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President Donald Trump Has No Chance Of Winning Re-Election In 2020.

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( Donald has no chance of winning re-election in 2020 for the very same reason that I pointed out that Hillary Clinton was a “Democratic Disaster Waiting to Happen” 4 months prior to the 2016 election – because the people hated her. The voters didn’t know Donald Trump at the time, but they did know Hillary Clinton, and they didn’t like what they knew about her, and regardless to what’s said about patriotism, party loyalty, or the economy, hatred is hands-down the strongest motivator for getting out the vote. Prior to the 2016 election I pointed out the following:.
“Democratic voters are lukewarm toward Hillary Clinton at best. She’s a warmonger, a corporatist, and she’s clearly demonstrated that she lacks the judgment to be President. In short, she’s a Republicrat. As I’ve said before, everything she touches is drenched in corruption, incompetence, and turns out to be a complete disaster. When she lost to President Obama in 2008, he tried to throw her a bone in order to reunite the Democratic party, and look what’s happen.  So, it’s far from an exaggeration to describe Hillary Clinton as the Lucille Ball of American politics. The only difference is, she’s not funny, she’s manipulative, and she’s corrupt. So, many Democrats are just not going to be able to get themselves to vote for this woman, and they have an option – The Green Party.  So, Hillary Clinton is a Democratic disaster just waiting to happen. Hillary is going to lose, because the people hate her. ”
Donald Trump currently has the very same problem as Hillary had in 2016. While the voters didn’t know him then, they do now, and there’s absolutely nothing to like about this man. He doesn’t have even one saving grace – he’s a pathological liar, a bigot, a misogynist, a narcissist, immature, incompetent, selfish, and ignorant. So, the only thing that will get his supporters out to vote is their bigotry, but fortunately, there are far fewer confirmed bigots in this country than there are people with common sense.
In addition, he may even lose a percentage of his already numerically flimsy based due to who he is as a human being.  His misogynistic attitudes have already caused him to lose many otherwise conservative women, and many conservatives who are even slightly educated are being turned off by his profound ignorance. And then there are the patriots. Conservatives have a tradition of wrapping themselves in the flag. While for many, the flag is simply a metaphor for White supremacy, there are a few who are genuinely patriotic, and for those few, not only is Donald Trump’s ignorance an embarrassment to the nation, but they consider his tendency to suck-up to Vladimir Putin and embrace other dictators around the world contrary to American ideals. His tendency in that regard is troubling them greatly – especially since they’re already holding their nose over having to support a draft dodger.
In an official cable leaked that was sent to his government, United Kingdom Ambassador, Kim Darroch, said, “For a man who has risen to the highest office on the planet, President Trump radiates insecurity.” He went on to say, “We don’t really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.” The ambassador said that Trump was “inept, uniquely dysfunctional, and his career could end in disgrace.” Now, that wasn’t a partisan opinion, or “fake news”, that was an official assessment of Donald Trump by America’s closest ally.
And then there’s his criminality. The many investigations that are digging into both his public and private life are closing in on him. The pending exposure of his tax statements alone are undoubtedly going to reveal insights into his machinations that hasn’t even been considered at this point. We know that to be the case due to his desperate attempts to keep them hidden – including his willingness to blatantly violate statutory law, and even the Constitution. His blatant violation of the law is clearly an impeachable offence, but he’s obviously come to the conclusion that whatever it is he’s trying to hide is much more damning than any consequences of his efforts to hide it. That fact alone speaks volumes regarding the depths of his possible wrongdoing.
He also casually lied to the American people like he was whistling in the park when he told us that he didn’t have any business in Russia, while in reality, at that very moment, he was in negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, and, promising Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse suite for the privilege of building it. So, what else is this man lying about!!!?
But there’s one thing Trump says that we should take very seriously. He said that he’s not prepared to lose in 2020. What does he actually mean by that? Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer”, Michael Cohen, testified before congress that if Trump is removed from office he wouldn’t go quietly, and Trump has made many statements since he’s been in office which also hint at the possibility of insurrection and violence by his supporters if things don’t go well for him.


Trump is an insecure egomaniac who always places himself first. So, he’ll do anything, including bringing down this nation, and the world, to avoid personal humiliation. His number one goal in life has always been to keep the world from knowing what he knows about himself, that he’s a cowardly wimp, and the consummate fraud. That’s why he’s always desperately trying to portray himself as an alpha male. But he’s exactly the kind of fraud that we’ve all known in high school. If he was ever confronted with having to engage in a physical altercation with another man, he’d run. Other men sense that about him; that’s why he has no friends. He’s always relied on his father’s wealth to get him through life.
Trump likes to surround himself with weaklings that make him look strong, but at the same time, hide behind the powerful who can compensate for his cowardice, and now he has the strongest nation in the world to perform that role. That allows him to strut around the world as an international bully, saying things like, I’ll obliterate Iran. But what he’s really saying is he’s willing to put the lives of innocent Americans in harm’s way to do what he was too cowardly to do during Vietnam. That’s why he was so determined to put on “his” military parade. In order to compensate for his personal cowardice, he’s now trying to use the United States military as an extension of himself. He’s even used that very same tactic to threaten the American people. In a Breitbart interview he said, “I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.” What did he mean by that, and what is “that certain point”, his removal from office?
So, Donald Trump is a dangerous and unstable man, undoubtedly the most unstable man that’s ever sat in the Oval Office, but the American people – at least, the majority of the American people with common sense – have a track record of recognizing such facts. So, I’m not the least bit concerned about his being re-elected, but Trump lacks limits, so we must be prepared to deal with the possible consequences of throwing him out of office, because many of his followers are just as unstable as he is. That’s why they support him. National demographics have made it clear that Trump represents the dying gasp of White supremacy, and his supporters – many of whom lack the intellectual creativity to compete with non-Whites – are willing to do anything necessary to save themselves from humiliation, just like Trump.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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8 Responses to “President Donald Trump Has No Chance Of Winning Re-Election In 2020.”
  1. Tom Pullen says:

