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Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Rumored to Drop September 6.

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( Foldable phones. Yes, the next step in smartphone design such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It’s something smartphone users and fanatics have been wanting probably since the smartphone came out. I mean, the mobile phones of early 2000s weren’t the largest things to stuff in your pocket, purse, or fanny pack—wait, those weren’t hot in the 2000s—but they were thick. A minor nuisance to be sure but you could carry them on you easily.

Once we got to flatter smartphones, there was a noticeable difference and they were convenient to carry. Folks still craved further convenience. That’s one of the foundations of technological innovations after all: peak convenience for that period.

With this decade closing out, we’re looking at foldable phones as the last significant mobile innovation. On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is rumored to be dropping early next month in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Fold To Release in September

The road to the Samsung Galaxy Fold being released in the wild hasn’t been a smooth one. For one thing, Samsung has been working on the phone for some time to see how the concept would work under the hood and with the display. After all, you only have so much time to sell several iterations of a product before consumers tell you “Give me something new already.”

According to Android Central, there are plans to release the Samsung Galaxy Fold next week on September 6th. Samsung initially went with an April release date but there was demand for this one. The company will likely do well with the home rollout of the Galaxy Fold with it being available at a little over $1,900 in South Korea. On top of that, the company is only going to release 20,000-30,000 phone in its home turf, says Android Authority.

Luckily, Samsung as well Apple, Huawei and other top tier mobile manufacturers have released high quality and even functional cost-friendly handsets for their bases consistently. They built up enough good will with consumers and that translates into time to truly innovate and race to be the pioneer who changed the game.

With the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we have Samsung joining the field with several others. Most are taking the same approach while others are trying something a little different. It’s like being given a project and waiting to see how everyone else goes about their project before you start making moves. The Galaxy Fold likely went through several concepts before landing on this one and several of those early concepts will probably be in line with what brands like Motorola, Xiaomi, ZTE, and Sony are rolling out.

The Achilles Heel: A Misunderstood Display

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a very new handset that will sell well given the likely small amount that will be released but this isn’t exactly something for the mainstream consumer. This is more of a luxury phone with a gimmick to it but Samsung is aiming to make that gimmick practical. This is where the issues come in.

The most significant issue is screen damage. Your phone gets hit with that and you’re hoping it’s functional enough. With the Galaxy Fold, the display is said to just be a target for damage and early adapters have reported bulges from stuff getting in under the display. There were also reports of damaged display after people attempted to remove the protective layer believing it was a screen protector.

Since then, Samsung has fixed the issues and gave warnings ahead of the September 6th launch. Will other display issues pop up? And will the warnings and fixes be enough to prevent customers from damaging their displays in the same manners? History dictates it won’t but let’s wait and see.

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