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Monday, October 21, 2019

Past Life Regression: How Does it Affect Your Health?

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( While past life regression is not recognized or condoned by mainstream psychiatry, it is, in fact, implemented by some high-profile psychiatrists as a therapeutic tool for people suffering from psychiatric and emotional disorders. Additionally, some of these physicians use past life regression in the treatment of physical aches, pains, and other maladies.

Past life regression is based on the hypothesis that memories from a past life are responsible for present physical and psychological conditions. This hypothesis states that reincarnation is a fact and that everyone has lived a former life in a different body. While reincarnation has never been proven as fact, a large number of people believe that it is real, and it is at the foundation of a great many Eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions are finding more acceptance in Western culture.

What is Past Life Regression?

During a past life regression session, the practitioner uses hypnosis to guide the patient into a trance state. Once this state has been achieved, the practitioner asks the patient a series of questions in an attempt to uncover repressed memories that might be the cause of the patient’s current complaints. This method is similar to the one used in recovered memory therapy.

Past Life Regression: How Does it Affect Your Health?st life regression therapy is founded on the concept that we have all walked the earth in a prior incarnation. The body is all that dies at death; the soul continues to exist and is placed in a new body upon the death of the present body. 

When is Past Life Regression Used?

Patients presenting with unexplained physical ailments, such as headaches, body aches, generalized pain, and psychiatric or psychological symptoms that have thus far not been controlled by psychotherapy or medication, may be candidates for past life regression. The theory is that these symptoms are related to medical conditions from which the patient suffered in a previous life. 

Past life regression is only used when all other medical and psychiatric avenues have been exhausted in an attempt to explain these conditions. 

How Does Past Life Regression Affect Your Present Health?

Assuming that reincarnation is real, your present health can be affected by things that may have happened to you in a previous life. If in a previous life, you suffered from some from an untreated condition, the past life regression therapist may assume that your current aches and pains are phantom pains from some physical trauma in a previous incarnation. A stabbing pain in the pelvis might be due to past life memories of a mortal wound to the belly; breathing problems such as treatment-resistant asthma may be traced to having suffered from tuberculosis in a prior life; and psychiatric issues such as anxiety and phobias may be attributed to having suffered some trauma in a previous life that is related to the things that a patient’s fears in this life. 

The belief that reincarnation is authentic is rooted in the patient’s faith. If one’s belief system incorporates the idea that we have all walked the earth in different bodies at different times, past life regression may be a useful tool in treating otherwise unexplained conditions.

Staff Writer; Brad Jacobs


One Response to “Past Life Regression: How Does it Affect Your Health?”
  1. Denzel says:

    Past life therapy is at best problematic in that it incurs opportunity costs, and at worse it is often iatrogenic and traumatizing (note I did not say re-traumatising, because in this case the trauma did not happen).
    Past life therapy creates false memories that are often upsetting and damaging to the person.
    Patihis, L., & Younes Burton, H. J. (2015). False memories in therapy and hypnosis before 1980. Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice, 2(2), 153.

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