    This article is hogwash! Donald J Trump will win in the 2020 Presidential election! People do not embrace socialism communism to the point main stream media tells you! The democrats don’t have any candidates that can compete with President Trump! The American people love this Trump economy! Dems do not even have a message, except vote for me and I will give you everything free free free! That BS doesn’t fly, people are not as stupid as the democrats think! Dems are out for power and money, they could care less about the American people and they have proved it with their open boarders and immigration policies. Dems are liars and they proved that as well with their failed investigations and failed impeachment attempt. Dems called for Trumps removal even before he entered the oval office. Not only will Trump win in 2020, the Dems will lose the house!

  2. Eric Wattree says:

    In 2008 I won money off Earl Ofari Hutchinson when he told me the country wouldn’t vote for a Black man. And with regard to socialism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a socialist. Where do you think we got Social Security and Unemployment insurance from? Most people just don’t know what socialism is. The easiest way to break it down is, if you give priority to the people, you’re a socialist. If you give priority to big business, you’re a capitalist. All that other bullshit is capitalist propaganda.

  3. Eric Wattree says:

    Constantin, I think it worked out perfectly. If Hillary had won, she would have not only been rewarded for corrupting the Democratic primary, but it would have been four years of quiet corruption as usual. But by Trump winning it has served to both wakeup the people, and out both the GOP and the religious right – and, we might get a bonus. If he ends up going to jail it’ll be like Christmas morning for 70% of the American people. We might even declare it a holiday – “Dubious Donald Day – and we could all take a day off, barbeque in the park, and talk about what a miserable shithead he was.

  4. Eric Wattree says:

    Thank you, Phil. I’m glad you liked it.

  5. MAGA says:

    Biden has the best chance against Trump?

    The fragment of the Obomber regime, Pedophile, Segrationalist, Billionaire supporting corrupt fraud?

    This is really a ONE party NWO system formed with Trump.

    There is no way Biden will way….

  6. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,

    I am not a Trump supporter but you are wishful thinking with this article. Trump has a huge chance of being re-elected and here are reasons why:

    1. Millions of people knew Trump was an immoral crook and liar before the 2016 election. Yet they still voted for him and his base is loyal to do so again.

    2. The only person who can pull people who are on the fence as undecided and some of the disgruntled Trump supporters is Biden. This country will NOT vote for a woman who happens to be African American. Nor for a socialist. So you can forget Berney and Kamala. This is still largely a good ole boy country.

    3. This country will not elect a man who is married to a man in 2020. Most of the country has conservative values, morals and spiritual beliefs, not LGBTQ beliefs. That leaves out Booty-Gig. And Corey Booker’s numbers are far too low so he should hope for a cabinet position if a Democrat wins. Biden is best chance then maybe Elizabeth Warren. But she can’t pull any Trump converts.

    4. Nancy Pelosi is protecting Trump and holding back the Democrats from launching an impeachment effort that could damage Trump’s chances in 2020.

    5. The black vote is up but not enough as far as turnout.

    6. The Democratic candidates are so busy trying to tare down Biden that they fail to realize he is their best chance. And he needs all his strength, resources and money to go against Trump. Btw, Trump is raising money at a faster level than all of them.

  7. Constantin Gherasim says:

    Great article, I am also Canadian and I came also here through the Flipboard application. Indeed, Hillary Clinton was the least worst candidate and today we know how less worse she would have been, if elected. The lesson that should be learned here, is that sometimes, the blind desire to punish a candidate out of sheer hatred, doesn’t really pay off. If more of the American electorate would have been more educated and politically savy, they would have understood that a much better solution would have been to elect Hillary for 4 years and eventually punish her later, for the second mandate, when Trump would certainly not have been GOP’s candidate one more time, after being defeated once. Now, we are where we are, and we can only hope for the best outcome in 2020.

  8. Phil Mayfield says:

    Mr. Wattree,

    Thank you for a most interesting and informative article. I found your editorial through the Flipboard app and concur with your assessment on why Hillary Clinton lost (barely) the election. From my Canadian white male perspective she was the least worst candidate but the revalations in your article certainly shed a harsh light on her and Bill Clinton. Talk about poor choices for the American electorate. Your analysis regarding hatred seems spot on. I look forward to reading more from you and have bookmarked this site such that I may return again. With warmest regards,

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