced that America was pulling our troops out to leave the Kurds to face Erdogan and Turkey’s awesome firepower on their own. He said, this is not America’s fight, and the Kurds and Turkey would have to workout their own problems. Just 24 hours later, Erdogan began to bombard Kurdish positions along the Syrian border, and Trump’s response was essentially, “Oh well . . .”


This was not an “America first” decision. Trump obviously made it on a whim, and without consultation with any of our military or Middle East experts. And on this particular issue, Trump stands alone. Our military, allies around the world, and both Democratic and Republican politicians are standing together in protest against this rash and ill-considered action.

This one irresponsible act sends a message around the world that America can’t be trusted not to stab its allies in the back, and with respect to “America first”, it works against America’s interests. Those 11,000 Kurds who died fighting alongside Americans could have been American troops, and in future wars – and there’s definitely going to be future wars – America is going to be hard pressed to find anyone willing to fight along with us as allies. Thus, young Americans who are walking around today happy and excitedly looking forward to their future are destined to die prematurely as a direct result of Trump’s reckless and selfish act – and this, from a cowardly draft dodger.
It’s glaringly clear why Trump made this abrupt decision, and it has absolutely nothing to do with putting America first. It had to do with putting Trumps business interests first, and America be damned.

This is why it’s so important for congress to get Trump’s tax returns and financial records, so his rash behavior in office can be monitored. And since he claims to be so concerned about corruption in the Ukraine that he held up $400 million that the Ukrainians desperately needed to fight against the Russian invasion of their country, you’d think Trump would welcome such a safeguard against American corruption. After all, he has a lot of business dealings with the Russians as well – and it just so happens that his every act since he’s been in office just happens to also benefit the Russians. So in order to ensure that his actions are absolutely transparent to the American people, Trump should be anxious for his finances to be open to the public. Yet, in spite of his insistance on stamping out corruption in the Ukraine, he’s fighting against the revelation of his own finances hand and foot. Why?


Donald Trump is greedy, ignorant, and self-serving, and any of his supporters who think that he’ll stand with them to protect their interests are living in a delusion. Donald Trump is not for “America first”, or, making America great again – Donald Trump is for Donald Trump, and if he thinks he can make a dollar from it, he’ll be more than willing to throw America under a bus, as he clearly demonstrated in Helsinki when he sided with Putin after Russia mounted a blatant attack on our Democracy – and every since, he been delaying and/or trying to water-down any sanctions that congress has passed to punish Russia for their actions. Why?

In spite of the fact that Trump is grossly uneducated and incompetent, he’s so delusional that he thinks that the world is made up of idiots, and only he knows what’s best for America – and what he thinks is best for America is to allow him to become a world-class oligarch and dictator like Vladimir Putin.  He thinks that such people are in a class of their own, and he deserves to be a member of that class. That’s why even as we speak, he’s using the United States Constitution for toilet paper.
Trump has absolutely no respect for the wisdom of America’s founding fathers – first, because he’s too ignorant to know what they said, and secondly, because he’s so mentally challenged that he doesn’t think they’re any match for his “unmatched wisdom”. In a response to the uproar over his uninformed and grossly irresponsible abandoning the Kurds, Trump tweeted the following:
“As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over…”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2019
Less than 24 hours after Trump made his announcement the Turks began to bombard the Kurds, and in spite of Trump’s threat to “destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey”, he’s not gonna bust a grape, because it wouldn’t be good for business – Trump’s business.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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