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It is best to Buy Apple Watch Series 4 and Skip the Apple Watch Series 5.

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( The Apple Watch Series 4 is the fastest smartwatch available in the market. It packs health features such as improved heart sensors, ECG, and fall detection. The smartwatch also sports a bigger display that offers more screen space while retaining the rectangular shape of the Apple Watch.

This year Apple will release the Watch Series 5. Based on Apple’s track record, there will be plenty of new features making you want to rush to your nearest Apple store. But there are also reasons why it is best to buy Apple Watch Series 4 in 2019. As we get closer to the release date of Watch Series 5, we are seeing more and more reasons why skipping the upcoming smartwatch would be a better idea.

Before we get into the Apple Watch Series 5 leaks and rumored features, it’s worth pointing out that the Watch Series 4 is still the most preferred choice of smartwatch fans around the world. It should be noted that there was a time when Apple was struggling to figure out what it wanted from the Apple Watch. The smartwatch, in a true sense, is a value for money wearable that now stands on its own feet.

The Watch Series 4 made that big leap everyone was waiting for. Despite having a slightly different design, it supports all the old watch bands, performs faster than its predecessors, has 16GB of storage which is sufficient for watch owners, and also brings some cool features like Walkie-Talkie and even more advanced fitness tracking capabilities. Apple has perfectly put a bigger screen into a small rectangular design by shrinking the bezels and pushing the screen to the edge. The result is impressive – more screen area and pixels on the 40mm and 44mm watch models.

Apple made some major design changes in the Watch Series 4. The smartwatch not only has become less bulky, but it also sports a beautiful ceramic and sapphire crystal-made heart rate sensor which is more accurate and improves signal reception. Apple also worked on the watch’s speaker and made it 50 percent louder. The digital crown that sits on the side has been designed to improve haptic feedback and it feels smooth to use.

The Apple Watch Series 4 took a big step forward in terms of processing power. Apple jumped from 32-bit chips to 64-bit dual-core S4 chip. Coupled with 16GB of storage, this hardware upgrade made a huge difference in performance making the Watch Series 4 one of the fastest smartwatches available. According to Apple, this new chip performs 50 percent faster than the S3 chip.

With all these powerful features and hardware power, the Apple Watch Series 4 has become something more than a fitness tracker. Interestingly, using the Apple Watch doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. So, what should we expect from its successor, the Apple Watch Series 5? Obviously, the next Apple Watch will have some cool new features, some improvements in design and hardware, and it will arrive with a new version of the WatchOS. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about the Watch Series 5, but leaked details suggest that this year’s update will be boring and dull.

The new Apple Watch is said to retain the design, size, and shape of the Watch Series 4, so if you’re expecting a round-shaped Apple Watch, this isn’t going to happen this year. It makes sense because Apple wouldn’t want to run its watches on two different layouts of WatchOS 6. The new watch will sport a new S5 chip with some performance improvements and it will likely become completely independent from the iPhone. Apple has recently increased the storage capacity of its watches, so it’s unlikely that the company will increase the storage in this generation of Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will smoothly run the next one or two versions of the WatchOS, so it’s safe to assume that the watch will continue to receive software updates in the future. It should be noted that the WatchOS 5 still supports all the Apple Watch Series models except the first-generation Apple Watch. In terms of features, it is sure that Apple will bring some of the health and fitness-based features which are missing in the Watch Series 4.

New Apple Watch Series 5 features may include dedicated iOS apps for period tracking, sleep tracking, and glucose monitoring. The period tracking feature is an interesting idea but there are many third-party apps available on App Store and they serve the purpose. Apple is reportedly working on a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch, but according to people familiar with the project, this feature is reserved for the Apple Watch 6 which is expected to arrive in 2020.

There are also rumors about a standalone Siri Watch Face and a blood pressure monitoring sensor for the Apple Watch Series 5, but these features will most likely arrive in the Watch Series 6. Even if Apple adds such features to the Watch Series 5, it would not get FDA clearance for the same. We have heard that Apple is working with many health experts around the world. The company has also published many reports and findings from its research, but there’s no concrete evidence to support the claims about any groundbreaking feature in the Watch Series 5.

In the last two years, Apple has drastically increased the price of its products. The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399, however, you may now buy the watch at a much lower price. It is likely that the Watch Series 5 will also be available in the same $399 price range, but depending on your region, the prices may vary because of the US-China trade war and Brexit. If you’re determined to get value for money and prefer a future-proof smartwatch, it’s best to buy Apple Watch Series 4.

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