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The 7 Most Underrated Fitness Tips for Men and Women.

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( Without going into all the health benefits of breathing exercise, proper sleep, a good diet, and water, one can confidently say these are the most underrated things every man and woman should do more of. When it comes to fitness, we all want to try something new because our brains always reward us with a feeling of satisfaction. This post is to help remind everyone how important it is to pay attention to some of the most underrated fitness tips that life consistently offers us but most of the time we choose to ignore.

1) You need a rest day

Martin Gibala and his team from McMaster University, Canada, conducted a test on 27 men. He split them into three groups based on workout intensity levels – intense, moderate and none. The results of this 12-week-long experiment surprised everyone.

Participants in the moderate training group were continuously riding for 45 minutes without cool down sessions. Although people in the moderate group did five times more exercises than those who did nothing, people from both the groups achieved “remarkably similar” health benefits. The point here is simple. Fitness is only gained after your workout session, not during. So give your body sufficient time for recovery.

2) Men and women have to train differently

There are many important physical and physiological differences between men and women. The number of muscles, hormones, and the body structure we naturally carry are different from each other. Women can exercise as hard as men can but there are certain facts that one should keep in mind. Women naturally have 30 percent fewer muscles in the upper body. Even if both a man and a woman have the same height, the man’s will have slightly larger bones. One important thing men and women should know is their training should be based around intervals and weights.

3) Form is important

Everyone in the gym likes to lift more weight. People often try new exercises they hear or read about. But in order to take full advantage of those activities, maintaining a proper form is important. There are so many people who don’t explore the full range of motion. They don’t know the correct way to perform a dumbbell biceps curl or an overhead press. Maintaining a proper form means you are aware of the range of motion and alignment to unlock the full potential of an exercise.

4) The first set should be the toughest

Follow the reverse pyramid technique for size and strength and do the heaviest exercises first. The most demanding exercises require more strength, so put them at the top because you are strongest when your energy levels are high. Reverse or descending pyramid training is about pyramiding down to your lightest set of the day. That means, after warming up, you start with the heaviest set at the beginning and then successive sets will be lighter.

5) Hill sprints improve your speed

As long as you have a nice steep hill in your area, you need nothing else. Sprint 500 meters up and then walk back. Do this twice or thrice a day when you start and later sprint for a longer distance. Hill sprints can help you improve your speed and you can easily burn an insane amount of calories. Make sure to invest in a good pair of shoes for comfort and safety.

6) Put your ego aside

No matter if you are in a gym or simply running in a park, don’t let ego dominate your thoughts. Your ego not only forces you to do things that are not right for you. In fact, it makes you look stupid. If you can’t lift more weight then don’t lift. If you can’t walk for another mile, stop. Even if you know a lot, you will never know everything. So, be humble, listen to your body, and know its capacity.

7) Make exercise a fun activity

You can be hard on your body, but it should never impact your self-image. Looking better on the outside is just one thing, but it’s not everything. Feeling better inside is more important. Of course, losing weight and getting in shape are important goals for many people and intense workout sessions are great motivators. However, your mood and energy levels are key to getting in shape and staying fit. So do what makes you happy. Your workout sessions won’t feel like a chore.

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