It's Official! When to Announce Pregnancy to Friends and Family.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

It’s Official! When to Announce Pregnancy to Friends and Family.

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( Feeling excited and stressed at the same time about your new bundle of joy? Know just when to announce pregnancy to friends and family.

What are you going to name your child? Are you going to find out the sex of the baby? There are tons of questions you’ve got to decide when you’re pregnant.

When you discover you’re with child, you’ll need to decide when to announce pregnancy to other people as well.

Do you tell the excited grandparents before anyone else? When do you share the news with your colleagues at work?

Check out our guide to help you make the right decision about sharing the news about your bundle of joy. Let’s go!

1. When You Know, You Tell

Can you keep a secret? Many people share the news about the pregnancy early. It’s not always easy to keep your excitement from your loved ones.

This allows your friends and family to enjoy the experience with you. When you’re avoiding a glass of wine at a party or feeling exhausted, you won’t need to make up excuses. Lying to friends can be hard!

Moreover, around 10-20 pregnancies end in miscarriage. This usually occurs in the first trimester. Therefore, you may want to wait until you’re out of the woods. 

2. When You’re Safe to Share

If you’re concerned about miscarriage, then you may want to wait until the 10-12 weeks mark to tell your friends and family. This is when the probability of miscarriage significantly drops. 

Around this point, you won’t be able to hide your pregnancy either. Ladies, you’re going to start to show! You can reveal everything with a free pregnancy announcement.

However, you won’t have as long to enjoy your pregnancy with your loved ones if you wait until the end of the first trimester. This can be a shame!

3. On the Final Stretch

By the time you reach the midway of the second trimester, you may be ready to go for the big tell.

Have you previously experienced losing your baby? Are you an older mother? Do you have particular health conditions?

Any of these reasons may make you a higher risk. Therefore, you may decide to wait a little longer than other mothers.

You may also want to find out about any genetic defects first. This can often only occur at 18 weeks.

4. Last Minute Surprise

You could even wait until the final trimester to tell people. This isn’t very common because it’s almost impossible to hide from people.

If you don’t see people in person much, you can always wait to share the news. This may be because you don’t consider it anyone else’s business or you don’t want to receive unsolicited advice from judgemental family.

Your employers might not be sympathetic as they should be. Keeping your job until the last moment could be right for you.

When to Announce Pregnancy?

The truth is that the decision about when to announce pregnancy is your choice. You should do what you think is right!

When did you share your pregnancy with friends and family? Leave a comment below to tell us about your experience!

Staff Writer; Shelia Day

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