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We’re No Match for Mother Nature.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Different parts of the country have different weather battles they must endure every year. While the folks in power try to convince us, and themselves, that climate change is not an important issue we can know otherwise. The storms get stronger every season, and the everyday people are left trying to price their life together after a natural disaster occurs. Many of us know the storms of our area very well, yet they aren’t a thought until they resurface. How is it we find ourselves in a mad rush for storm preparations when the storm is on its way to our front door. For some of us the proactive approach should be ingrained because we know from past disasters, we’re no match for mother nature’s fury. Yet, every season we must be reminded that nature is nothing to play with.

The Gulf, and Atlantic coasts are aware that hurricane season is from the beginning of June to the end of November. The storms seem to get bigger, and stronger every year. Though the most active part of the season is late August early September this season has began early with a storm named Barry. Along the gulf coast in Louisiana and Mississippi people were heading to the stores wiping out the shelves in a hurry to prepare before the rain would come. Stores turn into mad houses; depending on one’s health or state of mind the preparation process can become dangerous. Once the storm passes the people in effected areas focus in rebuilding, and moving forward.

During the winter the northern part of the country has seen severe snow storms. This past season there was a polar vortex. That degree of cold is life threatening for any living being. Again people find themselves in a rush to prepare before being locked in, or having to evacuate. Often times these storms show up at the most inopportune time for many. While trying to survive day to day, with more bills than money emergency storm preparations can be a serious burden. Many have to reach out to family and friends for help in order to truly be prepared for the impending storm.

Since those in power refuse to acknowledge what’s happening to our environment, and take measures to better the situation, it can be assumed that these storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes will get stronger and they may happen more frequently. It is up to all of us to find ways to better prepare for nature’s disasters. Life moves at such a fast pace that we are usually not thinking into the next season. However, if a storm season does exist for your area we may need to add preparation to our calendar.

As I sit at home listening to the rain and high winds as a result of tropical storm Barry, I’m thinking of ways I could have been better prepared. I’m reminded of why my grandmother kept a stocked pantry. It can be a burden to gather what is needed to weather a storm, but it’s easier when we gather it a little at a time. The time to think about can goods, water reserves, and other items that will be needed is in March per se. Months before hurricane season arrives is the time to prepare. Likewise, states that see snow storms can begin in the summer to stock up on the things needed to get through those disasters. We can’t beat mother nature, but we can have a game plan to deal with her. Preparing in advance would save time, money, spare you some anxiety, and give you a better chance of not forgetting anything. I’m promising myself that this will be the last storm I have to prepare for at the last minute.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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